22 years old, Fitness/training addict, no Kids, 335cc OVER MUSCLE - Adelaide, AU

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Less than 2 weeks to go

I have been contemplating getting breast implants for approximately two years. I am approximately a B- Small C, and i really love the shaper of my breasts. Hoping for some upper fullness and better side action! I train a lot in the gym, so going over the muscle for placement was ideal, and I have enough tissue to cover the implant. I'm looking forward to a quicker recovery and less time off of the gym. I saw a few surgeons, but decided on Dr Higgs at Parkside Cosmetic. This is very close to my house, and I have spoken to people who went there who were very happy with their results. If anyone has any experiences they'd like to share, please let me know! I'm getting very nervous... my 4 week prior appt I was a wreck. I started questioning whether I was doing the right thing, as I am so blessed to have attractive breasts already. But as soon as I left the appt I felt extremely sure, and am now very excited.

I have elected to go 335cc round, full (high profile) implants. I originally thought I would go around 400, but the 375cc looked ridiculous on me! I have a petite upper frame, so the 335cc were much better.

Here are some wish photos of mine

3D Simulation! 9 Days before

Here is what the 3D simulation looks like! using the implants I am choosing, 335cc high profile, round. Feeling very excited and haven't had any nerves or anxiety! Waiting is definately the hard part, wish it was this week! I am coming up with my list of things I need to buy to prepare and have with me during recovery, any recommendations? I have a post op appt the morning after so I know my surgeon will provide me with lots of info, but just incase anyone has anything they would reccomend. I am excited for my ribcage to not be the widest point of my torso finally!

One week to go!

Getting so excited! Im taking these photos in with me for my surgeon, just in case. The things I am worried about are nipple stretching, bottoming out and capsular contraction. Have been through it all with my doc, but would love to know if anyone has any idea whether going over the muscle will impact these things more than if i went behind? x

before photos

here are my current before shots. as you can see, i have a nice shaped breast, and I think the round implant shape will be approrpriate. you can see that i am quite petite and skinny, so my ribs stick out heaps. I think it makes me look like a little boy haha. three days to go! Dropping off a urine sample tomorrow morning, only two full days of work left, it will fly by!

More wish photos


Well!! what an experience! I arrived at 10am, STARVING as I had to fast. I went for a walk with my friend (who is a nurse) beforehand, she calmed my nerves and explained what I was likely to expect. When I got home, i put fresh sheets on my bed, showered with the special soap and my boyfriend arrived. He was super loving and positive and supportive. I could not have done it without him.

Shortly after we arrived, he had to go. This saddened me lots, but i was strangely still feeling good and not nervous. I got weighed, blood pressure, temperature etc etc. The anaesthetist asked me many questions, and I probably overshared information as I was fearing that I would be that 1% who is allergic to the medication. He was very thorough and told me what they do if that happens. I was also soooooo not looking forward to the needle in my hand, which i told him. he said 'oh we don't do that here, it goes in your arm'. that made my day, honestly! after that i was so ready. I also took pre op drugs, to calm me down and begin the pain management.

My good friend got hers done the appt before me, so she got wheeled out and i got to see her! Originally I didn't want to see her in case she looked really sick and that would make me nervous. but she was fine!! chatting, and just tired. talking normally, saying how amazing the experience was. was so lovely :)

I then went to another room, put a robe on and took my clothes off. he took a before photo in a bikini and some without. ( I had ratchet fake tan remains i couldn't get off... oh well). he then drew on me, and one of my boobs had shrunk in the last month haha! so he had to change the incision point.

I then was taken to the room, the anesthetist attempted to get the drip in. as i didn't have an y water, i was dehydrated, so it proved difficult. he missed twice before he got it, and it really hurt! i cried haha. they asked me questions about my uni, works etc... nek minet, it was done.

I stayed in recovery for two hours and slept, and my boyfriend promptly arrived at three. I presume the surgery took 1.5 hours. it was amazing seeing him and i had woken up a bit. IT was so funny, i couldn't feel my boobs at all, i didn't think they had gone through with the procedure!! i had to keep touching but couldn't feel anything!!!! i then was taken home which i cannot remember at all, went to bed and slept! I heard my mum come home and chat to my boyfriend but i slept solid til 6! Mum made me chicken noodle soup and i was obviously so hungry so ate lots and took my next medications.

I have been chatting to my friend who is also having an amazing recovery so far, we feel very blessed and happy with our surgeon of choice. if you have any questions about dr higgs from parkside, please let me know.

Another friend came over and we just chat and laughed, i have noooo pain whatsoever (yet) so all is going great. Ill show you photos now. Im awaiting 1030 to take my meds and see if i can go to sleep (not tired, to excited)

My friend and i have our post op appt at 745 tomorrow at the same time :)

also, im not bloated?? a bit but not what i was expecting!??!

Day Two and Three post op

So I got a fair amount of sleep on my first night after surgery, but was waking up pretty easily and couldn't get comfortable. I had my post op appt at 730am, so I think I just stayed pretty awake. The appt was all good, nice and quick. He was happy with how they looked and I was taught how to do some stretches for recovery, six times a day!

My pain started to become evident on day 2, and swelling accompanied. I was holding so much fluid in my breasts and around my ribs. They felt so heavy and it was making me a bit sad! Tried not really looking at them too much. I am keeping up with the mild painkillers, which got switched to 6-8 hours instead of 4. I refuse to take the endone, as I fear it will make me sick. I've been eating normally, very healthy and light. I didn't take photos today because they didn't look good! I should have though for documentation purposes

Day three:
Slept nine hours solid! So comfortable! Love the L shape pillow I bought. $15 from target :) I could tell from the moment I woke up that they weren't as swollen, they just felt lighter and less tight. I was a bit scared because i saw some lines on my breasts and feared stretch marks?? I started using bio oil on the skin today. I also tried on some clothes as you can see, made me very happy! I can see some veins in my boobs which looks a bit trippy, and my nipples look a bit stretched, but hoping that goes away! I showered this morning for the first timing and will go out and about today.

Five Days Post

Not much to report in terms of changes. I stopped taking any medicatio after the third day as I didnt think I needed it, and I personally hate using drugs ( even for medicinal purposes). I also thought it was contributing to my lack of bowel movements, so gave them the flick. Been sleeping incredibly which I feel lucky about. Have been going for big walks every day. they are looking somewhat the same, so happy with them, and excited for the swelling to all be eliminated and then to drop and be softer! All my clothes that I have tried so far still fit which im ecstatic about. Just look a whole lot better.

I get the stitches removed in three days. Will be asking him about when to start using bio oil or other treatments. I am eager to see the scars/incisions. I also want to know if its okay to fake tan becuase this weekend is amazing weather and public holidays, keen to go out and show them off.

One week post op

Had stitches out this morning - it was like pulling a tiny bone from a salmon! was super quick and easy. Doctor was very happy with everything and nurses were surprised just how much i had recovered and returned to work/cardio so soon.
woke up with some bruising and soreness today, nothing that i would take painkillers for or stop me from doing anything, so made sure to get my stretches in (i'm slack)
got a spray tan which has made me feel great about myself. I have just been walking for an hour a day. I tried the cross trainer but it was a bit too bouncy for me :( will give it a few more days... am going to attempt legs this weekend, but have to avoid 'vigorous' upper bod for 4 weeks.
i am so so so so happy with them so far :)

Progress photos

Dr Michael Higgs

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