Active Fx Ruined my Skin

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I have icepick scarring that I have been so self...

I have icepick scarring that I have been so self conscious of for years. I heard such rave reviews for Active Fx (with Deep fx for scars), so I had it done on Friday (Jan. 16) thinking that I would only have about 4 days downtime. I looked like an alien oompa loompa, and I'm not exaggerating. You literally can NOT leave your house for 5 full days.

Well, finally yesterday, day 5, I was able to put mineral makeup over my fresh raw skin to go get the kids from school, but I had to go home and wash it off and put Vaseline back on my face. Makeup cakes onto the skin that is shedding and doesn't look good. You certainly don't want anyone looking at you closeup.

The absolute WORST thing ever are these atomic ZITS FROM HELL. I am getting cystic acne above my lip all over my chin and surrounding areas of my nose, BADLY. I look like a freak and I still don't want to go out in public in addition to the fact that my face is still pinkish, needing makeup.

I got this procedure hoping I wouldn't need much makeup anymore, so much for that dream. If these huge pimples continue, I will end up with more scarring. My skin looked pretty decent before and I had my breakouts under control, but now they pop up randomly all over the place and there is nothing I can do about it but watch it happen helplessly. I am so mad that I wasted the money on this.

Only time will tell if it actually helped the scarring because they look pretty pronounced to me at this point. I'll add to this post later. It is day 6 today and I look like a zit faced freak, not little pimples, HUGE ones that you can't cover up. This realy sucks. I'm 39 years old and have to 'hide' my face from everyone.

You really need to weigh the pros and cons before doing this.


they are the sweetest staff I have ever dealt with. I just love everyone there. They really care about you.

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