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Hey ladies my name is Mel! ive been looking at...

hey ladies my name is Mel! ive been looking at getting this surgery done and have been researching for about 2 years now, I have found this site very helpful! here goes, im 20, 157cm tall and weigh 45kg, im currently an A cup looking to go for a full C/small D! I have had my first consultation yesterday at Parkside Cosmetic Surgery with Dr Higgs, have had friends who went to him with great results! I went to the consultation very nervous! the receptionist was lovely, I met with the doctor and he showed me the different types of implants and how they feel, I have decided to go for the silicone gel (gummy bear) but still unsure on the texture. im going with round, I think, and yet to decide on the profile but probably medium/high. still unsure on sizes, but will figure all out at next app.
I had to get undressed, got all my measurements done and everything is perfect, both sides exactly equal but he says he may need to lower my crease line? still unsure exactly the pros and cons of that. the nurse then took me to a room and explained the pre op and post op procedures. straight out of surgery you sit on a leather couch for two hours and get picked up? does this sound right? that kind of worries me a little!
my surgeon is also a cosmetic surgeon rather than a plastic surgeon, is this important? I feel very confident and comfortable with the surgeon but just a few little worries.
im so excited they could get me in so early, just over 4 weeks away, wow I am very impatient! lets just hope all the finances work out the way I hope! will update soon! :)

Okay, i am soo nervous! not sure what to expect....

okay, i am soo nervous! not sure what to expect. ive made lists of things i need to buy to make my recovery easier (prescriptions, hot and cold packs, etc) does anyone have any other ideas or advice that made your recovery easier? i dont take pain very well at all! i have decided to go with under the muscle, i have found the long term benefits outweigh the extra pain i will feel after surgery but hopefully worth it. ive had my mind set on this surgery for years, is it weird that im beginning to question everything? people might judge me for being "fake" ah, im so nervous i dont know why i care so much, guess its all setting in that it is happening in a few weeks! hope everyone is recovering well! :)


GREAT news. my surgery is rescheduled for 30/05 due to another client canceling :) sooo excited! so I went to my pre op appointment. I chose the size, 300CC in each side, smooth round silicone gel implants, which brings me to the full C that I wanted :). my plastic surgeon suggested smooth to decrease any chances of rippling. he also chose high profile, but im really unsure as I dont want them to be narrow and project so forward, I wanted a bit of side boob and dont like the thought of them looking rather pointy so I think I might ring them up to see if I can go back and redo my sizing but im not sure because I am going under the muscle would a high profile look more like the moderate plus size? which is what I really want, or will it still look high profile? im so confused, its been really playing on my mind. and also, I love the size of the 300CC when I tried it on, but because im going under muscle should I go 50CC bigger in order for it to look like when I tried it on? (apparently you lose 50CC when going under muscle)
thanks in advance and hope all you lucky girls going into surgery today recover well! :)


so, my surgery got rescheduled back to 06/06, so only 6 more days to go! bit disappointed but its only a week longer :) I also went back yesterday and changed my size. in my last post I was nervous about the choice of a high profile implant and im scared the projection might look funny on me! I have decided to go with moderate profile but the highest size I can go with that is 290cc! im not sure how IIfeel about this. I think it would look good because I am ssoooo small! I only weigh 45kg and very petite, so im still hoping for a small D but I doubt I will get it, I think I will be getting a C. its only 20cc less than the high profiles and I think I would rather a mod profile and lose the 20cc. but still so scared they wont be big enough! what do you girls think? ive been just researching flat out all the time, I guess its the nerves! im scared that because I am choosing mod (and going with the biggest width that will fit my chest) will they look too pushed together? ahhhh I need to stop overthinking and just relax haha! I have set up my recovery area. this is what I have:
-ice packs that you just squeeze and then they get cold ($1 each from reject shop!)
-arnica tablets and cream
-vit E wipes from the body shop
- baby wipes (hygeine for when I cant shower)
- wheat bag
- pill box
- all antibiotics
- bendy straws
- antibacterial body wash
- laxatives
- batteries

have I missed anything?
hope everyone on the other end are recovering well! and good luck to the ladies going in today! :)


