31 Years, 1 Child, 108 Lbs, 5'2", Implants Under the Muscle 415cc & Lift - Adelaide, AU

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Hi Ladies, I am exactly TWO weeks away from my BA...

Hi Ladies,
I am exactly TWO weeks away from my BA & Lift. I have been wanting this for at least 5 years now as I am not happy with my size & shape after having my daughter (Now a teen) & losing weight after having her. I am quite healthy & fit and love dressing up, but feel really limited to what I can wear up top as I try to hide my shape, or fit in a padded bra. People have actually looked surprised when I've said I'm having the BA as they presume I already have decent sized boobs. I guess I've been pretty good at faking it all these years! I cannot wait to go shopping & feel comfortable in backless, or thin straps! Not to mention more confidence when naked.
After the consult where I chose my cc's, I freaked out for a couple of days about whether I'd chosen the right size. This website has been great in reminding me to trust your surgeon & go with your first instincts so you don't have regrets. I was swaying between 385cc & 415cc, but I've learned that is really not a lot of difference, so I've gone with my first choice of 415cc. I don't want to have to go back too soon just because I wish they were bigger. I'm a petite size 6, but I want that DD full look. I don't want to look seriously Playboy mansion - but almost ;) I actually have broad shoulders - another thing I hide with careful dressing, so 415cc should be just right!
I have begun preparing for before & after surgery. My fiancé will be taking care of me for the first 5 days, but I want to make sure I have as much as I will need in an organised spot right by me. I bought a $19 trolley/shelf on wheels that can be right near me with my meds, books etc on it.
I will add my list of items down the track in case it's of any help to others :) I am super prepared & super excited!!! No before pics - I am not brave enough, so you can have my wish boobs instead :)

My preparation list

Good Morning!
Another day down :) as I mentioned earlier, I have bought a trolley to go right by me for convenience after the op.
* Water (Put in car for ride home too)
* Bucket (Also in car)
* Tissues (Also is car)
* Scripts filled
* Meds ( phone set with alarm)
* Books
* Lap top & Charger
* Phone charger
* Ice packs
* Lip gloss/Paw Paw
* Hair ties
* Face wipes
* Moisturiser
* Mirror
* Note Pad & Pens
* Snacks
* Pillows
* Blankets
* TV Remote

I'll also have some easy to dress clothing in one spot for the first few days, make sure house is full of food, house clean, washing done, daughter is organised for school, cook some mini quiches for myself & family to snack on & ensure my bed/space is set up.
I think that's it for now :)

Excitement x 100,000,000,000!!!!

9 days 'til boobies are born!

I'm feeling prepared for next week.. I can't believe it's next week! Today I go for my urine test to make sure I'm not pregnant (no chance unfortunately as I have PCOS)
I have also finished depositing the fee :) the receptionist suggested I transfer a couple thousand a day as so many women don't realise that their banks have limits & then it's stressful on the day. I went & bought some gym pants yesterday for my first week of recovery - I want to be as comfy as possible. All I need now are some more zip up jackets. Having trouble figuring out what tips to wear as button ups & zip ups are usually dressy & I just want to be neat & comfortable at home.
9 days... Whoa!!!

Just over 2 days to go!

Tomorrow is my last day of work as I've taken the 24 hrs off before my surgery so I can do a big grocery shop, last minute washing & bake some snack-sized quiches & healthy snacks. Luckily my man is good with the cooking, but I am a bit worried about the washing piling up & other general household duties. I'm so particular with keeping things tidy & clean - this will be a test!! It sounds crazy, but I'm more worried about losing order at home & work than the actual op!
I don't think proper nerves will set in until the morning of. I promise I'll add pics later :)

Day 1 & 2 of op

So my op is complete. My memory from yesterday is quite a blur, but I was still not nervous right until they knocked me out. That part went fast & the next thing I knew I was in recovery with my nurse & partner. It felt like only minutes had passed, but I'd been sleeping for hours! They started at 8:30am & I woke up around 4pm. I slept the rest of the day when I got home. My pain relief (codiene) made me a bit nauseous & lasted 3 hrs, not 4. This morning I saw my surgeon again & they gave me a nausea shot as I'm still nauseous. I've been switched to ibuprofen & Panadol. They seemed happy with my results :) I'm buggered - 11:30am & nap time.

Nausea :(

So it seems like whatever meds I take I feel nauseous. I think it might be that I'm not eating like normal. My man has been amazing, making me toast etc, but I can't stomach much as I dread feeling full & can't properly go to the bathroom. Sleeping in the lounge room with tv tonight in case I don't sleep well. I love my boobs, but meds are making me depressed. Fast forward a week please!

