40 year old, 2 kids 5.6 ft 115lbs, getting TT & BA 40cc. 1 Sleep to Go! - Adelaide, AU

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I'm 40 year old, 2 kids both by c section. 50kilos...

I'm 40 year old, 2 kids both by c section. 50kilos &5'3 inches. I'm having a tummy tuck and 400cc silicone moderate rounds. It's been months in the making and tomorrow is the big day! I have half hour before fasting begins and I'm drinking so much but feel thirsty (my mind is playing with me already) When I woke on Monday morning it hit me straight away that it was this week, I started to get really nervous and felt sick all day but strangely I have been calm the rest of the week. I'm at the point where I just want it to be over, I know the morning will be hard with the drive there and the waiting to be taken in I'm just hoping it goes fast. I will update in the morning but for now I'm going to try and get some sleep.

On the flat side

Day 2, feeling sore but bearable with medication. Last night was tough as I couldn't sleep so got quite emotional. I'm just waiting for the ruse to come and remove catheter and both drains (yay) and then home.
Yesterday was a roller coaster, up at 5am in the car at 6 and in surgery at 8. It all went so fast! I felt great after until the anaesthetic stated to wear off and then ouch!

Day 3

Day 3 is coming to an end, I can't believe how much pain I still have after taking such strong pain killers. I must say I'm wishing away the next few days so the pain levels drop but at this point it's early days and I just have to take it easy. I changed medication last night and finally slept so that was amazing!
I'm super swollen and my boobs are almost funny because they are so big. Looking in the mirror is weird as I feel like it's not my reflection.

Day 4

Pretty happy to be propped up on the couch and saying its day 4! I had a great sleep last night and have woken today feeling like I'm through the hardest part. Pain is definitely getting better and I can almost stand up straight. Swelling in my boobs has come down a little(I have been doing a lot of ice packs) tummy is still swollen and I had my first BM today but took a lot of laxatives for that to happen so that wasn't fun.
Can feel lots of bruising under my arms and boobs do that should look nasty in a few days. I still can't do much, going to the toilet and making a cuppa tires me out but it's onward and upward from here!
Hope everyone is healing well

Day 7

I'm surprised how quickly time is going! Thursday I had my first PS appointment and I woke feeling really good, washed and curled my hair & put clothes on other than trackies for the first time! Left the house feeling like a new person, a friend drove me to my app and then I did groceries after that. Well I certainly paid the price for doing so much, I have had lots of pain since! So if your about to do this take it easy and more so when you think your ready to do things your probably not.
The PS was very happy with how every thing is looking and I will see her in a week.
I still have lots of swelling on boobs and tummy & I use ice packs 4/5 times a day and think that help.
Will post befor and after pics from day 4 and will take more tonight.

Happy healing to all!

PS appointment

Here is a pic with tape off, 6 days after surgery. It's all very flat and told it will heal very well, scar should almost be invisible. Also she took my whole tattoo as I asked if she could, really didn't want to be left with half of it.

Day 11

Not a great deal in change other than slowly starting to do more, slowly but surely! I have been cooking dinner for the family for a few days & starting to be able to put washing away and tidy after the kids. I still squat down rather than bend if I need to pick up something.

Belly is still very swollen but today I can notice a bit of shape (yay) boobs have changed so I guess they are starting to slowly drop.

I am still on medication but managed to go 6.5 hours today rather than 4 so I'm happy about that.

Doing some reading today and it sounds like swelling can last about 3 months, does anyone have any experience with how long swelling lasted?

Happy healing all

Day 11

Yesterday I posted as day 12 but it was actually day 10, oops!
Today I'm feeling really good, I'm managing to go 6-8 hours between meds and pain is really starting to be a dull ache.

Still waiting for swelling to go down on boobs and tummy but I'm very happy so far. I couldn't help but buy a bralette yesterday (couldn't wear one before) love the look! I have cleavage at the front and upper pole and side on I'm still not overly big so everything that I wanted!

Day 16

I almost went a full day without pain meds for the first time, I've stopped the script meds and just taking normal panadol so very happy about that. The pain is more discomfort now rather than actual pain. I'm doing most things as before & looking forward to going back to work in 4 days! Still not much change other than boobs aren't as angry and stretched looking, still swelling in the tummy but definitely settling down.

Extremely happy with my results! Will take some pics and post in a sec!

Happy healing to all.


Day 19

Well it's back to work tomorrow for me, feeling good and very little pain so happy about that. I get tired early argent noon if I have done lots so will just see how I go I guess.
Had my dressings xhanged yesterday and very happy with how my scar looks so far, also I'm going all day with no pain meds so really happy about that.
I'm feeling a little worried about the ridge at the top of my implants that I can see, hoping that will settle, other than that very happy so far!
Happy healing every one!

3 week update

I went back to work 1 day before the 3 week mark of my op and it went well, 2nd day I was feeling it and 3rd day very sore! It's an anti climax because I was feeling so good and looking forward to getting back to normal life.
It's amazing how the body tells you when to slow down. The biggest hurdle for me is reaching things that are up high, I do it at least 10 times a day without thinking but am quickly reminded it's not a good idea.
I'm desperate to feel normal!

