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So I am looking into getting a Breast Augmentation...

So I am looking into getting a Breast Augmentation. I don't really know what I am looking for in terms of size. I had a baby when I was 18 and unfortunately she did not survive. My body went through so many changes. I'm 5'2 and only about 110lbs, but when I was pregnant I was wearing a 34 FF bra. Loosing the baby (depression), as well as walking to work, caused me to lose a lot of weight really fast and I was left with, what I feel, are pretty deflated breasts. I am really nervous about getting a BA, but I am also really excited that I have finally made a consultation appointment as I have been thinking about this for the past 4 years.


I go in for my first appointment ever on Tuesday and I am getting so nervous! I've been panning over this site for like 3 weeks now, I'm sure my boyfriend is ready to disconnect my internet if I show him another picture wish boobies. I think I'm leaning towards 350ccs or higher, but obviously the doctor will have a better idea of what's good for my frame. I want to go kinda big. I was a 32DD before pregnancy and I'd like to see that kind of fullness again. I don't want to look slutty or like a porn star, but I feel like at the same time I'd like to be pretty close to that line. Maybe a notch or two under. Haha! I've attached some pictures of wish boobies from my Pinterest board!

Wish pictures!

My pictures didn't attach to my last update, so I am trying again. :)

First Consultation!

Yay! I went to my first consultation ever today! I saw Dr. Freed, of Freed Plastic Surgery, in Auburn Ca. He was incredibly polite and straight forward with me. His staff was polite and I just adore Nancy. We talked through the procedure so I have a clear vision of what will happen and how I want my breasts to look. We also talked placement.

I've definitely decided on silicone with an under breast incision. I tried on several sizes to give me an idea of what I will look like post surgery. I tried on 350cc, 400cc, and 450cc. I feel that the 450cc was way too big (5'2", 110lbs) and the 350cc was to small. My BF loved the 400cc, but I feel like I want maybe a 425cc. I'm not sure.
Th whole experience took about an hour and I was given a quote price. I was totally satisfied with my experience. Dr. Freed is very personable. I liked him a lot.

I have chosen to make another appointment at another center to give myself something to compare too. That appointment is in 2 weeks on April 14th. I will keep you all posted!

More wish picks!!

I basically live on pinterest looking at perfect boobs! I can't wait!

Getting antsy!

I have another consultation next Thursday and I can't wait. I liked my first doctor, however I felt that the consultation was rather abrupt and my consultation was not as informative as I expected. This time I will be more prepared and come armed with questions and more clear expectations. I'm adding some more wish pictures and some do not want pictures as well! So excited for next Thursday! I am ready to get this show on the road!

Is there such thing as too many wish pics?

The answer is NO! I have my next consult on Thursday. Could time possibly go ANY slower? I'm armed with questions, pictures, and expectations. I am hoping this goes well because I am very anxious to schedule my BA! **to the RS user whose picture I stole. I am sorry I cannot remember your username and the pic doesn't have it on it. I'd be happy to pay tribute to your photo (because your boobies are perfection) if you contact me! For now, thank you!


Omg! Just had my second consultation! I absolutely loved the doctor. He explained everything directly and without fluff. The other staff was great as well. I arrived late due to a mix up at work and they were totally understanding and friendly. I went ahead and scheduled my surgery right there. I went all in! I made a date for May 13th. That's SOOO soon. I'm kind of freaking out, but my preference date was booked out and it was soon or way later than I wanted. My pre-op is in two weeks and I'm stressing about getting prepared on time. Luckily I took the time to make an Amazon "wish list" so that all the items I know I'll need will be all right there for me to order! (Cheers for Prime!). I'm nervous about sizing now too. So much to consider and I don't even know what I want anymore. I'm thinking full D at smallest. So many girls here wish they went bigger! But I'm afraid of looking fake. I can't wait for my pre-op! I want to be able to try all the different sizes!

Confessions of a real self addict

I'm sure many of you are like me and spend all your free pre-op time on this website. It has been so incredibly helpful. From checking out similar sizes to helping me create a list of everything I am going to need post op. You guys are seriously the best.
As I approach closer to my BA surgery date, I find myself getting more and more anxious. Though I have been considering this for the last 4 years, or pretty much since I lost my daughter, now that it's becoming a reality I am starting to freak out! I'm starting to have nightmares of the worst possible thing happening to my new boobs. Does anyone else get those? Like, I am aware that my boob isn't going to mutate with my implant and turn me into a silicone monster! Haha ???? but the possibilities of complications freak me out.

I finally am posting some pre-op pictures.
My stats:
Currently: volume of a B from a deflated DD pre pregnancy. The bra I am wearing in the photos is a padded push up 32D from VS. I clearly don't fill it out, even with the push-up. *Small cry of disappointment*
I am sorry I don't remember what my PS said my BWD is. I will try to find that info soon.

In the photos my boobs are pulled up a tiny bit as I am taking all photos myself. However, my PS said there was no need for a lift! Yay me!! I also did not add my right side profile because of tattoos. Post-op I will make sure to have both.

Originally, I was considering 375ccs as my smallest and 425cc as my largest. But with all the mention of losing CCs when placed under the muscle, now I am considering 400-425cc as my smallest. But I don't know!! Has anyone else struggled like heck to make a decision?! All I know is that I want there to be no question that I am most definitely a D cup. Minus the fake look.
Also, beyond gathering scar cream, comfy clothes, arnica Montana, and front clasping sports bras, does anyone have any recommendations for how to best prepare for my BA? Are there foods I should cut out? Change my fitness plan, etc?
I get to the gym about 3x a week. Nothing serious, just trying to keep my weight and energy levels stable.
I have a pretty average diet. I eat meat and processed foods, but overall I like to consider myself a fairly healthy eater. (All clean eaters collectively laugh) I am afraid of the bloating and constipation. Does anyone have anything that really helped them with that?

