Perma Lip Implant 5mm Bottom and Top - Reno, NV

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Hi I just got permalip done I'm 25 male in Reno...

Hi I just got permalip done I'm 25 male in Reno nevada march 14th 2014 today was my surgery it went well except I had some pain after words and lots of swelling so the doc had me take a 3rd norco that helped a lot I'm going to be adding photos so u can see my day 1 as they progress every day my lips feel very swollen but the norco pain med has helped a ton and I took 5mg valume I recommend taking at least that much to stay calm during surgery I was awake for it but he used a numbing stuff before Hand and than after surgery I told the doc it hurt really bad so he also did a dental block after surgery I'm not going to lie it would have been better if they would have just knocked me out but the staff was very friendly especially the doc he made me feel very comfortable I did have a little juvaderm left in my bottem lip and that made it hard for the doc to get the bottem lip implant thru and it was a little painful so I def recommend letting all previouse lip injection dissolve all the way before getting it but dr dahan did a excellent job and so far everything is going well I will right tommorow to let everyone know how I'm doing and give updated pictures .

Day 4

So I'm at day 4 still swollen a lot hopefully they will go down don't really need much pain killers today their doing really well I had to go in today to the docs office because one of the stitches came out and the bottem implant moved to the right so the doc manipulated it over more to the left i will keep everyone updated tommorow

Day 2

Swollen and just getting lots of rest

Day 5

I'm a lot less swollen and I really don't need the pain meds any more I'm also using a lot of cold compresses on my lips to help swelling go down, my bottom lip implant has still shifted to the left so it kinda looks uneven again probably due to swelling because I have the biggest length implant in my lips so I have another apt with doc tommorow to see if he can push it more to the left I'll keep everyone updated a lot of people say they can feel the implant but with my experience I can hardly feel it unless I try to with my finger or tongue otherwise it just feels normal also I have always had feeling in my lips even right after surgery a lot of people complained about them not not being able to feel them but I have been able to feel them the whole time so I guess that means the nerves were not affected which is great .

Day 6

So today is day 6 and I'm doing great I went to the docs today and had to get the implant moved back to where it needed to go because of all the bruising it moved a little but and my stitches came out so the doc moved it back and I'm back in shake I have to say dr dahan is the most awesome doctor ever One of these days I would love to work for him one of these days maybe I'll be lucky enough I love everything about that place everyone is so caring and understanding they make u feel just like family and he did such a great job I'm going to post a pic of what they look like my bottom lip is swollen and bruised because of moving the implant back to where it needs to be but I'm healing very nicely and it was def worth every penny :) I cannot say this enough dr dahan is the best I would not go to anyone else and am planing on getting a brow lift from him In the near future I will keep updating as well

Day 7

So today the swelling has gone down since yesterday the doc had to move the implant back in place I'm just trying to take it easy on my talking and eating trying to just eat really soft foods cause I'm very nervous that the implant might move again but it hasn't yet it seems like it's going to stay in place and top hasn't moved at all since surgery and is doing great so I'm going to post a pic of them for today u can see the bottem lip left side is still swollen from it being moved over yesterday but that should subside in a few days otherwise I'm healing very nicely and if everything goes good stitches will be taken out next Wednesday it got bumped up to next Wednesday because of have to move the implant from it shifting and because of the old stitches falling out other than all that I don't have any pain and don't need pain meds I just keep Iceing them to bring down the rest if the swelling .:)

Day 7

Day 8

So I have to go back to the doc today one of the stitches came out and also implant moved a little on the bottom again and I can't seem to move it back over so I will update when I get back from the docs office .

Day 8

So I went to the docs office and got bigger stitches put in the bottem right side because it opened up and he also was able to massage the implant in place looks much better just swollen from massaging it back over but looks good so far today and tommorow I'm just going to rest and not eat solid food at all and just have protein shakes so hopefully that will fix the problem :) I will post tommorow in how it's doing

Day 8 night time

Lips looking and feeling way better

Day 9

Lips doing good implant hasn't moved lol I think I was just eating to tough of food so Iv only been drinking the drinkable yogurts and protein shakes being careful not to move my jaw or something maybe that's what caused my stitches to come out and implant move cause they are doing good today here's a updated pic for day 9