so postponed again until today :( wasnt happy at all! but the last week went really fast! I went in signed papers, the nurse had me take photos of myself with a bikini top for before photos. I then spent alot of time with my nurse, she was great really made me feel at ease! I then spoke with my anesthesiologist for about half hour as well he was great! hes a senior, and really knew what he was talkibg about so I felt great. I then walked ibto theatrre layed on the bed had the drip and I was out! they didnt use a tube down my throat which is great so I dont have a saw through! after surgery I walked out and slept on recliner for 2 hours, I felt absoltely fine. the nurses were absolutely lovely! im completey pain free (guess im still on strong pain management) the only thing that hurts is when I breathe in it feels like a sharp pain but completely bareable. drive home was fine talking the whoke way. just got ibto my recliner at home in my room watching tv, I feel soo much better than I originally thought I would only ONE problem. im scared they are going to be too small!! ill add a photo but I know that they do change alot but im scared they may reduce after swelling but fingers crossed. I got 290cc moderate profile silicone under muscle allergan. hoping to acheive a full C maybe D! tell me what you think yhankyou ladies!!! hope everyone is recovering well. might have a nap but overall first day is an ABSOLUTE BREEZE! :D


feeling GREAT! I know tomorrows pain is gonna kick in :(

Day two and feeling great!

so its day two, not sure of how different theyre looking but here are some photos. slept like a baby last night on the recliner, so glad for the recliner! woke up today foe my 1030 post op appointment. was in waiting room and felt fantantic, then suddenly got light headed and fell unconsious! threw up twice, and was put in recovery room to sleep it off with IV. was a little mishap and felt 100% after it all happened, must of been the anesthetic still I think plus I have history of passing out alot! the nurses all really took care of me, reassuring me and I felt fantastic. was then back to normal and now laying in bed. I am sore in the muscles, it feels like somethibg sitting on my chest, but apart from slight muscle ache in breasts I feel completely like myself! I was very organized have alot of things. have been taking mild pain killers at the right times, ive been resting alot and it does hurt a bit to get out of bed and stand up I need help. havent needed ice packs yet, my neck travel pillow is a godsend especially for the car rides! I have zero bruising. couldnt be hapier, I was deffinetly expecting the worst but so far its alll been a breeze! still hoping they get a tiny bigger! :)

day 3 struggling

today has been harder. difficulties breathing, just takes a bit more effort especially when laying down. pain around incisions. muscle aches and spasms. burning sensations on nipples but they are still numb to touch. sternum pain is really bad and post op bra feels like they're squashing them. need rest.

day 5

slept most of the day yesterday so I didnt have time to update. just wanted to base this update on things I have found after my surgery!
- make sure someone else is in control of your medication and recording it! if it wasnt for my mom I think I would be taking the pain meds every 20 mins! time is very confusing the first few days.
- day 1 and 2 (for me) were a breeze! day 3, 4 and 5 are painful!
- they do look small at first, but everyday they go through alot of changes!
- morning boob! ah! so painful! the best way to describe it would be two bowling balls attached to your chest, feeling tight, stiff, and achy! it feels sososo heavy! I have to hold them cos im scared they will actually fall out ha!
- neck pillow, recliner and ice are your best friends!
- your back is so sore! especially at the top, ouch!
- dont take your meds on an empty stomach! (unless advised) you WILL feel nauseous its terrible!
- rest for the first couple of days, I didnt and I can tell you now it deffinetly catches up with you!
- ZINGERS! feels like electric shots going through your muscles and just ripping them! it feels like something terrible is happening like your muscles are literally breaking, but this is normal!
- gremlins! I swear I have about 5 gremlins inside my boobs just jumping around it there! it feels like a baby kicking, except in your boobs! especially when your going under the muscle your muscles just freak out and do all sorts of things!
- this is a big one that caused me to even ring my surgeon! your sternum gets swollen! it feels like theres a bump in the middle of your chest and i thought something was going wrong! all that went through my mind was omg I have to get an explant! haha but it is normal! but very very scary if it does happen!
- your ribs ache, the pain tends to travel during the next few days even your arms etc.

thats all I can think of right now ill add more later when I come across it :)

DAY 8!