4 weeks and counting!!

The countdown begins!

Ok, the countdown started when I first signed up for this site, I confess.
The official countdown begins now because my pre-op is in one week!

I was panicking because I thought my credit was in good standing and applying for a loan would be easy. It was NOT! Oh I was so stressed. To be clear, my credit isn't bad. But I haven't even had credit for more than a year. So the problem I was having wasn't bad credit, it was virtually no credit at all.

Anyway, lucky for me, the boyfriend came through and we co-signed for carecredit and were immediately approved.
Holy crap! So much money and it's going to be soooo worth it!

Ladies! Please learn from my mistake and get your finances in order as soon as possible! Life happens and definitely throws curve balls.


Well my Pre-Op was scheduled this afternoon and being the worrier I am, I called first thing to double check on everything I needed for today.
SURPRISE! Some how I didn't make it on to the schedule anywhere and no pre op appointment was made at all. Thank goodness I had the foresight to call. I would have hated for my boyfriend to quit work 2 1/2 hours early and waste a 40 minute drive to be told "oops, sorry you aren't on the schedule.
I'm thanking all my lucky stars that they at least have me down for a surgery date. Because that would have made me even more mad!

Currently debating asking for a discount (just a small one) due to the fact that I am now rearranging my schedule once again for an error of no fault of my own. However, the Staff was super apologetic and they went ahead and squeezed me in next Thursday. I don't want to be rude. But what the heck! How did I not end up on the schedule at all!? They also emailed me a 28 page packet of all things pre op. So I'm glad I can get my lab work done and start working on the gigantic list of things I'm supposed to avoid.

I am now really stressed and very anxious. Of course, I am disappointed too as I was really looking forward to trying on different sizes and really get a feel for what exactly I want. I was also hoping to have two weeks to really finalize a size. I am not the greatest with decision making and I really don't want to make the wrong one. As of today, I am two weeks away from my surgery date. It is fast approaching and I'm officially way nervous!

Anyway, that's my rant. Hoping the next week goes smoothly and nothing else unexpected happens.

Time for blood work

I'm not a crazy big fan of getting my blood drawn. Then again, who is? I am glad that my PS uses Quest Diagnostics. It's right across the street from my work and I have friends that work there! So it's super convenient.
Pre-op is on Thursday!
Surgery is in 12 days!
EEP! I am freaking out.

Pre op DONE!

Well, I'm ready! Officially! Had my pre-op today. It went so well. The first size I tried on was perfect. The second size was too big. First size: 440 Second size: 480 I felt so top heavy in the 480. I felt like I was gonna fall over. The 440 was perfect! I didn't want to give the sizers back. My surgery is in 8 days! I am paid up and about to drop off my prescriptions for my meds. I will be getting HP Sientra 440ccs Stats: 5'2 115lbs BWD: 14.2 440 HP Sientra Yay! I can't wait. PS> Sorry there aren't more pictures. I was too overwhelmed to take anymore. There's so much to consider! I had this whole idea of what I wanted and literally didn't even up anywhere near what I had in my head.

Nervous as heck!

I am currently 6 days from surgery and I am super stressed out. I am very nervous. I have had many surgeries and procedures in the past and never batted an eyelash. Even considering a BA was a lot of work for me. I come from a very religious family with negative feelings towards cosmetic surgery. Needless to say, they do not know and I believe this is what's making me so anxious. I am not exactly sure how I am going to handle confronting them about it. But I will be honest, I am avoiding it. Confession: I had a complete melt down as soon as I got home from my Pre-op. My pre-op was on Thursday and I was so excited, I couldn' t wait to get off work so I could go and my boyfriend was even able to get work off a bit early to go with me. But by the time I got to my appointment, I wasn't excited at all. I think it was just shock at the reality of what I am about to go through finally hit me. It was hard to focus and it all felt like a bit of a blur. As soon as I got home, I started crying and told my boyfriend I was scared and that I didn't want to be making the wrong choice on any part of this. I dont want to regret any of it. He's the best. He talked me through it and got me all cleaned up. He says I stress to much. I'm sure he's right. But its a life changing thing! That being said, I am back to stressing about my size. As I stated in my last super short pre op post, I loved the size of the 440cc and the size of the 480cc felt obscenely huge. Not just huge, but gross huge. Well now I am confused because about 95% of the girls on this site wish they had gone bigger. I don't want to feel like that. I super wish that there was a size between the two but my PS said that's not really an option. I wish I could bite the bullet and go for 480cc but there is another complication. Due to the width of the Sientra implants at such a high cc he will only use an Ultra High Profile implant on me or my boobs will end up looking very flat. I was able to see the difference between UHP and HP on me with a 400cc implant. To me, the UHP looked awful on me. I want big boobs, but in natural sense and I felt the UHP projected too far and gave a very fake appearance to my chest. But then again, with UHP, the only option is a 500cc size implant and that is a significant difference from the 400cc I tried on with the surgical bra. A 500cc will have a bit more width than the 400, but I don't know by how much. My boyfriend LOVED the 440. He said it was perfect, he wouldn't change a single cc. And I am over here panicking about loosing cc's behind the muscle and having boobie greed a few months from now. UGH! This is so hard. I welcome any and all advice. I am 6 days out. I feel like its too late to change my mind. Is it rude to be wheeled into the OR yelling for a bigger size? haha (but really...is it?) 24 5'2 115 BWD: 14.2


For the record, planning a BA right in the middle of college finals was a terrible idea. My plan was to do this as a reward to myself at the end of the school year, but my requested date was booked out and I wasn't willing to wait another month. Especially so close to summer. That being said, I am so swamped! My nerves are already shot from trying to stay on top of school and the stress of this is very overwhelming for me. I have dealt with depression/anxiety for a very long time. I do not use medication as it has only worsened my condition. But now is one of those times that I wish I had a tiny bit of assistance. I'm not sleeping at all. For anyone out there dealing with what I am dealing with. I feel you! I understand you and I am here for you! For every girl that's taken the time to write a review in pain staking detail, thank you. I read them all meticulously and every comment too. I love RS and the community has been so helpful. I've learned so much and it's settled SO much of my anxiety. Almost every question I've had, I've found an answer too thanks to you girls. You rock and I love you! Four more days!!!

