4 1/2 months PO just had review with my surgeon. Everything is great!

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Hi everyone, I have been reading all of the...

Hi everyone, I have been reading all of the reviews on this site for the past few months and decided it was about time I made one myself. I am a mother of 3 children all by c-section (not by choice mind you would have loved to deliver naturally) my eldest has just turned 7. I have been wanting to have a TT done since I had my eldest daughter and it has just been a matter of waiting until we were finished having all our children.

I am in Australia and have been lucky enough to get my TT booked in through the Medicare system here. That means because I have elected to go in as a public patient and my doctor has deemed my surgery is reconstructive and not cosmetic it won't end up costing me a cent. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to finally have this done and I know it will make a massive difference with my self esteem and just finding pants that I feel comfortable wearing.

I am 30 years old and weigh approx 65kg with a height of 166cm. I am a very active person and train with a PT twice a week with other gym sessions included during the week and also netball thrown into the mix. I know I have tummy muscles under all that loose skin and it will be nice to finally see the rewards of all my hard work.

I am booked into have my surgery on 18th September (I could have had it earlier but this is when my netball season is finished and there was no way I was going to miss out on that lol) Can't wait for it all to be done although I must admit I do have one slight fear and that is going under a general which I have never done before. The surgery doesn't bother me as after having 3 c-sections I feel I am well prepared for that part. My doctor and advised me I won't need lipo so I will having just the TT with MR.

I look forward to keeping you all up to date as my surgery draws near and is completed. Thanks for all your reviews they have helped me immensely with my preparation and seeing what type of results I can expect.

I booked my flight today to get up to Adelaide the...

I booked my flight today to get up to Adelaide the day before my surgery is due. I pretty happy about this because I'd been keeping an eye on the airline's website for a while now and it looked like I wouldn't be able to get a good price so was going to have to catch the bus up (would have taken about 6 hours). However I checked again today just out of curiosity and what do you know they had released some cheaper tickets again so I booked straight away. Saved about $100 dollars which hubby was happy about.

I forgot to mention in my first post that I am having the surgery done 500km from where we live so I have to stay up in Adelaide for about 10 days. This is going to be the hardest part for me (pain I can handle lol) because I will have to be away from my husband and 3 kids. Luckily I have a lot of my family up there so will be staying with my Dad and will have my 2 younger sisters around the place to keep me company. Think there will be a lot of skyping happening with the kids. Hope when I finally get home the kids still remember who I am ha ha especially my youngest Tayah who is only just over 1. Also I'm a little concerned how the hubby is going to cope with the 3 kids by himself for 10 days. I have already started giving him lessons on how to put our eldest daughters hair up for school.

Well I'm now down to a month to go. Every day...

Well I'm now down to a month to go. Every day closer I get more excited. Have been working my butt off at the gym more than usual and have dropped another couple of kilos which I am happy with. Fairly sure I am now at a good weight and have a good enough shape and tone to see good results....fingers crossed anyway. I am eagerly waiting for my pre op paperwork to arrive in the mail. The surgeon said I would get all the info and stuff on the day of surgery about a month before hand. Anyways must keep moving on life is extremely busy at the moment with the 3 kids, business and building a new house. Will be glad when this part of the year is over with xx

Okay so I am down to under 3 weeks till the big...

Okay so I am down to under 3 weeks till the big day. I received all my paperwork for hospital admission etc in the mail this week and it has made the whole thing very real now. So much so I have been having the weirdest dreams about the surgery lol. Last night I dreamed that I didn't even use my plastic surgeon I went to someone else (who knows why) and the surgery didn't go right. He left lots of loose skin and said he couldn't be bothered tightening up my tummy muscles like planned. Was quite a vivid dream. Lets hope the real thing goes a lot better ha ha!

Hi everyone, thought I'd do another update before...

Hi everyone, thought I'd do another update before I head off to the city in 8 days time. Can't believe how fast the last few weeks have gone. This week will go even faster I'm sure as I have a lot of organising to do before I leave Monday week for 10 days ahhhhhh. My poor husband is starting to worry a bit too about how he will cope with the 3 little ones on his own. He will have lots of help from my Mum and his parents though so shouldn't be too bad.

I've posted some more photos taken from today, not sure if there is much of a difference but I have lost a couple of Kg's which I'm happy about. Based on the before photos do you think I will have good results without lipo? My surgeon advised me against lipo and said i didn't need it.

