Active FX Resurfacing -- Those "Not-so-fine" Lines -- GONE!

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This is the fourth day after my Active FX Laser...

This is the fourth day after my Active FX Laser resurfacing procedure (full face -- $2165 -- with a complimentary touch-up to follow). At 59, I looked in the mirror this morning and thought, "Wow, my skin looks like it did in High School!" Tight, firm, rosy. Where are those bothersome Crow's feet? Gone. The lines about the lips? Gone. Hiding out for three days of social downtime was tedious and with Halloween coming, I felt ready with my "mask" of little, brown dots (residue from a summer suntan). On the fourth day, however, the dead outer layer sloughed off in the shower, with a little help from a gentle enzyme peel. My doctor gave me a great post-healing copper cream with a vaseline-like texture, designed to retain moisture as new collagen and cells formed underneath the crust. Tomorrow, on the fifth day, I will use my regular moisturizers (Aloette) and maybe a touch of silicone based foundation. (I use Dermacia, which allows the skin to breathe, is very sheer, yet gives amazing coverage.) Don't get caught up in the "which is better debate -- Active FX or Fraxel." Reps from both side have information to share. Do your homework, and most importantly, don't be scared into inaction by one or two negative stories. Some people have issues to work out, no matter what! As for me, I am happy growing new, fresh, healthy, young-looking skin, and they say it just gets better and better as more firming collagen forms over time. (I also supplement my diet with a high quality collagen/hyaluronic/Omega-3 fish oil product for better skin from within).
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