42 Yr Old Mum 3 Kids Breast Fed. Left with Empty Boobs........... - Adelaide, Australia

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After breast feeding 3 kids now 23, 19 & 3. Also...

After breast feeding 3 kids now 23, 19 & 3. Also discovering a love for exercise. "Kayla Itsines" my poor boobs have disappeared. I find them terrible to look at and don't want my husband to even see me naked. My boobs don't match the rest of my body. So after doing heaps of research and considering the cost I decided to go ahead with a "boob Job" a friend of my husband had had them so we contacted her and she highly recommended Dr Michael Higgs at Parkside Cosmetic Clinic and didn't look back

Unfortunally I needed a lift (lollipop) which I didn't really want because I was scared of the scars, but he explained that it wouldn't be a great outcome if I went ahead without the lift, I found Dr higgs and his staff to be very professional, kind and informative. I am 1 do post op and going back this morning for the routine checkup, and now that I've seen my boobs there was no reason being scared of the lollipop lift because he has done a fantastic job very clean, I will be updating my progress as it happens. 

1 day post op checkup

had my 1 day post op check up with Dr Higgs everything went well he was very pleased with they looked, as am I. I didn't get any sleep last night (first night post op) and have taken the endone tablets provided to me, I have eaten very lightly and have been keeping my fluids up (only water). today I am very tired and feel sick every so often nothing to major but probably because I haven't slept and the pills I'm taking, all in all though I am very happy and am feeling very little pain only really when I have to stand up.. ill update as the week progresses

Day 3 post op

Slept better last night compression bra uncomfortable so put a genie bra on for a few hours. Still need some pain meds which make me sleepy and feel a little nauseous. Hubby still looking after me "lucky me". Post more pictures later

Day 4 post op

Slept much better last night. Even lay slightly on my side for awhile. Right side not as swollen around armpit area thank goodness. Only had panadol so far today. Still a bit freaked out that i can't see how incisions are healing but generally feeling ok

Day 5 post op

Sleeping ok still wake a couple of times during the night. Going to have to really watch what im eating i am used to working out 7 days so im starting to feel yucky as its been easier to grab (junk food). Boobs feel ok hope my nipples are healing ok cant see them and wont till the 21st that in its self is freaking me out but every thing feels ok. Take my last antibiotic today and try judt to get by with panadol. Going to venture out to the shop later. See how i go went for a slow walk around the block yesterday that was ok. Post pictures later????????????????

Day 6 post op

Sleeping better. Cut right back on my pain relief meds. Ventured out to the shop for an hour or so yesterday felt a bit swollen after took 1 strong pain killer and chilled for the afternoon. When my daughter got home from school i talked her through cooking tea. My hubby has everything else under control as always but he is no cook. Still uncomfortable but feeling better everyday glad I've got 2 weeks off work. Right boob is still higher than left but not worrying about that still worried about dressing over my incissions as i cant see them and they wont be taken off for another 8 days might ring today and see if they can check them sooner my paper work does say 1 day then 1 week then 1 month for check up ifni leave itnit nearly 2 weeks?

day 6 post op

one week post op

Sleeping great (for me) even getting a little side sleeping . Put on one of my dresses today no bra. Got boobies. Will look much better when they "drop and fluff." Check up in 2 days getting gauze off get to see my incisions. Bit nervous.

day 9 post op

Going in tomorrow to have dressings off

day 10 post op

On our way to get dressings off. Very nervous.
Update later.

day 10 post op. part 2

I have nipples again yay me. I have disolvable stitches which was great news. No getting stitches out. Have to leave tape on till it comes off by itself. Normal showering. Have to wear my bra execpt at bedtime. My right is still sitting higher but thats because my muscle is tighter on that side. Just a bit slower than the right needs to relax more. As far as i can tell my scar especially the vertical is hardly noticable. So very happy. Go back in 3 weeks for another check up.

day 12 post op

Ok slowly getting back to normal. Had a bit of a woe is me day yesterday. Feeling fat. I usually work nightshift 5 nights a week and workout religiously every day rain hail or heat wave. Working nightshift makes it alot easier watching what i eat as i sleep most of the day. I love food ive been on the bigish side most of my life. Not huge but definitely solid. For the last year ive change my life style but sitting at home not being able to do much hasn't helped. I've loved the extra time with my family but I've seriously got no will power. On top of that i also had a "haven i wasted 11grand on my own vanity and they are going to look look ke crap.. Bit better today it is only 12 days my husband told me to stay off of hear and that most people on here havent had a lift aswell. I love this sight so i did stay away for a few hours but now im back. I put my big girl socks on and looked at my before photo (gross) and got over it. Back to work on monday and going to start walking on sunday just ease back into it.????????????????

day 16 post op

So definitely sleeping better can sleep on my side carefully. Tape is annoying me doc says let it come off by itself. Although doesnt look like it going to budge its itchy i want it off. Really want to see my scars. Going back to work monday night, thats going to be o interesting. Going to start walkng tomorrow and have worked out a lower body routine that im going to ease into. Gotta get my shit together i reckon ive definitely put on a f ew kilos (pounds) in the last 2 weeks which i am annoyed at myself about i was so "in the zone" before surgery bit slipped back into old bad habbits cause that was easier. Not really seeing any progress except leftn is lower etc than rhe right. Trying not to worry

4 weeks post op lollipop lift with implant

day 33 post op

Here is a pic of my scars. So far so good

day 33 part 2

Best news of all i can workout again (although ive been walking since week 2). Going to leave any arm stuff for a few more weeks but legs and abbs look out.????????

6 weeks 2 days post op

Almost back to my normal self. Love my new boobs. Back to my exercise except arms as it feels strange going to wait 3 months and i haven't ran yet but walking, legs and abbs all good. Getting back to my happy place. Scars healing well still get a little itchy but bio oil helps they are starting to get squishy so yay me. Cant wait to wear a proper bra.

7 weeks 3 days post op

So I'm very happy with my results so far. Scars are looking great i believe they will be barely noticeable in a few months. Backv to working out although i havent done any upper body exercise yet going to wait till the 3 month mark then back into my BBG. Not sure what size I'm going to end up havent been fitted for bra yet. But at least a DD.????????????????

9 weeks post op.

Very happy with my new boobs they get softer and better looking every day. My before was so bad i couldnt bring myself to even put up a picture but now im very happy. Lost the bit of weight i put on during recovery as i used to workout every day rain hail or heat wave. Back into it even did some Hiit running the other day. HAPPY DAYS

nearly 3 months post op

Haven't updated for awhile. Very very happy with my results. Scars looking great wont be able to see them soon. Nice and flat and smooth. My right boob is still is tiny bit higher than the left but was before surgery. I'm the only one that can probably notice. Hubby says they look "phenomenal". Here are some new pictures.
Stay groovy. Xxx

4 mths post op

Love my boobs. Couldnt be happier with my results. Scars fading nicely. Getting fitted for a normal bra next week think im going to be a DD very cool

6mths post op

Loving results best thing ever done

6 mths post op

Reached 6mths love my results. Scars from my lift are very light and smooth. Can't wait for summer gotta get me some new bathers...

10 mths post op

So happy with my decision to have lollipop lift with 425cc implant.
New pictures
dr michael higgs

We found Dr Higgs to be very friendly and professional answering all questions even strange ones. Dr Higgs was honest about what he could and couldn't do for me. I would completely recommend DR Higgs and his team at Parkside cosmetic surgery.

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