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Day 1, approx 5-6 hours, performed abs/flanks...

Day 1, approx 5-6 hours, performed abs/flanks first, then chest after. Wasn't that bad pain wise, although, after the lipo was done, when he was suctioning out, the anesthesia began to wear off so he wasn't able to completely finish, so my body will have to absorb a tad bit more than normally because he didn't want to overdue the anesthesia for my body weight, etc. Chest went fine (smaller area). The picture on my profile and below is before and the morning after. Pain wasn't bad at all.

Day 2 & 3, swelling begins, and the 1,000 crunches feeling begins. Two days of pretty tough pain. Took vicodin for the pain.

Day 4, pain wasn't as bad, but not fun to get up and down from bed/sitting etc. Weened off the vicodin.

Day 5, back to work, not a problem but most of the time behind the desk. Nobody could notice I was sore because it wasn't really bad.

Day 6-9 (today). Still swelling, although I feel my right flank still has residual fat still in it, maybe missed due to the anesthesia running out and not able to do the "stand up and check for missed spots". Doctor is advised, we'll see what it looks like at the 1 month point. No pain, I'm getting anxious to start working out. Been wearing the compression garment 100% of the time, had to wash it a couple times, but no biggy.

Tomorrow I'm going to hit the gym and do some light cardio. Meeting with a trainer to get me started on a schedule that won't mess me up. Don't want to go crazy and put myself back.

All and all, doctor was Awesome! I wish my body didn't metabolize as quickly as it did, I might have gotten a slightly better result, but we'll see what it looks like after a month or two and go from there.

I highly recommend to anyone! I've looked like this for 39 years, couldn't change my shape NO MATTER WHAT I did or how much weight I lost or built from lifting weights and cardio. Now I have motivation to get in better shape!

I'll add to this once the month and two month checkups happen so I can give the updates on the residual fat versus swelling, etc. I personally think I looked the best the next day after the surgery. So hopefully it'll look awesome once I'm done healing!!!

Today was day 10, I went to the gym, did some...

Today was day 10, I went to the gym, did some light running and some low weights, squats and mild situps/crunches. Felt pretty good, but want to take it slow. I took some more pics, this was the best one, but still feel fat. You can see one of my flanks is slightly larger than the other. Different angles look worse, again, this is the better of all the pics that I posted. I so hope that this is only swelling, but it doesn't feel like it at all, the left side (right in the mirror pic) feels like swelling, the other side feels like normal fat...It seems like my upper abs are holding fat as well, like a line across my belly button and up. I believe this is normal for this surgery as weight tends to fall there, but not sure.

Anyhow, I'll update when I see much improvement or after my docs appt.

Typo, the right side in your view feels like...

Typo, the right side in your view feels like residual fat. The left side (smaller side) from your view feels like swelling...

Day 13, went to my first aerobic class today. It...

Day 13, went to my first aerobic class today. It wasn't bad. I'm feeling better every day. Tomorrow is the last day with the compression garment. I've been wearing both my under armor (medium) compression shirt with the compression garment over it for the last week. After tomorrow I'll just be wearing my under armor (medium) compression shirt for the next couple weeks. After that I'll go back to the large compression shirt, which is my size normally. I added another pic from today. Still wan't to check with the doc on the flank that is (from what I believe is residual/missed fat). I also feel like my flanks in the rear aren't 100%. I know his office does Vaser Shape and Lipo Dissolve, so I'm hoping that might be the answer rather than getting cut open again...I'll keep the updates coming.

Day 19 - about a week wearing the underarmor...

Day 19 - about a week wearing the underarmor medium shirt. I was pretty sore and some swelling after the last workout. Yesterday I chased the dog all over the yard and I'm feeling it today. It's weird, the left aide is tighter feeling than the right (side that I feel wasn't done as thorough). I'm sure that is the reason why. Checkup on Monday to see what the doc says. Still taking Arnica and 99% of the bruising is gone. I miss the compression shirt but don't at the same time. I just wanna be perfect already...hehehe...anyhow ill send in an update after Monday. I don't feel my body has changed so haven't put any new pics up.