Day 9 full face pic

Another pic day 9

Day 10

So I'm Kinda frustrated my bottom lip keeps shifting over and it is not symmetrical like the other one when I open my mouth so I'm going to go back to the doc tomorrow to see what he can do about it these implants do move and it kinda has been a roller coaster ride as far as emotions go with deciding weather this was all worth it my lips are a lot fuller but having to deal with the bottom shifting all the time and it not being symmetrical with the other side is very frustrating I'll put a photo up of what I mean because before I got the implants my lips where very symmetrical

Left side of implant not far back enough looks uneven

Day 11

So I went to the docs office today and told the doc that the implant isn't symmetrical and just keeps shifting so he ended up sewing the implant to the muscle so it stays in place and the stitches will dissolve after a week or two my bottom lip now looks symmetrical with the other side and I'm pleased with the look so I will post a updated pic once the swelling goes down and post if their are any other complications hopefully not the doctor did a very good job and was very caring about my concerns and was very good about fixing the problem .

Day 12

Doing so much better my lips are full and implant is staying in place yesterday I was in some pain because if sewing the implant to the muscle kinda hurt but the pain meds helped a lot I'm doing a lot better today and don't need any my lips look really good and I'm very happy with the results so far

Day 17

Lips doing good one of the stitches kept coming out of the side if my lip due to a piercing I had a long time ago it caused scar tissue so dr dahan saw me on a Sunday I am very grateful that he did and he re stitched it up he is a awesome doctor my lips are looking great and I'm just waiting for the one wound to heal that he re put stitches In I will update in a few days on how it's going I would not choose any other doctor tho I recommend him over any other here in Reno !

Swollen bottom

So my bottom lip has been swelling a lot I think it's because my internal stitch finally dissolved and that the implant can move a little my top lip is doing awesome tho no problems at all so I'm just Iceing it a lot and I'm gonna call the doc tommorow to make sure that's what is going on I keep sleeping in my back the past to days to reduce swelling but it's still puffy on the sides of the bottom so hopefully that is why I think this procedure just takes a lot and I mean a lot of time and patience especially if u have some shifting and complications than it prolongs healing time by a lot at Least my stitches are healed tho and I can feel my lips 100 percent and they arnt in any pain at all I will post a update soon to let everyone know if everything goes well .

Bottom lip swollen

So my bottom lip is still very swollen it's weird cause it's not going down at all and it's kinda painful I called and talk to the nurse and she said I need to finish my antibiotics and I have a apt on Monday to see the doc cause he's out of states kill keep everyone uodated.


So I'm pretty sure my bottem lip is infected my top is find but bottem is burning and swelled up still and I'm taking antibiotics. But it's not helping at all my lymph nodes are swollen this really sux this surgery was so not worth it I'm my case .


So I went to see the nurse today at my docs office cause my doc is out of town and she said my lip doesn't look infected so she took a syringe needle to try to suck out any fluid In the bottom man did that hurt lol and nothing really came out just some blood I don't have a fever so I switched antibiotics just in. Case and also was told to ice every night I hope the swelling goes down on my bottom lip it looks crazy

Bottom lip infected

So my bottom lip is def infected it has yellow pus coming from it like crazy I keep have to push it out it's pretty painful too I'm going to see my doc tommorow I want to get it removed I can't handle it anymore this has been a huge emotional roller coaster I guess infection can def happen with these lip implants and not too mention other problems I'm hoping the doc will just take it out my lymph nodes are swollen I keep feeling tired and my stomach keeps getting upset I'm just posting this not to talk anyone out if this implant to to show that this can happen If I could go back and make the decision of getting these I would say no and stay with juvaderm I will be getting that in my bottom lip if when this heals I guess getting them removed hurts really bad too Iv been on a ton of different anti biotics and their not helping my doctor is a very good doctor too he has talked to me a lot and done the best he can with this so I will keep everyone ups date my top lip is doing great however it's not infected looks good can't even tell it's their so I'll be leaving that one as it's not a huge difference from my original lip .

Got bottom lip implant out

So I got my bottom lip implant out didn't hurt at all my body was actually pushing it out anyway cause once they get infected the implant starts pushing out but I was surprised to see that after the implant was taken out the fullness is still their the doc actually said that it will remain full because the implant stretches the lip and builds a capsule type thing so I'm very happy with that I still will probably get some juvaderm in it in a few months but here's a pic and my top lip with the implant is doing awesome healing great
Reno Plastic Surgeon

Dr Dahan is a awesome caring amazing doctor I wouldn't go to anyone else he truly is the best !!!

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