25 Year Old Aussie's BA experience. 335cc allergan HP. Adelaide, AU

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I'm 24, with a very pear shaped body. I have a...

I'm 24, with a very pear shaped body. I have a thinner upper body frame but my legs and hips are quite pronounced in comparison.
I am currently a 10A (if that) and going for a full C.
I am planning to get 350cc high profile mentor silicone implants under the muscle.
I am 171cm in height and approx 63kg.
I'm after a natural look to balance out my body shape.


Here are the sizes I tried on, I am going for the 350cc HP mentor. Under the muscle.


pre op photos.
Bathers are billabong and a size 10, they have never fitted as they are too big for my cup size.

Crisalix 3D generator

dr Higgs has used a digital image of me and imposed what 350cc HP silicone implants would look like on my body

Surgery postponed :-(

Bad news for me, I've been very sick since last Wednesday, roaring fever, hot and cold sweats, the whole works really! Felt a little better on Saturday but now have contracted a chest infection and have been non stop coughing for 3 days.

Went to my GP today and I've got a serious case of bronchitis and he advised me not to go ahead with the surgery. I called dr Higgs and he won't be doing the op on Wednesday anymore.

Little bit bummed but I'm seriously so exhausted, not sure if I'd been able to cope, not to mention spending another week at home!

Not sure when I'm going to reschedule, I am going to Europe for work in June and now won't have enough time to recover before I go (6weeks minimum) so probably won't be until after my trip, so late June.

Tomorrow is the day

so tomorrow is my surgery day. Fairly nervous but being trying to keep busy to stop me from thinking about it.

When I went to my last appointment I was informed the surgery doesn't use mentor implants anymore. He said that he had been noticing 'rippling' in the surface of the implants. So he now only uses allergan. So my size has been changed to 335cc as the 385cc didn't fit my frame (BW). A little disappointed in that, as I wanted to go to go up a little in size, but it is what it is and I don't want to run the risk of bottoming out or weird looking (evidently fake looking) boobs.

Wish me luck

335cc allergan sizers

Here up the photos of the 335cc implants. Round, smooth and silicone based. Will be going under the muscle.

All done!

All finished, they are definitely feeling tight. Hopefully they are okay, too scared too look. Got my follow up appointment tomorrow morning, so I'll get to assess them then. So for now it's back to bed and time for some painkillers!


so I'm now on my 3rd day after surgery. It's been pretty rough. Lots of difficulty breathing, tightness is not really subsiding, incisions hurt and just general pain everywhere! Ugh. My back is taking a beating as well which isn't helping my posture.

I've been sitting up in my bed as it's warm and comfortable but I think I may need to move to the recliner. Which is in a cold room and it's leather which is also cold!

I've been sleeping okay but waking up every 4-6 hours. I'm really ready to start feeling better! Any tips would be greatly appreciated...

I'm on paracetamol and codeine, now every 6-8 hours. Which feels like forever in between doses when I'm sore. I never got to take anything stronger as when I had an endone, I fainted in the recovery room. Thankfully I as in a recliner at the time :-/

Oh well, hopefully today I start to feel a little better.

Photo - 2 days post

Feeling a lot better!

So it's been 6 days since the operation. Feeling a lot better. Swelling has gone down dramatically which is a bit sad as I was liking their fullness. Been sleeping for 6-7 hour stints and generally wake up because me back is sore. I can now get up out of bed on my own, go toilet etc. trying to do the exercises that I've been told to do, slowly getting more flexibility in my arms/pec muscles. Still a long way to go. Gotta stay positive :-)

Week 1 complete!

So it's been 7 days since my op. This time last week I was in a different way that's for sure. Got my stitches out today, well suture out so it was quick but I didn't like the idea of it. They said since I was a 'fainter' that I should just lay down for a while. Anyway luckily today I was faint free! So what's left are the steri-strips over the incisions.

I went to Kmart and bought a new bra. Seamless and wireless thingo which seemed to be comfortable and had thin straps. I wear a lot of singlets and I didn't want another thick banded sports bra which would be extremely obvious under my tops. It's a 12C as they didn't have a 10D. Still a little tight tho and rubs around the incisions so I'll be waiting as long as possible before I have to wear it.

Super happy. The implants are still super firm and high but they will settle. Skin is super tight and still coping with the new additions but putting bio oil on every night to try and help the transition.


6 days post op

5 weeks post

Here are some pics.
Feeling good and happy with the results so far.
Get boob envy when I look at other pictures but I am grateful I've had no complications and they look fairly natural.


Dr Higgs

Doctor: Michael higgs from Parkside cosmetic surgery. Can't seem to change it from the dermatologist in Sydney :-/

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