Actually Had the BBL, Does the Same Thing IPL Does but Stronger

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I have melasma and redness, and have had several...

I have melasma and redness, and have had several ipl's with one awesome result (first time) and had only gotten a mild (at best) result for the last time.  I went to a new Derm who wants to do Cosmelan, but suggested 3 BBls to get my skin ready for such a peel. 

I have only had one BBl 2 weeks ago and the results were very dramatic compared to ipl.  I had pigment come up, redness is gone, and a dermal- gray scar is pink and raised (It was sunken down below my normal skin).  I looked bad for a week because of all the pigment that came up, you have to let it slough off on its own.  Also I was puffy under my eyes and red for about 2 days.

I paid 200.00 more to have this doctor do the BBl rather than a nurse, and I think the extra money was worth it.  Going in for my second BBl in 2 weeks.  I am a pretty happy camper, this worked better than the one Fraxel treatment  I had. 

Also, the BBL wasn't as painful as the ipl, but maybe that's just me.

Updated on Jun 8, 2009
Six months again I had a horrific experience with a doctor and the BBL (see my review). I decided to try it again, but at the place I had been going to for years. Janie is normally my nurse, and has been doing ipls for over 9 years and has always done an excellent job. She was unavailable to do the BBL, so I went with Debbie, who has been working there for 17 years. She put me at ease, but more importantly she did a fabulous job. On my melasma "mustache" she used a 560 filter then a filter just for brown, and it is almost gone. Three years of anguish and thousands of dollars on fraxel and the thing is gone! I will never stray from this facility again, and I hope this helps someone. Thank you Laura, Janie, and Debbie!!!
Dr. Shalini Gupta The Dermatology Laser and Vein Center of Cincinnati

I chose a Doctor who went to Harvard, was in a beauty magazine, and had good patient reviews, yet managed to burn me.

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