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I am 55 and since going through menapause i have...

I am 55 and since going through menapause i have fat that has deposited on my hips, no amount of exercise or diet will shift it. I do not let my husband see me naked and this is effecting my marriage. I also do not like anyone i know walk behind me as i think all they can see are these enormous hips.

today's the day

Well i am just waiting to go into theatre, i have seen my doctor and am marked up ready to go.

4 days po

Today is day 4 and i have never felt better, i am taking it very easy, and not on much pain relief. I will get my stiches out in 7 days, can't wait. I weighed myself this morning and i was 62.4k pre op and am now 59.6 post op, I'm very happy with that. I have posted some before and after shots.

10 days post op.

Today being the 10th day i had my stitches removed, the nurse said she is very happy with the healing process and I'm still very swollen, i have an appointment booked for next Tuesday 10th Nov. to have the clear tape removed. I was very surprised to hear that the main scar is just held together by glue and disolvable stitches x

15 days Post Op

Well Its been 15 days today since my life changed forever. The nurse said that I'm healing very very well. I think i have been overdoing it a bit lately, so need to start taking it easy. I have been feeling really good, the only negative thing i feel is this binder, I've been told to wear it as tight as possible to help getting everything back to normal, its quite uncomfortable, i might as well get used to it as I'm going to be wearing it for quite a while x

3 stages of my TT

I'm so happy with my results and its only been 15 days. I have been overdoing it a bit so need to start taking it easy x

Measurments 3 weeks post op.

I have lost;
3cm from Ribs
2cm from my middle (belly button mark)
8cm from my stomach (i measured 5cm down from my belly button i used that as a guide then around my body)
4cm from top of legs
That's 17cm from my ribs to the top of my legs, I'm happy with that
I'm still swollen so hopefully i will be a bit smaller by Christmas x

Binders for sale

I have 2 medium binders that i wish to sell, i live in Adelaide.
I paid $100 for them and am asking $60. They are in excellent condition, i need to wear them for another 3 weeks, i will then be selling them x


I had my TT on 26th October, I'm feeling great except for the swelling. I have been eating quite a bit more lately but the swelling is really uncomfortable, I'm just wondering if this is normal, its been 9 weeks since my surgery?

Julie is very compassionate and understands my fears. She has a very good reputation as i have done my research and can't wait.

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