hey girls its day 8 for me and im pretty much feeling back to myself! days 3-5 are the worst and it seems day 7 onwards everyday gets 100% better. im feeling great about them! I love them so much! I had some doubts during the first week but I ignored it because I am fortunate enough to be apart of such a great comunity on here so I knew i was going to be feeling depressed for a while. a tip to help you get through these feelings.. stand in front of a mirror and take your top off. see how long your upset for after that ha PROBLEM SOLVED ;)
I went in today for my one week ccheckup (time has gone so fast!) I got my stitches removed, honestly did not even feel a single thing, I was very nervous about this, but I would easily have to say getting your eyebrows waxed is alot worse ha!
I have absoltely no bruising, so happy!
I love my surgeon and all the staff there, they are just so good to me so caring and I really feel like an individual there not just another patient, its great! any concerns I have they are great with helping me feel reassured and they say I can see him ANYTIME if I have any concerns just to ring them and IIcan go in and I also have my surgeons number to contact 24/7 its great :)
very happy girl right now, only wish I done it sooner!
I have had my appendix taken out (laproscopic), ive had tattoos, and tattoo removal, and I can easily say the pain with breast implants is nothing in comparison!! I would say on a scale of 1-10 its about a 3 or 4! if your stressing about the pain, DONT! IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!!! :):):)

day ten. some more photos :)

feeling awesome! 90% back to myself!
this is mt recovery time line :)

stopped sleeping on the recliner: night 4.
stopped pain meds: night 5.
could sleep on sides with no pain: day 9.
back to driving: day 9.
could have a shower: day 2.
could wash my own hair: day 5.
slept a whole night through: day 6.
back to work: day 9.
I was also doing 4 hours of shopping on day 6!
I guess I could say ive had a great rrecovery and for that I am soo thankful! I was worried because I dont normally recover well from surgery. this has been easy, with a few rough days and nights I can easily say I would do it over and over again! :)

forgot the photos!

some things I learnt along the way.

- take socks in with you to surgery, it is freezing in theatre!
- make sure you have jackets at home! very easy to get on and off, jumpers and tops are impossible to wear early days as you can take them off.
- listen to your surgeons advice: no matter what! all surgeons have very different ways of doing things, they know best!
- have clean sheets set up in your bed with lots of soft pillows, just incase you want to actually sleep in bed.
- have something you can grip your feet under to sit yourself up. i slept on my recliner that has a gap between the seat and the foot rest (just under my knees) and whenever I needed to sit up I put my feet under the leg rest and kind of done a sit up and used my stomach muscles to get up, I have no idea how I would have survived if I didnt have this!
- have some bather tops to wear if your surgical bra is uncomfy, make sure it has no underwire or alot of padding, it is very comfy to sleep in but check with your surgeon first!
- buy some instant cold packs if you can, you just snap them and they become ice cold because you dont want to be getting up every hour for ice!
- buy bottled water! I bought a 24 pack of mt franklins and kept next to me- best decision ever! (dont forget the bendy straws too)
- I had my mom take care of meds, but I read a really good idea to get zip lock bags and put your pain meds in preop to have all organized. write in black texta what it is and what time to take it (dont skip pain meds, set an alarm if you have to, you dont want to wake up in middle of night in pain, youll need your sleep). keep the empty bags iina box so u can keep record of exactly everything youve taken.
- I know ive said it already but make sure you have a neck pillow!!! espec in the car for ride home!

will try add some more helpful posts. just let me know what you girls wanna know and ill write up something fforyou all :)
hope eeveryone is recovering well and all you girls getting ready for your op arent too nervous! its not as bad as you might think, I was preparing for a terrible recovery and got a very easy one! day 7 and youll be back to yourself! :)


for the last few days (days 12-14) ive had shiny boobs! never have u ever read this anywhere ha but I googled it and thankfully its completely normal! there are so many weird things like this that you arent prepared for lol! hope everyone is doing well!

22 months post op!

Wow! It sure has been a while since I've updated my profile! I think I was too busy enjoying life with my new additions lol!
Since my surgery, my confidence and self esteem has sky rocketed! It's easily been the best decision of my LIFE! It's a lot of money to spend on yourself, but the way it makes you feel about yourself is absolutely priceless and worth every single cent! I love the size, shape and just everything! I'm so happy! I can wear any dress I want, and I can make them look huge in clothes or small, which I love the flexibility to be able to do that! Here's a few photos, I highly reccomend Dr Higgs, I have seen hundreds of photos on Google of what I wanted to look like, and can honestly say I like mine a lot more than them! I never have been so happy :) Reading all my posts I feel like such a wuss, it really isn't that painful. I have memories of getting my appendix taken out, getting my wisdom teeth taken out, and the pain of my breast implants was nothing close to the pain of the other two! It was a breeze when I look back at it to be honest, my advice now would still be the ice, recliner and neck pillow lol, but my biggest peice of advice is: If your wanting this surgery - DO IT! Do not hesitate, you deserve to feel happy about yourself! It's changed my life! :):):)
dr higgs

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