Day three.. Ouch!

At about 2am last night I switched back to the codiene as the other just wasn't targeting the pain. I smacked on some little apricot balls with them (trying to eat healthy still) to combat nausea. I slept better for it. It's now 5:30am & I'm waiting for that clock to get to 6am so I can have more. I'm so sore & swollen.. Ouch! Still no regrets & my expectation really is that by day 5 I should be in less pain. I haven't used ice packs, but considering it today especially under my left arm pit as my partner accidentally knocked me there trying to move around me & now it's tender. I've been doing the gentle stretches my nurse gave me yesterday to relax my muscles. My tense back is definitely causing me some pain. The things we do to feel beautiful! In my dream last night I had big boobs! They weren't sore either! Haha xx

Pic from day 3

Not sure why the pic is upside down, but here I am

Don't over- do it!

Hello again ladies.. I am feeling so much better as I've only been taking ibuprofen today. I'm so hungry! Just don't over do it because I put my hair in a bun and made my incisions bleed :(

Day 5 - how family react

What a difference a short amount of time can make! Only day 5, but even though there's certainly still pain, I'm in control of it. I do however now understand the meaning of morning boob. Ouch! But I can lift myself out of bed when lying flat now & use my arms with limited movement. I won't be using them to pull anything for a while, but gently washing the frying pan wasn't a drama last night as long as my partner put it in the sink for me! He has gone back to work a day early as my daughter has a student free day today & wants to earn money for the Adelaide Show that's coming up so can help me to get it. She certainly didn't approve of this & got quite upset. I had to put my foot down & after explaining that I had a good surgeon I said that it wasn't up for discussion. She's welcome to ask me questions - but needs to respect me as her mother & keep judgement to herself. Another surprise reaction was my little brother. He is 24 & although we're pretty close, it would have been weird to tell him, so it never crossed my mind that somebody else would & he'd get upset. My sister told him the day before & I got an upset text from him. I just said it was not a spur of the moment decision, told him about my surgeon & said it was something I was doing for myself in which I didn't need to justify. He was fine - he was relieved that I'd done my research & we ended our conversation with a joke like we usually do :)
My fiancé Dad called me the day after the op & was a champion! I hadn't told him either (awkward I thought), but he called me to see if I was ok & said, "How's the knockers going?!" He made me laugh (ouch!) but we are super close so I really appreciated how cool he was about it :) he's instantly taken the awkwardness away & even said, "good on you girl!" The next environment to tackle will be work. I've only been there six months & love my job. My organisation has 12 bosses including me in the head office- one for each department. I like my co-workers, but it's purely a work relationship so it might be a bit of an elephant in the room when I rock up with instant DD's! Don't get me wrong - I'm confident in my decision but it will be a bit weird!

Pictures from day 5

I just managed a shower.. My hair is clean! I've also taken a couple of pics & although the difference is minuscule, if you look closely, the top is a teeny weenie bit less swollen.

another day down :)

Today I've barely taken any meds as my stomach is hating me for the cocktail of Codiene, Panadol & Ibuprofen. I thought the Codiene was the reason for the extreme bloating, but I bloated after the Ibuprofen today. Attempting just one Codiene for bed & hoping to not take anything tomorrow to allow my stomach to settle. Arm movements are so good now. Unbelievable how far I've come, so I'm hoping that by my check-up this Friday, I am also able to drive (auto) & go for a coffee date with a friend. I tried on one of my favourite tops today that I didn't think would fit me. It fit! It looked so much better - love the size I chose :) I know they will go down a bit once swelling has subsided, but they are so big rift now that losing a bit is fine! X

More cleavage appearing!

Feeling good today, but trying to have a day without meds as my stomach needs a rest. I'll take one Codiene if absolutely necessary, but I figure that if I sit and barely move today I may get away with not taking any at all.
So I have more cleavage appearing already! Boobs are settling slowly & im so excited!
Have I mentioned that this was one of the best decisions I've ever made?!! So happy :)

1 week check-up

So this morning I nearly fainted after taking a shower. I am feeling so much better, but I was in the shower too long & some water seeped into one of my bandages. I was taking a look & the combination of the heated room, dried blood & fear of hurting myself made me woosy. I crouched down straight away with my head down between my legs & sipped from the water bottle I've been carrying everywhere. I felt better quickly, but it made me realise that I still need to be careful!
My 1 week check-up went well. They decided to keep the stitches in, but changed my dressings. Happy about that because now I feel cleaner :) on Tuesday I'm going back for stitches removal.
I had some sneaky Botox whilst I was there too! Just a little in the forehead and the smile lines under the outside of my eyes. Apparently it takes 2 weeks to work ;)