Arnica Montana?

So I'm two days away from surgery (I am freaking out) and I keep reading about how great arnica Montana is. I purchased it and it's just been sitting at home. Should I be taking it now? Or after surgery? How often should I take it? I read on several question posts that doctors don't recommend it because it's not scientifically proven to do anything, basically because it's an all natural supplement I'm assuming. Do you recommend it? Does it come with any side effects? While we're all here, any other last minute pre-op recommendations? Thanks!!

Day before surgery!

Last night with the littles so I wanted to share my excitement as well as some pre op pictures so I can go back and do comparison pictures later. It really hasn't hit me that this is happening. I'll probably go into full panic mode tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to work. It's gonna be a long day!


Surgery went smoothly. I barely remember anything. Just got strapped to a table and next thing I know I hear my boyfriend and I am going home. I am SO HAPPY! with my results so far. I can barely do anything. Even pulling my pants down to go to the bathroom totally sucks. I've been walking bent over cuz it holds the implants away from my chest. They are very heavy and at first I really couldn't breathe. I told my boyfriend that it feels like he's standing on my chest in his steel toe boots. Very very sore, very swollen and very heavy. At this point it sure feels like pain. But it's also a lot of pressure. I only took a few pictures cuz that's all I could handle for now. As for my size. We agreed upon 440 HP Sientra silicone implants. However, I am not 100% sure that's what I got. I'm still too loopy to try and find out. More later!

Day 2

Good morning! First full day with new boobies! Yay. I am already in love with them. They hurt so bad. I feel like I challenged Mr. Universe to a bench press challenge. I'm very very sore. After I came home around 5pm. I fell asleep for about an hour. Woke up, cried cuz I couldn't open the freezer by myself. Haha! I just needed my ice packs. I bought two packs and I really wish I had gotten 4. I just want to ice all the way around. I got in bed around 7:30 and woke up about 10. I was sore and couldn't do much, but I was able to lay in bed and finish all my homework. I took one norco and my antibiotics right before 7:30. After I woke up around 10, I couldn't sleep so I was up until 1am. Took two Tylenol PM and went back to sleep and got up around 7. The bra they gave me post op is way to small right now. I only have the middle two clasps hooked. I also bought an Alice front clasp sports bra but it doesn't fit at all! It's a large so I am hoping it will fit once the swelling goes down. Overall I am very very happy with my results. I cannot WAIT for them to D&F.


I've totally been sleeping odd hours since the surgery and the pain pills knocked me out this afternoon. It's almost midnight right now. My side boobs hurt the worst and the incisions feel a little like salt in an open wound, but the rest is definitely pressure. I think one more day of heavy pain meds and then I'll switch to Tylenol. It hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought. Just really frustrating when basic things, like pulling up pants or opening the fridge become hard tasks. One thing is for sure, that belly bloat is real. I took 3 fiber supplements today and nothing. I may have to up my number or switch to something stronger. I feel totally yucky and I hope it gets better instead of worse

Day three!

Well it's my third day with my new boobs and I am absolutely in love with them. Yesterday was good. I felt pretty couped up after pretty my being in bed or on the couch all Saturday (day after surgery). I was able to shower by myself. But it was definitely a slow process. I couldn't shake or squeeze my shampoo bottles though. My boyfriend took me out to the farmers market. Some of the road was pretty bumpy and uncomfortable, but I didn't take any pain meds. After about two hours I started feeling pretty drained and I felt like my boobs were swelling even more. We called it quits and when I got home I took a Valium and passed out for about an hour. The belly bloat was super vicious yesterday, so I switched from just a fiber supplement to a laxative. I took two and they said they work in about 8-10 hours. Well, after nothing happened I took one more pill. BIG MISTAKE. I woke up at 5:30 with such bad cramping that I actually was throwing up. Not fun at all. I would recommend something much more gentle on the body. As far as my boobs go, I am in love. They don't hurt, but the swelling is still making them pretty uncomfortable. My incisions hurt the worst. My PS called and left me a message this morning to check on how I am doing. I thought that was very sweet. I have been experiencing the air bubbles in my chest, they totally feel like bubble wrap popping. However, I've been feeling some tiny ones and some really big ones. I'm going to talk to my PS when I call back and make sure the bigger ones are normal too. I don't want to be over working myself cuz I'm in no pain and have something bad happen, like a stich break or something. I am more than happy with my results. I am absolutely amazed at how good they look 3 days post op. I just hope I stay happy with them over time. The white bra is an Alice Carefix bra in Large. I'm going to order a few more. I swear by this bra. It's so comfortable and conceals well in clothes. 24 5'2 115 440cc HP Sientra

Day 5

Well today is my second full day back at work. I also have school tonight so I know I will for sure be very tired by the end of tonight. Over all I feel pretty much back to normal. My incisions still hurt the worst. And my side boobs are still swollen and a bit bruised. My left side (my dominant) is more swollen than the right. I can do all the basic things like brush and wash my hair just fine. I drive for my job so that's been the most challenging. I've gotten really good at shuffle steering and I switch hands a lot when turning. I feel like my recovery has been really fast and smooth. I'm very grateful for that. I'm off pain meds completely. Though I am taking two Tylenol PM before bed still. I can sort of sleep on my side if I'm sleeping propped up with a pillow tucked between my arm and my boobs. Haha which is nice cuz I hate sleeping on my back. I'll do a picture update later tonight after work. Otherwise I am doing great and super happy with my results. 24 5'2" 115lb 440 HP Sientra smooth round

Day 5 pictures

Here's a few pics. I wanted to do more but I am suddenly in excessive pain. My guess is that the strain from driving caught up to me. Time to rest My left is still sitting higher and is a bit more swollen. Can't wait til they even out and D&F.

