25 Years Old, Lost over 100lbs (50+kg), Initial Low Body Fat. - Adelaide, Australia

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After years of yo-yo weight loss I was over 100lbs...

After years of yo-yo weight loss I was over 100lbs down from my biggest. After focusing heavily on my diet and training routine I was able to get my body fat down to single digits. However, it still wasn't good enough and I couldn't get the lower abdominal definition I should have had at that low body fat %.

So after discussions with my parents, a referral from my GP I decided to go ahead and foot the bill as an uninsured patient. From the first consultation at my GP (14/4/14 - My 25th Birthday) I asked my parents to help cover the cost as part of my birthday present, they paid 25%

I felt not just physically, but mentally I needed the operation done. I had worked so hard and because of this stupid loose skin it played on my confidence. I hated taking my shirt off in public (even with a 6 pack) and also affected how I rated my self in the dating game - big confidence killer.

The photo's include my starting point (actually 10-15kgs/20-30lbs lighter then my heaviest in the photo), a few progress shots, a shot prior to surgery and a shot after!

I am really happy with the surgeon and hope once swelling subsides and now that I've put on a little weight at day 15 I hope in the coming months I can get back down to single digits, build some lean mass and one day look at competing in the light weight division of body building comps locally.

Day 16

Feeling a little better each day. Walking a little faster and starting to kick goals doing 1 hour cardio each day.

Diet has been on point since my 2 week check up (only 2 days) have now started reducing carbs significantly while increasing my protein further. Also resumed multivitamin & fish oil. Cannot wait to start lifting weights in 3 weeks, 5 days ;)

Day 23

Had such a good week food wise, stuck to my cardio program. Yesterday my diet was a bit off. Today I was craving food all day, ended up having KFC, first time I've had take away since March this year. After eating it I felt dreadful :( My sleeping pattern is off and I am constantly feeling tired / napping - I feel as though this is effecting my food cravings! I plan on forcing my self to wake up at 7am tomorrow regardless of when I full asleep and try to make this a consistent time to wake up. Back to work a week from Monday (eek).

On Wednesday it will be my 4 week mark and I plan on starting light weight lifting and will probably integrate a morning gym session into my routine so I have something to do upon wakening.

Day 24

Woke up at little earlier today (11am).. And have not napped! Have changed to a paleo style diet, finally - which is what I used to get very lean combined with weight training.

Also did 1 hour of cardio. Come Wednesday (4 weeks since surgery) I anticipate to start light weights, more endurance high rep based workouts. I have all the time in the world over the next 2 weeks before I return to week and I intend on returning a few kilos of fat lighter! ????

5 weeks post surgery

Today is 5 weeks post surgery. I am still not back at work till next week and my employer (Woolworths) has been great during the process - as I will be on my feet the entire day at work.

Pain levels have subsided and you can pretty much make your judgement to what you can / cannot do. I've learned to squat down using my knees not to bend over at all - pretty much relieves most issues.

Have started getting back into some more weight lifting this week, have lightened the weight a little bit, upped my carbs a little and have maxed out my protein. I have also started taking Vitamin E tablets because I read they assist with wound healing.

I'm considering starting some fasted cardio in the minding while to help burn more body fat or may do some cardio in a separate workout to weight lifting.

I've been having headaches but I think it is adjusting back to the reduced carbohydrates.

I feel like I've put on a bit of body fat but maintained most of my lean mass. I plan on getting to 8% body fat by Xmas.

6 weeks after surgery!

Binder off today! Cleared for full physical activity! Feeling great too!

Feel like I'll make a serious transformation over the next month or so with gym access again!

So glad I got this done!

6 weeks 5 days post surgery

Feeling so much better! Spent some serious time in the gym and feel I'm making massive progress each day.

Did my first day of group pt today and it was boxing. Was hard but succeeded in doing so.

Also went to gym tonight. Confidence is coming back! So glad I got this done and can't wait to continue my path to leanness.

5.5 minutes months after TT

Feeling A+! Pain is gone and definition is returning. Scar is still firm/hard but improving slowly. Looking forward to progressing and maybe looking into competing in September this year.
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