Day 9 Progress

Hello Ladies :) I'm coming along nicely. Laying down flat still makes them hurt, but after a few mins the pain settles & doesn't bother me again until I wake up. I'd rather put up with that than the back pain I get if I try to prop myself up. I take some Panadol as soon as I get up & then 4-6 hourly during the day.
I didn't mention previously that I have full nipple sensation! The nurse checked at my 1 wk check-up & they were ultra-sensitive! I was surprised due to the movement from the lift, plus I had them slightly reconstruct my nipples to a smaller size!
My energy is almost back to normal now - having said that, I'm sure that I'll still tire easier when I first go back to normal life. I have another week off :) I can't believe some ladies only take 1 week - with a lift and BA, 2 weeks has got to be a minimum surely! Xx

Day 10 - So happy!

Feeling great :) tried on some of my clothes today whilst my post op bra was in the wash & LOVED what I saw! So happy I went with under the muscle 415cc's.
I get my stitches out tomorrow, which I feel ok about as I feel liked I've healed so much in the last few days.
Still a bit square, but dropping very very slowly :)

Day 11 - stitches out today

Morning boob - Still hurts, so I have some Panadol whilst still in bed & get up about 20 mins later.
I slowly vacuumed the house today... but I have mostly floor boards, so it skimmed over them easier than carpet. After that, I went to shopping for some work tops & an alternative to my post-op bra. I found a comfy, but supportive one at Bras & Things for only $40!
My appointment with the surgeon & nurse went well & they were both super happy with how I'm healing. Getting the stitches out was no where near as bad as I thought it would be :) Dr. Higgs said my surgery went for 5 hours! I guess there's a lot to do when you're not just having a BA, but a lift & having nipples made smaller. He is such a perfectionist, which I love!
I have taken really good care of myself & continue to do so. I'm still taking vitamin C & B, drinking heaps of water & eating well. I don't push myself & I follow doctor's orders down to a T.
I now have strips around my incisions to ensure they finish healing safely. The nurse said they will wear off themselves, so my next visit will be 1 month from my op date.
Happy days, going out with a friend for lunch tomorrow :) Finally the sun is shining here in South Australia, so now that I'm feeling better, I will be sure to enjoy my last week off work :)

Happy 2 week birthday to my boobies!

Hello! I've made two weeks & am so glad to be here! I feel like this experience is so individual. However, RS truely helped me prepare for certain factors & kept me realistic about the process. The main points I learnt from RS were the following:
* Make sure you have somebody to look after you for the first 3-4 days minimum. They need to keep track of your meds & basically be there to feed you, get you what you need & take you to your post op appointment. I 100% rested & only got up to go to the bathroom for the first 4 days.
* follow your surgeons instructions down to a T to ensure you mend quickly
* don't freak out about square boobs, beak-like boobs, or boobs that sit far a apart. This is normal & once the swelling goes down & they soften, they will look more natural & will move closer together.
I'm two weeks & still get morning boob. I looked up the actual reason & it makes heaps of sense.
I have been out & about all week this week catching up with friends for lunch & coffee dates. I'm still wearing my post op bra, or a very supportive crop top, but won't wear an actual bra until cleared by my surgeon on my one month check-up. I'm not risking hurting myself or ruining my progress. I am so happy with my results & recommend Dr. Higgs to anybody looking to have a procedure done. I hope you are all healing well - or counting down the days until your life changing surgery!! Xx

Day 17 - Back to work

I was happy to get back to work today as I feel like I've watched all the TV I could watch for a while!
Work was great. I worked from my office all day, so didn't exactly have to do anything too strenuous. All I needed was panadol to get me through the day & I coped fine. I'll stick to mainly office work this week to make sure I don't over-do it.
Boobs are starting to feel more like mine, but still very firm.

19 Days Post-op - Third day back to work

I'm struggling at the thought of going to work today. Yesterday I was quite sore & my back hurt again, so after two days back to full time hours, I'm out of energy! I'm not in any added pain this morning, but might come home early & work from here if I start to hurt. I'm flying to Sydney this Sunday & then have a two day conference, so I need to restore my energy so I can handle it! Surgeon said that i'll be ok to fly at the 3 week mark.
I still have steri strips on my incisions, but i'm happy for them to be there as I feel more protected. Not sure if i'm ready to see my scars yet! Loving my shape for the stage i'm at, but like everyone else, look forward to them dropping & looking a bit more natural. I was getting dressed yesterday & my fiancé came in & said, "whoa! Side boob!" I was hoping to have decent side boob, but I was scared that if I requested it, the gap in the middle of my boobs would be too big. However, I'm lucky as the gap is fine, plus I got my side boob! I'll be shopping on the first day in Sydney.. cannot wait!!