One week!

I cannot believe it was already a whole week ago that I had surgery. It feels like longer and way less. I can usually get through a full day of work (6 hours) with no problem, but I am definitely icing on and off as soon as i get home. I'm still very sore when I wake up and my bra tends to feel like it's suffocating me. But about 30 minutes after I'm awake and moving that usually goes away. I'm still sleeping sitting up on pillows. I am a side sleeper so this whole on my back and at an angle thing really sucks. Every little movement and noise wakes me up. My left side is still a lot more swollen and riding higher than my right. It's starting to really irritate me and in certain shirts I notice the difference. I know that it's just me that's noticing and no one else can tell. I know that I need to be patient and slow down but I can't seem to help myself. I'm already in total panic mode about them never looking even. My nipples are also pointing up and outwards at this point and I hope that changes as they settle too. I keep having to remind myself that it's only been a week and that most girls notice changes for 6 months or more. I'm not very good at the whole be patient thing. I've got some pictures but I'm not sure if there is really any difference yet. I haven't noticed anything substantial yet, minus a small bit of decrease in swelling.

One week pictures

Let's try this again.


*sigh* Wish RS had an edit button so I don't have all these stupid empty posts

Random Update

....because squishy!

Ok. So I'm already getting squishy and it is SO awesome. I love that they aren't like giant round rocks on my chest anymore, but at the same time it kind of freaks me out because I don't want to get all excited and then have it all go wrong. I'm panicky because it feels to good to be real.

Also my big bandages came off last night so it's a new soreness. Or maybe I can just feel more or the pain. Well ok, one started peeling so I was picking at it and then it wouldn't stick again so I had to pull it off and I couldn't be uneven! Haha. Oops.

The swelling on my left side is slowly decreasing, but it definitely is sitting higher than the right still.

I'm home alone so my cleavage selfie isn't as good as I would like. It doesn't hurt to push them together with my hands, but doing it with my arms kinda hurt so I didn't push them together as much as they can go. But it's not that much more. They're still pretty hard underneath.


Just a quick comparison. Cuz I am obsessed. And I have addiction problems with both my boobs and this website. Comparison to my wish boobs RS user at her 3days and my 3 days post op. Comparison to before and after on my fav bathing suit


So I kinda pulled my steri strips off because the water from my showers have loosened them. My BF is super mad at me for messing with them. He's afraid now that they'll get caught on something and pull them apart. So now I feel kind of dumb for of course taking them off and also for not thinking about that. I'm totally impressed and loving my look so far. My girlfriend commented that she could tell a tiny bit of size difference in my left and right based on the fact that the left is higher. But only because I asked. She promised she wouldn't have been able to tell other wise. Post Op is tomorrow right after work. Looking forward to seeing what my PS has to say. I'm probably going to tell him that I love him and he's my favorite person ever. There have been some really crappy days both before and after surgery with this process but nothing has ever felt so right and I already am so much more confident and looking forward to making the most out of all this.

Raise your hand if..

You have crippling anxiety over telling or explaining your BA to your family. Me!! I do! My little sister graduates this weekend from high school and the grandparents are flying in for the weekend. They don't know. But neither does my immediate family. I am most afraid of confronting my mom. We don't have the best relationship and she doesn't have a positive opinion about Cosmetic Surgery. I know for a fact that I am probably not ever going to tell them outright, but I am not going to lie if asked. I'm just really hoping I don't get asked because I really don't even know what I would say. My grandparents fly in today and all of a sudden my stomach is in knots and my throat feels all tight. I'm ready for the weekend to be over so I don't have to deal with it anymore. Gonna be a long week.

Time flies

I can't believe how good I already feel. I am loving my new additions. I'm coming up on two weeks this Friday but the girls already feel like they've always been a part of me.

Boobie blues

Welp, I thought I was gonna get lucky and avoid the boobie Blues but I crashes hard last night. Bawling my eyes out (after a giant glass of wine) about how much I hated my tits and how I didn't want to be known as the girl with fake boobs. I cried about having a real personality and being more than just my nice boobies. For the record not a single person has objectified me (well maybe they thought it) but no one has been mean and all my friends have been super supportive. I feel better today but I didn't get very good sleep. So I'm still pretty moody. But I am hoping this goes away quick

2 whole weeks

It's totally crazy to me that it's really only been two weeks.

Overall the pain is generally gone. There is a small spot at the "corner" of my lower left boob right below my armpit that occasionally hurts very badly by the end of the day. I realized that it's probably a part of me that's never really had to work before and that muscle is probably exhausted from trying to hold up my boob and stretch the skin and all that. It's right near my incision so I think that it also aggravates my incision.
My nipples still mostly are very sensitive and I've been debating purchasing some type of shield to prevent them from rubbing against the fabrics of my bras and tops. It makes them feel like they are on fire!

Morning boob still totally sucks. They were SO swollen this morning. Yesterday my left boob swelled up to almost twice the size of my right. Very very uncomfortable. Especially since it was so big you could see the difference in size even will my shirt on. So I am still icing regularly.