Day 23 - Went to the docs on Monday. The running...

Day 23 - Went to the docs on Monday. The running around with the dog ended up making me sore for a few days. He told me to slow down and wear the compression shirt when exercising and maybe wait another week or so before I start again. I'm wanting to get back into it but don't want to do damage. I started wearing the compression shirt at night and still wearing my under armour t-shirts during the day. Been somewhat sore this week in general. I think my body is healing quickly and I can feel it. Doc also told me not to worry if I had a few small missed spots, they have multiple ways to fix them up, so I'm now not worried at all. The doctor has been awesome! I'm so glad I made my decision to go here and it was based on a referral, so that helped substantially in my decision! I'll be away for work next week, but will give an update when I get back. I'll take some pics as well.

1 Month point is tomorrow. I updated a picture...

1 Month point is tomorrow. I updated a picture above from yesterday. I have been swollen frequently lately, I don't look so good because of the swelling and didn't want to take any pics, but I wanted to put one up so others that might be in the same boat will see comparable pictures. Anyhow, still haven't worked out per say, did some slight running after the dog this day so i'm sure this is why i'm swelling more. I'm also feeling a cold coming on, so maybe this is causing it as well. Bummer, I want to look good already...hehehe...I know, I know, patience is key....

Week 6 Today. I still have either missed fat or...

Week 6 Today. I still have either missed fat or swelling around my love handles and belly and possibly the side of my chest. I'll see the Doc in a couple more weeks so hopefully we'll be able to discuss the Vaser Shape to see if we can get rid of this fat. I'm happy with the procedure, but feel it could have been better if the pain meds did not wear off. Another hour on the table and I think I would have come out perfect. Hopefully this can be fixed with the Vaser Shape or even Meso, etc. I'll keep you posted again when I get back from the doc.

Week 8, went for my followup. There's a couple...

Week 8, went for my followup. There's a couple touch up spots (side of chest and flanks, maybe belly) that the doctor is going to do Lipodissolve for as many sessions as needed to touch up to where i'm fully happy. I think this touch up will be enough for the small areas that are needed. I go for my first session Monday....Fun Fun...Will keep you all posted.

9 Weeks in and I got my first Lipodissolve...

9 Weeks in and I got my first Lipodissolve treatment. They hit every area that I had concerns with. My right front love handle, both my rear love handles (left being larger), the sides of my chest and across my bellybutton (there was a strip of fat across there).

I had 8 syringes, they had me ice the spots before the injections, that worked tremendously! There was some spots that I didn't get to ice and a few times I felt the pinches of the needle, etc, but overall it wasn't bad.

A few minutes later I felt it, holy itchy, like an allergic reaction. Redness, itchiness and swelling. I felt light headed as well, but didn't have lunch so it could have been related to that.

An hour or so later, HOLY PAIN! On a scale of 1-10, 7 or 8 was where the pain was. It's been a few hours and I can tolerate it now, but I found myself walking around the house trying to keep my mind occupied to not think about how much pain I was in. I'm thinking that it was so extreme due to the amount I had done today. I took 2 tylenol when I got home and 2 more after dinner. I'm going to head to bed soon and take some benadryl to see if that helps. If I wake up in pain i'll take a couple more tylenol, but don't want to over do it. I have to work tomorrow so this should be interesting. I had no idea what I was in for...Damn...

I'll give some updates over the next few weeks. I have the 2nd session scheduled for 3-4 weeks out. I think I'm doing this one on a Friday so I have the weekend to recoup...All the touchups are included in the price of the lipo, so it's definitely worth it to be picky and get it 100% now so i'm happy forever :)

Updated pic of the Lipodissolve areas.

Updated pic of the Lipodissolve areas.

Almost 15 weeks in, just had the 2nd Lipodissolve...