3 weeks today!

I'm so happy I'm past the worst of everything :) I only notice an unnatural feeling if I'm carrying a heavy bag, or have slept wrong. Morning boob is mainly in my left boob, which is the sorer out of the two. It feels a tiny bit harder too. I didn't take any pain killers at all yesterday but needed Ibuprofen this morning. 2 steri strips have fallen off, so I can see the incision around one nipple a bit. It looks great thank god! I have begun wearing a wireless bra at times. It's got thick straps, is very soft, nude & basic, but even more comfy than my sports bras. I can push them together easier now, but still resistance so I don't try too hard as I feel 3 weeks is still so young!
I go to surgeons office today for lip fillers & then I'm done with giving them money for a while! I'm still so happy with my decision & would recommend to anyone with serious thoughts about it. As long as you do your research, it can be a great thing :)

Lips & boobs, lips & boobs!!

I got Juvaderm in my lips today by Caroline Newman (she did my Botox) at Parkside Cosmetic (Where I got my boobies).
Pain wasn't too bad, but I have a pretty good pain threshold for stuff like this. She put plenty of numbing cream on and around my lips. It took about an hour & 15 minutes all up. She was so careful & considerate - I'll go back to her if I decide I like them once the swelling has subsided.
I bruised on the top of my lips in the corners quite a bit, but I'm hoping I can hide it with make-up as I have a 2 day conference in 2 days!! :) Happy so far.
Bought a second wireless bra from Bras and things today. Australian ladies, I've found this to be the best store for suitable post-op bras. xx

For anybody worries about flying with new boobs..

Hello Ladies :) I hope you're all doing well & healing nicely.
I flew from Adelaide, to Sydney today, which was a two hour flight. I was a bit worried about feeling pressure on my new boobs, but i didn't feel a thing. It felt no different to when I've flown pre-silicone boobs. My surgeon was ok with my flying after two weeks, but it's still a question that I think is important to ask. I walked around shopping for hours once I got to Sydney & wore a wireless bra. I was happy to take it off when I got back to the hotel as it was hurting a tiny bit underneath. I'm sleeping bra less/no crop top at all for the first time tonight as I just feel like I need it!
It was hard to shop today as I now need a size up in most clothes to fit the boobs. I can't wear some styles that used to suit me, but can wear others that my old boobs used to stop me from wearing. Operation was 100% worth it!

3 & a half weeks - Shape, Size & Nipples

This morning I took what was left of my steri strips off my nipples. I kept the strips on the lower incision as its a thicker scar & they are still holding on without curling at the ends. The scars look good, but my right nipple is bigger. It's quite noticeable to me, but I'm not going to worry or judge as I still need to soften & I know the appearance still has many stages of change! I'm happy with my size & shape for where I'm at now. Looking forward to the next month or so to see changes again.

1 Month post op! How time flies..

And suddenly it's been 1 month! I am starting to soften up nicely, but still feel tight in some spots & have more dropping to do. It's rare that I feel pain, but shivering if cold can be quite uncomfortable. I haven't yet resumed exercise, but it's definitely time to start at least briskly walking on an incline. Feeling like I may have put a kilo or two on, but mainly feeling less healthy by not being so active for a month. I have a check up in a few days & I plan on asking about nipple symmetry as I feel one is bigger than the other in diameter.
The last of my steri strips came off yesterday, revealing my scars. They look really good & neat. I'm still taking vitamins & are now putting Bio Oil on the scars.
I can't wait to get into shape again and feel good for summer. It shouldn't take long as I'm still small, but just not toned at the moment.
Best decision ever. :)

1 month, 4 days - Surgeon visit

I had my 1 month check-up with Dr. Higgs yesterday, which went well. He was really happy with my progress & the way my scars are healing. He didn't have a lot of advice for me, rather than to keep doing what I'm doing and crack on with the Bio Oil. He will see me again at 3 months.
My new additions are really starting to feel like mine now. I'm enjoying learning what clothes fit my new body and can't wait to dress up for a hen's this weekend. They should be nice and soft by Summer time :)

5 & a half weeks - more pics

Hello all, Friday last week was 5 weeks :) I went out dancing for the first time the night after with no pain at all. It was fun to choose an outfit for them! I saw a few friends that I haven't seen in ages & they noticed straight away but said they looked good.
I've attached more pics since it's been a while. Overall still happy - still need to drop and fluff, but on track x

Possible stitch left in

So a couple nights ago when I was applying Bio Oil, I noticed a sharp bump on my right vertical incision. I'm pretty sure a stitch has been left in & is trying to poke through the skin that's healed over it. I'm not in pain, but I'm really aware of it & it definitely doesn't feel like it should be there. I called the surgeon's office today & they told me to come in, but I'm so busy with work that I had to make an appointment for a couple days away. They weren't worried about waiting, so I'm sure it won't hurt. Bit nervous about what they have to do to get it out?!