I am still fighting the boobie Blues, although they are in combination with a lot of other stressors in my life. The depression is real. And it totally sucks. I'm contemplating asking for assistance in the pill form as it has started to affect my quality of life. But I am not sure whether I should be asking my PS or my therapist. Haha! I knew as someone with a history of depression and anxiety that this could possibly be a huge struggle for me. I didn't really believe it was going to be, but it definitely has been. I am hanging in there, but barely. My boyfriend is struggling to cope as well. He's known (obviously) about my struggle with mental illness, but he's never seen it in action (not at this level anyway) and we've been together a year. That being said it hurts me to see him wearing down and I hate seeing him at a loss for what to do and I don't know what to tell him either, besides I'm working through it. Also, it's hard for him to believe that getting my boobs done, something I've wanted for years and been so excited about could turn me into this crying, yelling, mess of a person. He's very confused.

Thanks for listening. You guys are my extra therapy. Xoxo

3 weeks tomorrow!

It is so crazy to me that I have really only had boobs for 3 weeks. I can feel changes everyday all though it's getting harder for me to see the changes. I am still waking up swollen and sore and immediately go for the ice packs. I think it's the heat. It's been like an average of 90 out lately and today and tomorrow is supposed to be over 100. YUCK! My incisions still burn like hell. I hate that. Part of the problem is that none of my bras fit right now so the elastic from the sports bras is rubbing on the incision. I'm reluctant to get more because I don't want them to not fit again in a few months as I continue to D&F. My new problem is my back. Today I woke up with back pain so bad my stomach was in knots. I think I just slept wrong, but these implants are heavy and I think they are starting to affect my posture. I feel normal enough to exercise, but when I am actually completing a yoga sequence, it's close to impossible. It hurts! My boobs, my back, my arms. They are all so weak! Haha I will be SO happy when I can get back to a normal routine. I feel like I am slacking. Good news: I get to go to Tahoe this weekend! So it will be my first real outing with my new girls and tonight I am going bathing suit shopping! EEEEPP! I am so excited (and overwhelmed) to have ANY type of suit I want available to me. I can choose anything!! I don't have to look for the push up, underwire, magic double cup, fantasy, sexy, only comes in the size you don't need bathing suit! Yay!! I'm mad at VS for discontinuing their bathing suit line, but I've got my eye on this really cute patriotic bikini from target, so I'll post those pictures later. As for now, here's some 3 week progress photos and a video! Yay squishy! I love them. I am hoping they move a little closer together for some better cleavage. Right now I can hold a beer bottle between them and it won't move. (Neat little party trick ????) also it's a bit hard to shave still. The implant is still riding high when I lift my arm. I am hoping they get a bit more natural looking, but overall I am absolutely in love with them and hope they don't change too much more!


So about an hour ago I wrote this big long update and added tons of pictures and even included a video. Well RS informed me that my update had been posted...but it is nowhere to be found. So here are the pictures. I am getting ready for work and can't rewrite everything right now.

4 weeks tomorrow!

Wow! 4 whole weeks!

I cannot believe that it's been 4 full weeks since I got my BA. They feel like they've always been a part of me. I can finally sleep on my side again, sleeping on my stomach is still very uncomfortable, but there is no pain at all. RSers that have had a BA for over a few months, is sleeping on your stomach ever comfortable again, or is that a no go with big boobies? I don't remember hahaha! I absolutely love the size I choose. I feel it's perfect for me. I'm not dealing With any boob greed or feeling like I went to big. I am still hoping they will come together more as they continue to drop. I feel like I have a really big space between each boob and it's making me feel like my implants are extra obvious. I really want that to go away. I want them to look as natural as possible. My incisions are healing quite well. My left seems to be healing a little slower but there's no pain there anymore either. However, I do still tend to get sore on my incisions during the end of my day. I figure it's just the bra rubbing against the incisions. Im really getting anxious about buying bras! It's soooo hard to wait for the 3 month mark. August feels really far away. I went back to a full workout yesterday, today I am very sore. I could tell during the end of my session that my boobs were feeling a little hard and swollen. I put my post op bra on right after and the compression seemed to help. I am sore though and will probably only do 45 minutes instead of an hour. All I did was a flow yoga class, so I wasn't doing weights at all and it really kicked my butt. Definitely frustrating, but I want to take it slow. I've tried to post 2 more videos and they don't seem to ever load completely. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I've got pics! I can't really tell a difference from 3 weeks to now, but maybe you can see something I can't. :)

Fun Picture Update

I couldn't help it! I finally went shopping. Nothing crazy, I just went over to target to check out bras cuz I was dying to know what my size is now. No such luck! I do NOT fit in those bras at all! So I uploaded those from today as well as some other pics of clothes with their new fit.

Concerns: Rippling? Bottoming out??

Hi ladies! I'm just over one full month post op and I am experiencing some new concerns.
I currently feel that my nipples are sitting to high up which is making me feel that my implants are starting too or will eventually bottom out. Which has me incredibly paranoid! You can't really tell in pictures, however I notice that if I am in a tshirt with no bra. My nipples look very high up on my chest. (Apologies for no pictures)

My second concern is that my right breast is starting to ripple. There is no obvious signs however. Which is nice. I noticed two nights ago that while leaning slightly forward if I press on the scar of my right Breast it will pop in and out. Similarly to the way a lid on a can will pop back and forth once the deal is broken. According to the little bit of research that I did, that is the first sign of rippling. Does any one know if there is anyway to slow it down? I know there's really know way to prevent it, but I really can't afford a revision and I'm just really stressed out about it.
I'd love to hear any advice, suggestions, or comments you might have. It is all so helpful!!

Almost in tears

Here's some photos so you guys can see what i am dealing with. All photos are taken leaning forward. The rippling is not obvious when I am standing straight.