Almost 15 weeks in, just had the 2nd Lipodissolve treatment done. Things are looking better. My rear love handles are the places where I'm not as happy, but if the Lipodissolve keeps working, they should dwindle down to nothing after a couple more treatments. I haven't been working out as much due to the holidays and cold, I need to get back on track. Overall, I'm very pleased, I'll be so happy if the love handles come down a bit more. I recommend the treatment to everyone! I waited WAY too long to get this done!!! Will post more pics once I'm complete with all the procedures and let you all be the judges.

23 weeks in and the spot treatments have been...

23 weeks in and the spot treatments have been working but slowly. Just had my 3rd Lipodisolve treatment and will need a couple more on the love handles. Doc has been awesome for this entire procedure and I would recommend him to anyone! I haven't taken any new pix but when I do ill post them up.

Touch up done 6/17/13

Yesterday we did a touch up procedure for my flanks and belly area since he couldn't finish up last time due to the meds wearing off. Procedure went smooth and I was pretty relaxed. Today is day 2 and the thousand crunches are kicking in. At least I didn't do the chest so I can move my arms lol. Can't wait to get back to normal again and hopefully it'll look great and all will be over. Will keep updating and posting pics.

Day 3

Today went well. I was up and about as normal, just looked like I ha a pulled back trying to get around lol. Still sore but it didn't stop me. Tomorrow I'm hoping to be back to 80%. A lot of pain to the touch and soreness when I go from sit or laying to stand but bearable, as long as its slow! Looking forward to my follow up Monday. It looks like I have a line of fat above the belly button but I'm chalking that up to bending and sitting and have been massaging and wearing extra pads under the garment to keep out creasing. Will see how it looks at the 7 day follow up. I'll throw a pic or two on here too.

Pic from day 2

Day 2 pic of touch up of abs/flanks.

Day 9

So far I've been back to work, went for a hike (nothing strenuous), cut the grass and have felt great. Still feel the pressure of the skin and fat under healing, etc but it just has the tight feeling from the garment. Went to a massage therapist today to do a lymphatic massage. Felt great to get the garment off and massage the areas for more than a minite. Still have swelling moving around to different spots but its looking better. I attached another pic. Looking forward to getting back to the gym and getting in tip top shape :). Will post another update in a few days once I do my next follow up. I can't say enough good about the Doc and his staff.

Day 10 - added photo

Looking and feeling better each day!

Day 13 - Updated before and after

Today I wore just an under armour shirt as I was not doing anything that would require me to be moving much. I feel a little sore, but overall pretty good. I'll be putting the garment back on tonight, but weening it off this week in hopes to wear it to bed and to wear the under armour to work. We'll see how it goes. I also updated the before/after pic of the whole procedure up until now. WOW is all I have to day. DOC, YOU DO AWESOME WORK!!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!

2 weeks

Wore the garment all day today. Was pretty tired after yesterday. I'm actually going to order a binder for the waist rather than the entire garment, that way I can keep that going for longer. I'll order it up in the AM and ween over to that this week. I'm going to try and keep it going for a few more weeks.

3.5 weeks

Been weening off the compression garment by wearing compression tanktops part of the time and the garment part of the time. I've probably spent less than 3 hours without anything at all today, but just sitting around. Stomach still feels numb in parts, but this will go away after a while. So far so good. Will post some pics after a month or so once swelling starts to go down, etc.

A few years later

I didn't get gym bound until about 6 months ago, but wanted to post an update. Feeling great, working out, hoping to keep it up long term and get some good transformation pictures. Here's an update after 3 years...

Couple years later and a good diet and workout program

Started working out this year with a strict diet and it took me to another level! I'm so grateful for doing this for myself, I would have never gotten to where I am without the help of Dr. Walter! Best decision I ever made for myself!!! I just wish I did this many years ago!
Gert Walter

Extremely happy and would recommend to anyone looking to get Vaser/Smart Lipo done! I can't say enough good about him and his staff! Very happy I was referred to Dr Walter. A+++++++ in my book! Just look at my before and after...that says it all...

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