I had my pre op appointment over the phone with the nurse earlier this week and I feel a lot better now about the upcoming surgery. She gave me heaps of info on what will happen prior to the surgery and what to expect after the surgery as well. I will give the hospital a call a few days before hand to find out where I am on the surgery list. I check into the hospital at 12pm so can eat up until 7am and drink water until 10am which is good. Just hoping that I don't have to wait long to have the surgery once I arrive as I think that is when the good old anxiety will set in. I think it is worse knowing that I will be away from my loved ones for such a long period of time while I recover but i know in the end it will be worth it.

Looking forward to my lower abdominal stretch marks going although I know there will still be plenty left over as I seem to have stretch marks everywhere including my pubic region (so annoying). Guess it shows how crap my genetics are as I only ever put on 12-14kgs for each of my pregnancies and lost it all again afterwards. Would hate to see how I'd look if I had put on more weight argh!

Anyways I hope all you fellow September tummy tuckers are doing well especially the ones that have already had your surgeries. I am still on this site daily checking out all the results. xx

So girls this time next week I will be in the...

So girls this time next week I will be in the middle of surgery ahhhhhh freak me out! I just can't seem to stop thinking about it this week and am finding I keep getting lots of tummy butterflies and its still 7 days away! Anyone else found the nerves coming on so early?

So I'm starting to get organised today and...

So I'm starting to get organised today and tomorrow finishing washing all the kids clothes for hubby and getting my stuff in order to be away for 10 days. Has anyone got any advice on what clothes I should pack. I know to take some yoga style track pants and lose tops so I am comfortable after surgery but I don't want to be walking around for the full 10 days in just my daggy clothes. Should I take my existing jeans or would I expect to be a little smaller even with swelling after surgery?

So I am just finishing packing my suitcase and...

So I am just finishing packing my suitcase and trying to make sure hubby has everything in order before I fly out to Adelaide early tomorrow morning. Every day that it gets closer I am actually getting more exited. Really can't wait now for my flubby tummy to be completely gone. Will have most of tomorrow free up in the city to perhaps do some shopping and make the most of being able to walk around for the day and then I check into hospital 12pm Tues for surgery. Hoping I am close to the start of the list and won't have to wait too long. Talk to you all when the surgery is over!

So i am sitting at the dinner table at 6:50am...

So i am sitting at the dinner table at 6:50am having a light breakfast as this is probably all I'll get for today. Don't check into the hospital until 12pm and then I'm 3rd on the surgery list which means i won't go in until after 4pm. Man that wait is really gonna suck big time. After feeling pretty good for most of my time leading up to the big day yesterday was a shocker. I was so nervous all of yesterday made even worse i think by the fact i said goodbye to my babies for the next 10 days. I was good held back the tears. Anyway when i see the doc earlier this arvo i think i might request something to help me relax and get through the afternoon. Okay better finish my breakfast cut of time is 7. Talk to u all tomorrow when I'll be the new me xx

Hi everyone, sorry i haven't even able to update...

Hi everyone, sorry i haven't even able to update for a while, i stayed in hospital for 3 night's and only have been back at my dad's for 2. Wow where do i start. It's been quite a difficult ride. I will try to give a good run down since Tuesday's surgery but I'm doing this on my galaxy tab so i will make it brief.

So i ended up waiting 4 and half hours in hospital before i went into surgery. I was fairly nervous but managed to keep it under control. I was in surgery for a couple of hours i believe and stayed in recovery for another 2. This was my first time going under a general so i wasn't sure what to expect. It took me a long time to come out of the anesthesia and i could hardly keep my eyes open. I woke with a pca pain pump which i started to use as soon as i woke because i felt pain from the get go. When they took me back to my room it was a bout 10pm and i slept on and off through the night getting woken up for ops every hour. I had to get up to go to the loo about 6 times during the night and this was tough. I unfortunately had a reaction to the anesthesia and i threw up each time i moved. Ouch that hurt like hell.

So to quickly wrap up the first 2 days i was in a lot of pain and feeling very nauseous. They were pumping me full of every drug possible to combat this but it only made things worse. I had 3 hours sleep over the first three days and this was tough i just couldn't get comfortable in the position i had to sleep in the hospital bed. It made my back really sore.