Girls are mean

Well, not ALL girls. And certainly a lot of boys. But oh MY God! People need to relax. I've recently encountered some rude people passing through my life. Two people told me my boobs are way to big for my body. Not a single person has noticed in every day clothes; I am a tshirt and jeans kind of girl. Not even people that I told were able to tell until they saw me naked! So I am fully confident they are NOT two big for my body. Got called a gold digger because my long term, live in, very far from rich boyfriend is making the payments for them. My experience with rudeness has been minor, but I'm still very hurt by it all. This was for MY confidence and it sucks that people think I did this just for attention. :( Boobie Blues again

Bottoming out

Well it's been just over 1 month since I had my BA. At first I was amazed and in love. And to be fair, I still am. Or at least I want to be. I don't hate them. I don't regret my decision and I don't feel that I did anything wrong in my recovery. However, it is VERY obvious to me that my implants are already beginning to bottom out and as stated before they're rippling as well.
I am not mad at my PS, though I am slightly irritated. Hey, someone's gotta be to blame right? It's embarrassing and hurtful that my breasts are feeling and looking this way.
My rippling has not changed. It is only seen when leaning forward but you can feel the implant pushing out on my right side at all times. To the point where my BF avoids my right breast cuz the feeling of the implant weirds him out.
Many of you may feel or try to tell me that's it's way too soon for me to think my implants are bottoming out. I promise you that it's not. And the reason I know this is because I am in a ton of pain. Like post op day 4-5 level pain. It sucks. I can feel my skin/muscles pulling apart while the implant slides too low. Not to mention my nipples are starting to point upwards. I am not posting pictures at this point because in a photo, you can't tell visually. I want to address this sooner than later so that I am aware of a plan of action for the future. I hate facing the unknown. Also, I am afraid of the price.
Thanks for listening.

1 Month Post

I have GREAT news. So my concern about my R implant has completely gone away. He explained that my R side is actually further progressed than my L, making them feel so much different. The pain I am experiencing is normal and easily fixed with regular heating and icing. He explained that it is nerve pain. He suggested that I wear a tighter bra to hold them closer together, but was very specific on the fact that it needed to be tight enough to bring them closer together, but not so tight that it flattens them. My post op bras are too big for this task. I'm probably going to order a M. Right now my old stretched out sports bra will suffice. I got the ok for swimming HORRAY! And I can also go back to working out full force. However, he did tell me to stay away from weights, which is fine because I don't use them.
I am thrilled with how my appointment went and I have my fingers crossed that the nerve pain will go away and my progress will continue to get even better.
I did not address the rippling as I asked about it on RS, through my review as well as on the question board and every answer/suggestion is the same. There is nothing I can do any sooner than 3 months and even then it's fat graft or an internal sling. Both are expensive and not really in the budget. I have decided to accept that it's a part of my decision to have implants and if it gets bad enough that it's visible, painful, or causing other problems then I will address it. As it is, it's purely an ego thing, so I'm learning to deal. Haha
Thank you all for your continued support!

Almost 7 weeks

I cannot believe I have really only had these boobs for 7 weeks. I'm amazed at the progress I've made in such a short time. I had a little bit of a freak out as my boobs made some pretty big changes in a few days. The pain is still somewhat there. It is nerve pain, so it can be dealt with easily. Which I am thankful for. As you can see from my pics, my L boob seems to want to hang out under my arm pit. My PS stated that I can wear a tighter bra to help move the pocket in closer to the center of my chest, but also that it's mostly just due to my anatomy and that my left side will probably always sit a little bit sideways. However, I want to do all that I can to help it move to center.

Wow! 55 days PO

Ok. So I had to go and copy Paigexo and post a comparison pic. I have been totally dreading looking at my pre op breasts! Like for real, I've avoiding all pictures and when I went to my last post op appointment my PS showed me pictures of before and I actually said EW!. Hahaha the nurse laughed. :)
Anyway, after a minor and absolutely pointless freak-out, I am completely in love with my boobs and I can tell you with 100% assurance that this was absolutely the best decision I have ever made.
I encourage those that are still considering to take their time and address all concerns and do as much research as possible! Your SO or friends may tease you or be annoyed for reading was seems like 1000s of RS profiles but it is SO worth it. Ask questions! I love questions. I want to help you be as satisfied as I am!
I also want you to make sure this is 100% about you.
1. Don't you dare let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't have! (Except your doctor! Your doctor knows what he's talking about!)
*disclaimer* I think it's important to review what others say, but don't let that one person who thinks boob jobs are for attention whores and porn stars discourage you! Boob jobs are in the top 5 of most performed plastic surgeries.
2. Ask ALLLLLL the questions. Questions to google, questions to RS doctors, questions to other RSers, questions to your PS! All of them.
3. There will be shitty times. Your emotions will be all over the place. You'll question yourself, your reasons, other people's support of you, everything. There will be times when you hate your boobs. (I once told my boyfriend while bawling my eyes out that I wanted to cut them out cuz hated them and they made me look stupid) but it will get better! They'll stop being square. They'll start getting squishy and you won't be able to stop touching them. They'll start dropping and feeling more like you've always had them and you'll love yourself even more!
4. Take time to admire your rocking new tits in the mirror! Be sad for the people who will never get to see them in all their glory. Hahaha!
5. Don't let anyone degrade you for making the decision. It's your body. Not theirs. Seriously! Don't forget that. They don't have to like your body. They see theirs everyday, not yours.

10 week update!