4 Weeks

It's exciting that I'm 4 weeks post op, feeling almost 100%. Pain is minimal in boobs and tummy although tummy gets a bit sore after a busy day. Bloating is at a minimum (I think) boobs are starting to get super soft in some areas.
I had my 4 week check up yesterday and my scar looks amazing already, belly button is almost an outie so not excited about that but if that's my only concern I think I'm super lucky.
I've been back at work for over a week now, I'm a hairdresser and I am doing everything as normal. I'm very excited to start wearing nice bras with no under wire and no tummy garment in 2 weeks, yay!
I have to say I'm so happy that I went through with this and feel so fortunate that I was able to and have a hubby that has backed me 100% and been my rock through this. If your deciding if you should do something like this I say go for it!
Dr Margaret Anderson is fantastic and I would recommend her in a heart beat!

4 week scar healing beautify

I'm at very happy with how my scar is healing at the 4 week mark, looks better in real life! Belly button is a worry as I don't want an outie! Will see how it settles but if that's my biggest worry I will be more than happy!

Almost 10 weeks since op

Sorry for the break in updates!
It will be 10 weeks on Friday since my op & all pain is gone and I'm feeling almost normal. My boobs still feel tender to touch almost like when you first fall pregnant, swollen and sore to touch. My left Brest had dropped and sitting beautifully, my right just needs to catch up, I still have a ridge on the top of the right but starting to feel confidant that will go, I was very worried a few weeks ago.
My tummy scar is coming along nicely, I still keep the tape on from my own choice, I change it about 3x a week and apply the silicone cream but in convinced it helps with the scars.
Honestly I still feel funny looking at it but it's early days so I can't wait to see how it looks in 12 months. Only 10 weeks in and it's looking so good already!
I have my final appointment in 2 weeks so I will ask about the dog ear I have on 1 side and the little puffy bit between my scar and belly button, was hoping they would heal but I think they will need a bit of help.
All in all best thing I have ever done, I'm back at the gym and feeling great. I can put on any clothes and know the air well on me, so so happy!
If your thinking about doing this I would say go for it and don't look back.
Happy healing to everyone


This is the ridge, it's where the top of the implant is visible but starting to settle now.

Late update

Sorry it's been so long since the last update. I went back for scare revision because I wasn't happy. I had handles on the sides and I was told by the surgeon it was because she wanted to give me the hour glass shape but instead I had muffin top, I also had dog ears in one side one a pucker bellow my belly button. My belly button stuck out on the right side and locked strange. After months of pointing this out she agreed it needed to be fixed under local & at my own cost. It was another $1,500 to fix and was almost the worst pain I have been through, I wasn't numbed enough and could feel her cutting.
Procedure over and healing well, happier with results but upon follow up visit I still have some puckering and my belly button sticking out on the right to be told it's a hernia.... the hernia that was meant to be removed in the initial surgery!
Feeling very down about another surgery but certainly not going back to the same dr

Implant revision & hernia repair from first surgery.

After originally having a tummy tuck & 400cc breast implants 12 months ago I have had concerns, I raised concerns regarding my breast implants with my first follow up visit with my surgeon because I had a ridge on my right breast at the top which was the actual implant. She told me she was unable to put the implant partially under my muscle as discussed and put them on top, she also explained this would settle over time.
As time went on my tummy had puckers (also old they would go over time) and a lump next to my belly button and I could tell these were not going to fix them selves. In November I insisted that she do something about the issues with my tummy and she told me the lump on my belly button was fat and that she would do lipo on that and also my sides because the surgery created love handles because she pulled me to tight. She also said she would cut out the puckers off that would fix the problem, she charged me $1,500 to do this!
On my return 8 weeks later I till had a lump next to my belly button and puckers, the surgeon looked the lump and told me it was a hernia. I was totally devastated, the hernia was there prior to my original surgery and she was meant to fix it at the same time. She explained to me it was a simple procedure and could be done in her rooms & all she had to do was cut the hernia and put a stitch in at an additional cost, I left her rooms in tears and feeling betrayed.
When I had the lipo and her fixing the puckers in her rooms she did not numb me enough I could feel her cutting & the lipo burning so needless to say there is no was I was letting her touch me again!

I went on to get a second opinion from Dr Phillip Griffin, he was shocked when I explained to him what I had been through and the process I went through to get the results I had.
On the 31/5 I went into surgery again, my implants were removed and replaced with 375cc under the muscle and he had to do extensive work to repair the belly button and stitch the muscles back together to stop it happening agin. He also cut out more skin to flatten the dip on my stomach that had been left from the first surgery.
I was under for 4 hours instead of 2 because he had so much that needed fixing.
So here I am laid up on the couch healing once again. It's day 8 and my breasts already look softer & more natural, my tummy is much flatter & I'm excited to see my belly button on Friday when I get my stitches removed.

The utter betrayal that I feel for my first Dr who is Margaret Anderson will stay with me forever, all she wanted was to get me in and out and any follow up problems I had she tried to do a quick fix all for extra money!

Thank you thank you Dr Griffin, he is a gentle, kind & compassionate man & amazing t what he does. Thank god I found him

New girls

Hello bruising!
Margaret Anderson

Dr Anderson performed my original surgery and after months of going back and expressing my concerns regarding problem areas and being offered quick fixes at additional costs on top of the original cost. very unhappy with the treatment, results and attitude of Dr Anderson and staff.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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