False alarm with stitch but may need a revision

When I got the stitch checked out the other day, Dr. Higgs had a look at my progress & said I may need a slight revision. My right boob is a bit bigger than the other & the nipple is too. I also want both nipples to sit a bit higher as I feel they've settled too low. I love the fullness & shape, but I have the chance to make them perfect, so why not! We will make the decision after 3 months as it's still too early to be sure that they won't change shape more. The revision is free - included in the service :) i of course wish I didn't have to, but due to the extensive op, I knew from the start that this may happen and my surgeon was up front too.

8 week review

I am definitely going to be pushing for a slight revision as the look of my boobs has stopped changing. I can notice that the right side is slightly bigger in some clothes when not wearing a bra, one nipple needs to be a bit smaller and they both need to be higher. My surgeon will be on board with this as he mentioned it on the last check up.
I've lost almost all feeling in both nipples - but this honestly doesn't bother me as I'm not too keen on my nipples being touched as they used to be too sensitive.
I still do not regret my surgeon, or the op. He did an amazing job to have done the lift and BA at the same time. We had discussed the possibility of a revision before I had it done. I'm just not sure when I'll fit it in with work. I'll update when I know more :)

Revision date set

My revision is happening on the 1st Feb 2018. I'm happy my surgeon saw what I saw and wants to improve the results. He's going to take a little pinch of tissue out of my right boob as it's a bit bigger. Then he will move my nipples a bit higher. Not nervous at all and I'm fine with this as I always knew that doing the BA and lift at the same time can mean two surgeries.

Almost four months

So now that I've dropped and softened even more, I'm poking out of my 10E bra! Looks like I might need to go up a size!
My scars have really started to fade all
Of a sudden. But I guess it doesn't really matter as they will be re opened for the revision. I'm still taking care of them with bio oil though.

3 weeks until revision

I realised that I wrote above that my revision is in 2018, but I meant 2017.
I keep forgetting I have the revision coming up as life has been so busy. I love my boobs but I'm self conscious about the asymmetrical nipples. I've been measured as a 10F now, but you just wouldn't think it unless I was wearing a super tight top. I've lost nipple sensation & don't like the feeling of my nipples due to the scars. It doesn't really bother me though as I'd prefer shape & size of boobs than nipple sensation. Hoping this revision gives me all I'm imagining!

Day after revision

I had my revision yesterday to have my nipples moved higher & tissue out my right breast to even up the sizes.
All went well - nauseous as per usual though.
I went back 9am this morning for check up & also to question why the tissue was not taken from my right breast - meaning it's still bigger than the left. Dr Higgs said he will decide what to do with that once the nipple op has healed. Kind of annoyed as that will mean a third op :(

Day 3 after revision

I've had to stop taking antibiotics as they really upset my stomach. I've only been on panadol for pain relief this time, but haven't felt like I need more. I'm sleeping fine & the pain is just occasional stinging. I managed a shower today, but I'm still feeling a bit nauseous.
The Dr. Told me not to worry about the possibility of taking a bit of skin from the bigger boob. He wants to see how the nipples settle and then do it. Apparently it's a very small procedure. I know I'll need it though, so I wish he'd just done it this time around like planned.

Just over a Month after revision

Recovery was easy this time, but my nipples seem to be quite slow healing. I had a spot on my nipple become slightly infected due to a deep stich irritating me. The surgeon took it out & it's now healing. I'm happier with my nipples - but not super happy. The right one isn't as round as the left & the scars on both look quite thick in some spots. Realistically, I plan to judge at about 3 months, once the bio oil has had a chance to do its job & the body has had time to heal.
Dr. Michael Higgs

My surgeon is Dr.Higgs from Parkside Cosmetic in South Australia. He has been amazing - He answers my questions with honesty & has been really informative about the process. I loved that when I showed my 'wish boob' pictures, he was honest about what was possible on my frame & it wasn't necessarily what I showed him. Parkside have the amazing app where you can see yourself 3D with your new assets. I am super happy with the results we expect to get. The nurses are also great & really thorough. Very happy all around so far :)

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