I was so happy to come out of hospital on day 3 po and because my drains only released 20.ml over that last 24 hours they were removed Fri arvo. The removal of the drains didn't hurt a bit and i couldn't even feel them coming out.

So I've been back at my dad's for the past 2 nights and i can't believe how much progress i am making daily. The first night home i slept in the recliner and then last night i managed to get comfortable in bed laying on my side with lots of pillow support tucking my knees up in a fetal position. I wore every couple of hours just changing sides when I'd get sore.

I have quite a lot of swelling especially at the front where my muscles were repaired. I can't wear my old jeans yet which were loose before surgery so the swelling must be extensive. Hoping all that will go down soon. Doc said she took off about 600grams of skin and that there wasn't much fat so it didn't weigh a lot.

I've uploaded a couple of pics do u all think I've had good results, i didn't have any lipo?

Okay I'll leave it at that today hope all my other September tummy tuckers are recovering well xx

I can't believe the dramatic changes i am making...

I can't believe the dramatic changes i am making every day. I had my first p.o. appointment this morning and my surgeon is extremely happy with how i am healing. She said i am more like a patient 2 weeks out instead of 1. I can walk upright fine now and am more and more comfortable in bed every night that passes. I was told my belly button should changed as the swelling goes down but i know that worst case scenario i can have it fixed easily if needed later. I've been advised not to do anything but walking till 6 weeks so i will stick to that even though i know it's going to kill me not being able to work out properly. Swelling last night was probably at its peak so far but i was pleasantly surprised this morning when i could start to see some small definition in my abs. New photos added :-)

Hi girls so I'm now up to day 9 since my surgery...

Hi girls so I'm now up to day 9 since my surgery and things are still going well. I managed to get out of the house yesterday for a spot of retail therapy seeing that most of my clothes now no longer fit me. I did a good 3 hour stint and although i was sore afterwards and am really really swollen today it was worth it :-)

i had my best nights sleep since surgery and woke up at one stage almost stretched out in bed to my shock. I see my surgeon again tomorrow for the last time till i fly home tomorrow night. They are removing my belly button stitches and giving me the all clear to go home. I can't wait to get home and see my kids and hubby whom i have missed heaps. Thank goodness these past 10 days have actually gone really quick.

I seem to be really swollen on my hips and above my bum guess where the love handles sit. Is this normal because i didn't have any lipo. My vajaja is really puffy too so unattractive lol.

SO I am now 2 weeks PO. Just when you think you've...

SO I am now 2 weeks PO. Just when you think you've hit the highest point in swelling it just goes and gets worse doesn't it. I had my worse day yesterday for swelling felt like I was pregnant again. Then this morning I've taken some new photos and wow the difference from the pics I took 3 days ago is terrible! I look fat as! So discouraging because I feel like people are going to look at me and think what she doesn't look any different to before her TT. Really getting me down although I am sure my monthly is due this week (really hoping so) maybe that is causing a lot of the severe swelling. Anyway guess there is nothing much I can do about it but I look at a lot of your photos at the 2 weeks stage and you all look so fantastic and I want that too :0(

Okay so I am officially 3 weeks PO today. This...

Okay so I am officially 3 weeks PO today. This past week has definitely had its ups and downs. The later part on the up.

So I found I was really swelling a lot this past week. Got my monthly in the middle of the week so I'm taking that into consideration on how much I bloated, was not a good look. The past couple of days the swelling has started going down so I am hoping I am over the worse of it now (well until the next monthly is due again lol)

Has anyone found that their hips and butt are getting bigger? Or is it just that the tummy is no longer taking away from those parts of the body. I had read that the body looks to store weight in different areas now that a lot of the tummy fat cells have been removed. Will have to be really careful with putting on extra weight I don't want to end up with a big bum lol.

I started back at my gym yesterday morning by doing a 30min walk on the treadmill. I'm not allowed to do anything but walking till the 6 week po mark so I am going to do as much walking as my body can handle. I did my usual walking pace of 6.2km per hour and on an incline so I was working up a little bit of a sweat. I was really surprised at how well my body handled it. I was only starting to get tired and a little sore by the evening so not too bad for my first session back. It will be hard to restrain myself from going for a run but I will behave myself ;0)

Anyway not much else to report on this week. Talk to you again next week when I hit the 1 month mark yey!

Hi guys so not too much has changed the past week....