I am absolutely loving my new additions. They feel 100% a part of me and I have no complaints at all! It is killing me to continue to wait for my 3 month mark to shop for bras. I am glad that I decided to wait though. I am still feeling and seeing small changes so I feel that it's safer to wait. I would hate to spend $100 on the "perfect" bra only to have it not fit in a few weeks. I already grew out of one of the bathing suits I have. It's become a private tanning suit, it's way to small for anything else! Hahaha! They are feeling more and more natural everyday. My scars do not hurt at all however they are still very red. The bumpiness has gone away and the incisions are starting to become very flat. I love it. I will do pictures on my 12 week update!

Back brace with a BA?

So I have this back brace that I used to wear frequently pre BA; now that I am 2 months post op and have started working out again, I thought I would try it back on. It still fits-somewhat, so I am not sure if I should wear it. Before my boob job the straps just went over the sides of my boobs. Now that I have big beautiful boobies, the straps slide under my boobs. It pushes them up and together and makes them look really pretty, but I am not sure if this is safe for my implants. Do any of you ladies know if I can wear this or not?

As you can see from my pictures it's REALLY pushing up on my implants (almost flattening them on the lower half). This doesn't hurt at all or feel uncomfortable in the slightest.


Oops. Pictures didn't work for my last post.

12 week update!

Wow! 12 weeks. I say this every time but I really can't believe that it's only been 12 weeks. I am still so in love with my boobs. The changes are minor but I can still feel them settling and dropping further. I still have ripples and often find myself running my fingers under my boobs to feel the ripples. :/ On a positive note, no one can see the ripples and they haven't gotten worse or more obvious and I'm the only one that can tell. My only other complaint is that I feel that my nipples are a little to high for my liking. They don't look bad, but sometimes I am afraid my nipples are going to pop out of bathing suits; they also are barely concealed by my bra cups. I'm not really sure it's something I care enough about to pursue my options to try and fix. If the threat of falling out becomes to great, then maybe I'll look into it. Back to the positives! I can sleep on my stomach again and it feels almost natural. I tend to tuck a pillow against me and sleep propped up on that. My scars sometimes feel kind of tingly/numb at times and I am putting scar cream on them about every other day; when I remember. Haha! My left is healing slower than my right incision. They are flat and starting to thin out. They've healed well! I finally went bra shopping! Yay! I went to Nordstrom and got sized at a 30DDD. Holy crap! But then when the sales lady brought me some bras, none of them fit! I tried on a ton of bras and eventually settled on two. The tan bra in the photos is a Natori in a 32DDD, and the black bra is a Chantelle in 30G. The Natori is my favorite! I seriously wear it all the time. It's sexy and I can wear it with anything. I am so happy with my results and all the ups and downs I faced were so worth it. All my girlfriends are jealous and two of them have specifically asked about my experience to try and set up their own consultations!
440 HP Sientra
Under muscle


It appears only 3 of my pictures made it onto my update. So let's try again.

6 months - possible revision in my future

Ok. So it's more like 5 1/2. But it's still been quite a while since I've been on RS. I missed you all!

So as of late I have been encountering more and more problems. Today I made a call to my PS to discuss some pain I've been having in my left breast. The best I could describe it to her, is as a sharp tugging pain. Let me clarify that this is different than a pulled muscle pain. I know that feeling and this is much different. It's a very difficult pain because it feels like a pulling, pushing, sharp, dull, burning sore pain. Which is very confusing. Right now I am feeling above uncomfortable, but below excruciating. The nurse concluded that it was most likely a pinched nerve that may have gotten tangled in some scar tissue. Her reasoning was that because I feel it more harshly when I bend over or lean to the side was pulling the tissue and aggravating the nerves. I was told to use heat and Tylenol.

We still decided to move my 6 month op up to Monday the 28th due to some additional complaints I have. In addition to the current pain, I am also unsatisfied with the shape of my breasts. I believe that I am experiencing lateral displacement with both my breasts, more so on the left. I believe that this is also a reason for my pain. My PS was very clear
-pre op- that due to the shape of my ribcage my breasts would probably always sit farther apart than I had originally wanted. So I have no disillusions about this fact. However, I currently can fit my whole hand, fingers pointed down, between my breasts. And when laying down, I can place my entire hand sideways between them. This is way to far and there must be something that can be done. I feel like my boobs are sliding away into my arm pits.
I really hate that I can feel so much of my implant. I honestly can feel every edge on the underside of my boob. It ripples like crazy. It is true that the ripples only show up when I bend over, but omg! They ripple so SO much. It's not just oops I have a ripple. No, it's like looking at an implant they show you at the office. I feel like my implants wiggle around too much. Yes I wanted natural. But I'm honestly afraid it's going to fold over on itself or something. I also have this weird thing where when I flex my natural breast tissue kind of squishes up and my implants hang below and it looks super gross.
I'm also unhappy with the fact that my scars stick out and can be seen. I'd really love them to be tucked up under my breast fold. I am also not crazy about how low my implants sit. I feel kind of saggy to be honest.
However, i really think that if my breasts were sitting closer together, instead of in my armpits, that most of my other problems would be fixed as well.

I've been doing some research and have noticed that a pocket revision is probably what I will be needing to correct my problem. The other possibility is an internal bra, or maybe even both? Obviously, it will be up to my surgeon to make the best suggestion. I'm really nervous about this whole thing. I'm afraid that because he did let me know that my ribcage will cause my implants to sit father, he'll tell me there's nothing that can be done. I'm afraid of having to start over with a new surgeon and that cost likely being way more. I'm concerned that he'll say that I need bigger implants! I don't want to pay for new implants, and I definitely don't want my boobs bigger. I already wear a 32F. On the other hand I really don't want him to say I need to go smaller. I'm super happy with their size. I'd way rather take bigger over smaller for sure.

Any advice would be so helpful. I'm so overwhelmed by all the possibilities. I'm stressed over having to wait a week to talk to my PS too!

