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I am 25 years old, 176cms, B cup and wanting to go...

I am 25 years old, 176cms, B cup and wanting to go to a natural looking C/D cup.
So I have wanted breast implants for as long as I can remember. I have always been self conscious about my breast with all my friends being larger than me, yet everyone always said to give it time, they'll grow... well they never did! So I started saving last year and have decided to get it done!
I booked a consult with Dr Higgs from Parkside Cosmetic Surgery in early December 2012. During our first consult we went through everything, took measurements and discussed the procedure. I have known other people who had been to him and hadn't heard anything negative, so at the end of the consult I booked my procedure for April (the easiest month for me to get time off work). From my measurements, my breast width are both 15cm, and I have 3cms of breast tissue. Dr Higgs suggested sub glandular (above the muscle) placement was going to best for me... I straight away freaked out. His reasonings were that I had enough breast tissue to successfully cover the implants and as I have broader shoulders (sporty physique) , this will achieve the most natural look for me. I do use my upper body quite a lot for work and do play sports also. However I have been concerned about this ever since (as people have always said that under the muscle is the most natural looking).
I have full faith in Dr Higgs and that he is the experienced one and knows best, however I have booked a consult with another well known surgeon in a few weeks which will hopefully put my mind at ease.

Consult #2 second opinion with different surgeon

So today I had my consult with a different surgeon for a second opinion and to put my mind at ease, mainly about the placement of the implants.
I walked into the surgeons office and instantly I felt good about being there. He looked at my chest and asked a few questions and explained a bit about the implants which he likes to use.
He then went on to say that he would place the implants UNDER (submuscular) the muscle, using a 415cc round implant, moderate projection. I instantly felt happy (as prior to my initial consult with the other surgeon I had my mind set on submuscular and its what i wanted), but i also instantly felt confused as the last surgeon said to go over (subglandular). He said he wanted to go under the muscle as i dont have enough coverage for the implants to be placed on top and to have a natural finish.
I then went with the nurse and she took some images of me, which was then sent back to the surgeons computer, where he digitally could show me what my body would look like with the implants.. this was so cool, but scary as i looked so weird with big boobs lol
From here I tried on some bras with different sized implants so i could get a rough view of how I will look. The 415cc looked huge, and this worried me, but like he said, being under the muscle hides them more, and 9 out of 10 patients who decided to go smaller than he suggested have said they wish they went larger.

I know have a big decision to make as to who to go with. I think im leaning towards the surgeon I saw today as I booked the second consult as I was unsure of the placement Dr Higgs suggested, and if subglandular didnt bother me then I wouldnt have gone there today.
The only down fall is that im looking at an extra $4,000 as Dr Higgs is a cosmetic surgeon, and the one today is a plastic surgeon.
Time to re-budget!!

Pre op appt - 2 and a half weeks to go!

I had my pre op appointment with my surgeon.
I tried the sizing bra on again with the 410cc (like the doctor suggested) and I felt a lot better about the size. I then showed him another photo which I had come across since my last appointment, and he said the implants in the picture were about 450cc high projection. I was first worried about the implants being too big, but now I'm wondering if they will be to small. As for my projection, i'm unsure if i should be sticking with moderate projection or maybe getting a bit higher?
Up until this last appointment I was quite nervous, however I am now extremely excited, just over 2 weeks to go!
I'm trying to think of everything I need to organise, but at this stage i can't do much as yet. I have a lot of pillows on my bed, I get given the scripts the morning of the operation, I will have my mum with me so she will be able to help me get around, and make sure I have my pain killers on time etc.
Im going to book in for a remedial massage the week before, just so 1. I can enjoy a massage as I won't be able to have one for a while after, and 2. so I can get any last knots out my muscles. Have also made a nail appointment for next week so my nails are re-filled and looking nice, and I've also booked a hair appt for the week after my op, so I can at least feel a bit better. Is there anything else I need to organise? I'm extremely fortunate that my mum has been given holidays so she can look after me.

Me currently

Currently I'm a 12B (34B US). i like the way my boobs sit, they are nice and perky, but I just want them fuller
Tony Moore

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