Hi guys so not too much has changed the past week. Swelling is still fluctuating day by day. I had an awesome day on Saturday waking up to see the glimpse of a 6 pack hiding underneath the swelling. That didn't last long though with the swelling returning the past couple of days. Yesterdays swelling was really bad after doing some light exercise at the gym. Its funny how it changes from day to day. I'm just taking it all in my stride now.

Can't wait till I can rip this stupid CG off! I love the support it gives me when I am wearing it but its so stretched and out of shape now and sits funny. Kinda gives me a wrinkled look where it has stretched. Anyway hopefully my tummy will feel a lot better of the next couple of weeks and come the 6 week mark I will be able to do without it during the day.

Its my 31st Birthday this Saturday 20th Oct so I have asked for money money money from all my family because I have some serious shopping to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a couple of...

Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a couple of weeks. I've just found that I haven't got too much more to report that is any different to week 4. I am still finding I am swelling a lot especially now that I am back at the gym and pushing myself a little more with the exercise. I have found that I get a little sore in the abdominal muscles after a work out but mostly finding I don't have as much energy exercising and I have found that my strength has disappeared a lot since the surgery. An example of this is before my surgery I was doing push ups on my toes with my feet up on a high bench (45 degree angle) My trainer had me try some normal push ups on the floor today and I felt like I weighed about 100kgs so obviously I have a bit of work to do before I get back to my full strength. He also had me do a few planks and hovers on the floor which to be honest I was a little scared to do it at first thinking that it would really hurt when I contracted my ab muscles. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad. I am really tired now though and will probably be totally stuffed by the end of tomorrow after my first group training session back. I'll make sure to take it easy.

I have my cousins wedding on Saturday and I am wearing a strapless cocktail dress that I have had in my closet for a few years and never worn because it comes in at the waist and when i use to wear it would push my tummy right out and make me look pregnant. I am happy to say that that is now longer a problem and its nice to be finally confident wearing a dress like that and not feel uncomfortable. Anyway I'll try to take some more pics sometime soon but at the moment I pretty much still look the same as I did in the 4 weeks pics.

So I've just passed the 8 week mark. I have found...

So I've just passed the 8 week mark. I have found the last 2 weeks my exercise fitness has dramatically improved again to be somewhat near to where I was pre surgery. I am doing full abdominal workouts as well and cardio and weights. I really believe that this has been made so much faster because I was really fit before my surgery. I highly recommend you all do as much as you can fitness wise before your surgery because you will definitely bounce back faster.

So my results haven't really changed much since the 4 week photo. I am still swelling a little in the evenings after exercise and I am hoping that the love handles that have developed on the back parts of my hips are from this and not extra fat. I have decided to try and lose another 4 kgs bringing me down to 60kgs to see if these go away. The skin has loosened up somewhat as well and when I sit i still do have a small roll mainly under my breasts. however this is still a major improvement from where i started so i can't really complain.

i really do think that the body stores fat in different areas after a tummy tuck. my inner thighs hips and butt certainly feel a little bigger despite all my exercise. guess i will notice them a lot more now since my tummy is no longer my major focus.

has anyone else found that they swell more on one side? my left is a lot more swollen than my right side.

Hi everyone, yes it has been quite a while since I...

Hi everyone, yes it has been quite a while since I updated however I have found that not a lot has changed since about 8 weeks po.

I have however in the past 6 weeks worked extra hard on my nutrition and dropped 3 kg's from my PO weight. I want to drop another 2 to get down to my goal weight of 60kg and have better muscle definition from all my hard work at the gym.

I saw my surgeon last week for the first time since 10 days PO and she is really really pleased with my results. She has asked to use my before and after photos in an article that she is writing on tummy tucks :0)

So I still get some minor swelling on my left side and above my belly button but my surgeon said that is still completely normal and will eventually go away to end up looking like I do in the morning all day long.....looking forward to that day.

I am probably the fittest and healthiest I have ever been and I must say having this surgery has helped my confidence grow tremendously. I am now about to start working as a PT at the gym I go to and this is something I never would have done pre surgery, I just never had the confidence in myself.

Anyways there is not much else to update on. I hope you all are recovering well! Check out my before and after shots side by side I've just put up, it really puts into perspective the huge transformation the surgery has given me. I'd do it all again in a heart beat!

I have heard a lot of good things about this doctor and felt completely comfortable with her during my consults.

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