Considering Septo-rhinoplasty at 27 - Adelaide, AU

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So, I finally built the courage to book a consult...

So, I finally built the courage to book a consult with Dr Sylaidis who is a plastic surgeon In Adelaide. I know I definitely want a Septoplasty procedure as I appear to have a deviated septum and feel like I can not breath from my left nostril. My nostrils are also noticeable uneven. I feel like they aren't that bad when I look in the mirror as it is a reversed image of myself, but when I take a photo that shows what others see me as I can notice the difference in size greatly. I also think one nostril is higher than the other. If this was the only thing about my nose that was fixed I believe I would feel so much more confident. However, I also have a hanging collumella that makes my nose longer. I hate having my picture taken and always have to be on a certain side. I also never like to smile showing my teeth in photos (even though I have had braces) as my nose looks so much bigger. I worry what I would be like if I was on my wedding day. Just want to be able to feel confident smiling in a photo and want a more symmetrical face!! I was teased for having a big nose when I was younger, and now that I am older I like to pretend like the problem doesn't exist until I see a bad photo. I never thought that having a procedure would be something I would ever actually do, but now that I feel like I can afford to financially, I have been thinking that this is something that I could possibly change. I often worry too much of what others may think. Especially because I have a big family. I don't think this is something I could do without a lot of support and am also concerned that I would regret the decision and don't like the result. Just not sure what to do???

Surgery in 8 days!!!!

So I ended up booking another consult with another surgeon, DR Kien Ha. He is an ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon, as I will need a Septo-Rhinoplasty it seemed like the way to go. I particularly liked his website and it's very formative and has a lot of before and afters. What I liked about the pics were that they all looked natural. When meeting DR Ha he seemed a lot more friendlier than the previous doctor. I found him easy to talk to. He mentioned I may need a rib craft also but I hope he does not need to touch my ribs :/. I booked a date for surgery on the day. I do not have health insurance so am paying for it straight from my savings. The surgeons fee for me was 7 grand and approx. 5 grand for the Anaesthesia and hospital stay. My surgery is at 7am and may have to stay overnight will find out on the day. I will try and upload some before pics today.

Before photos

Dr Ha's Before and After frontal view


Day 2 post op

Feeling like a chipmunk atm. I am hoping my tip and columella will drop slightly as it looks weird with so much nose to mouth gap. My nostrils are still different sizes but better than before. Dr Ha straightened my septum, lifted columella slightly and he said he would reduce tip and push tip down slightly to reduce nostril show. I'm happy with my overall swelling just hoping to see changes with my tip but it's still early so got to be patient I guess :/


Before and After photos

Adelaide Otolaryngologist

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