Pissed and Ready to Find a new Surgeon

It's a sad moment for me. I went and talked to my PS today. I spent 15 whole minutes at the doctors, 10 of that was me sending waiting room snapchats. In the brief minutes that I actually spoke to my doctor, I mentioned all my concerns to my PS who immediately blew off all my concerns. He would say, "but they look good" after every complaint that I had. Maybe he felt that emphasizing that statement more would make it true. Except I don't think my boobs look good at all. Do they look awful? No. I would even venture as far as saying they don't look bad. I just don't think they look good. And they do not live up to my expectations at all. That's the beauty of ELECTIVE surgery. I can ELECT to have it done however I want and I don't appreciate that I'm being held up to his mediocre standards instead of my own. I'm super disappointed for a number of reasons.
1. No one wants to have to plan out a revision. Especially only after 6 months.
2. I'm majorly disappointed in the lack of care, attention, and respect given to me at my appointment today. The nice,eager politeness I experienced before my augmentation is completely gone.
3. I should never have to put a fake smile on at a doctors office to just end the appointment. That's how obvious it was that I wasn't being taken seriously.

I know that I COULD be satisfied with my results, but I don't need to be. Cosmetic surgery is to help you feel better about the body You have. Literally the ONLY requirement that my doctor met was big boobs. But that's not enough. I don't feel better at all. Nothing has changed for me! I can't wear cute bathing suits cuz my boobs slide to far to the side. I can't lay down cuz with no bra my boobs disappear in my armpits and I have indents by my sternum, with a bra is incredibly painful and I awkward. I don't even wear V neck shirts because it's so hard to get my implants to sit properly in a wire bra that they look super awkward and far apart. I have zero cleavage. I know they already sit so low at 6 months so i know a few years from now they will be so much worse! I'm afraid.

My friend, who is the same size as me, has Low profile implants that sit twice as high on her body as mine. She has had two kids since the BA as well as major weight loss. The implants are also 10 years old. She thought that I also had low pro implants that were over the muscle. My implants are actually 440 HP silicone unders. She thought I had "like 600" LP Saline. I know neither of us are doctors and we should expect different results for different people, but this is too much. I feel like I have tube socks stapled to my chest with two implants floating around at the bottom.

I wanna look good and feel good. Right now, i feel that I've wasted money and I have no idea what to do. Do I stick with my PS? Will he make it worse? Do I find a new PS?
I'm worried about the cost.
I'm worried about more scars and even worse results.


Well, last month I spoke with another surgeon, slightly outside of my area, but highly recommended via RS and other sites as well. He was very nice and answered all of my questions directly. I've been concerned about both bottoming out and my implant pockets being too big. He confirmed my suspicion about the pockets and suggested a pocket revision. Due to the fact that we spoke over the phone we were unable to discuss bottoming out. Currently, my nipples turn obviously upward and I have about 3 fingers between nipple and the top of my implant, whereas I can fit my whole hand and even a few extra fingers underneath. It less obvious without my hands to show the spaces (I apologize for no pictures). When i am standing up I can fit my whole hand, fingers facing down, in between my implants. When I am laying down, my 6'1 bf can fit his whole hand, fingers sideways, between my implants. My hand fits with space and the implant touches my wrist. While I am concerned about bottoming out, I am thinking that a pocket revision will improve the placement enough that I will not need any additional revisions to fix that. The surgeon I spoke too on the phone suggested that I give my current surgeon a change, even though he's been dodging my concerns, and perhaps even ask to be directed for a second opinion.
I have anxiety about asking my current PS for a second opinion. I'm not sure how to do that properly. Especially since my PS told me I needed to wait until a full year. Which would be summer, and I'd like them to be fixed before people see me in a bathing suit, because I can't wear one! My nipples come out the top and my implants slide out the side. Progress to be continued. Please! I will take all the advice I can get because I am struggling to find the best solution for me.

Revision Date Made

Good news! After stressing for several months about what to do about my revision, I finally have a plan. My original concern was that my PS was blowing off my complaints about my augmentation. While I was at the doctors in November, I was told I need to wait until my one year post op mark before even discussing a revision. After waiting another 2 months I decided a more intense discussion was in order. I was afraid that my concerns were not being taken very serious as I have a tendency to be very mild mannered in person. #anxietyprobs. So I wrote an email. I was able to explain my situation a bit more accurately. I wrote a 6 paragraph email and included 6 pictures. I was polite but firm. The next day I received a phone call agreeing with my assessment and my expectations were immediately surpassed! My PS and his staff have impressed me once again and after speaking extensively with one of the nurses, I am confident that I made a good decision to stay with my current PS To have my revision done. I am scheduled to have a double pocket revision on May 18th, 5 days after my one year mark! I feel so much better about this procedure and feel I've asked all the necessary questions.

That being said if anyone has any tips about the healing process after a pocket revision I would love to hear any and all that you have!!

I absolutely loved Dr. Lee and all of the staff. Dr. Lee is very straight forward and doesn't have the best bedside manner, but I was just fine with this because all my questions were answered with real responses and I don't feel that he tried to beat around the bush and give me 1/2 answers. There was a mix up at the office and my pre-op appointment never got scheduled, however the staff was super accommodating and apologized and squeezed me in the following week. Zhanna, at the front desk, was so nice to me. She answered all my questions and was able to email me my pre-op paperwork as well as the blood work papers so that I could get started on my pre-op list of things to do and not to do. The anesthesiologist called me the night before and left a message for me explaining the process and promised to take care of me the whole time I was under. It was very sweet and made me feel like I really mattered and not just another client. Wait times were like any other doctors office where there's at least a bit of a delay. I don't think I waited more than 10 minutes any time I was there. Over all I am totally thrilled with my results and would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone looking into a BA.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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