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Here are the fast facts; I am 33, I will be 34 at...

Here are the fast facts;
I am 33, I will be 34 at time of surgery.
I am 170cms tall.
I have 2 daughters - D#1 (02) was 9pd4oz, D#2 (08) was 6pd neat.
Pre pregnancy I was 63kgs and busty. I generally wore size 14 clothing.

Pregnancy #1, Over 100kgs at full term.
After baby 1 and got back to 67kgs but could not get rid of the apron of skin. (first thought about TT)
Preg #2, 93kgs at full term.
I yo-yo'd after baby 2 (Lowest 60kgs highest 89kgs).

Since the GFC in 2008 I was made redundant 4 times, 2 due to businesses going bankrupt and twice due to natural disasters (Cyclones which hit QLD). I considered myself lucky when I finally secured a Government desk job in October 2014.

I have to say that a Tummy Tuck has never far from my mind since pregnancy #2. Although it seemed like it was going to be a pipe dream with the job losses and whatnot.

After getting the desk job in October I decided that I was going to make 2015 the year that I focused on me and in my head I gave the project "MY NAME 2015".....

On 1st Jan 2015 I weighed 88.5kgs, I was wearing size 16-18 clothing.
In February I started Uni and enrolled in a Bachelor of Paramedic Science (part time)
In March I started volunteering as an Ambulance Officer (also part time)
In April I made an initial consult with Dr Julie Lawrence a plastic surgeon based in Adelaide, SA.

My first impression of Dr. Lawrence.... was that she is a Doctor and not a sales person. Funnily enough, this is exactly why I have chosen to book my surgery with her.

Dr. Lawrence showed no false warmth, this was business and she was professional, patient, polite and clinical. She didn't ask me how I felt about my body, she simply examined me and provided professional advice. I was not offered photo albums full of her work, nor was I offered images of the results that I could expect.

What I got to see was Dr Lawrence's steady hands draw a layman's diagram of the tummy tuck procedure. I got to hear her calm voice explain the steps that she would take, should I put my life in her hands, and go ahead with this surgery.

I visited a Doctor, and received professional advice.

Because of the lack of bulls#!t I booked my surgery date the very next morning.

I have decided against opting onto the public waiting list for this procedure (even though I qualify for it). While I have no savings after the 4 job losses I will give up everything which is not essential in order to save for it before January 2016.

With the time I will need to spend losing weight, raising two kids, working full time, studying part time and volunteering with the ambo's I figure that I will not have that much time to waste money on luxuries in the coming months anyway!

So here's to project ME2015/16!

I am going to check in with photo updates across the next 37 weeks (which coincidentally is the same amount of time it takes for a woman to be considered 'at term' in a pregnancy)....

Brighton Plastic Surgeon

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