After Getting my Hopes Up, Spending over $2200, 8 Months Later...NO RESULTS!!!! - Westwood, CA

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Ok, I am the first to say that I didn't want to...

Ok, I am the first to say that I didn't want to believe any of the reviews that said Active FX didn't work! I am and have always been hopeful and willing to take risks if it means looking younger and feeling younger. So I went ahead and splurged over $2200.00 in a notable Los Angeles (Westwood) plastic surgeons office. I think the first warning sign that Active FX doesn't work- was when the doctor used his top nurse for example. He claimed she had the Active Fx treatment done and the results were astounding. Well, after seeing his nurse, and I am going to be honest here- she was so loaded with wrinkles that I couldn't fathom what she must have looked like before. (And that is exactly what the doctor said: "you should have seen her before.") So STILL I was hopeful and underwent the Active Fx procedure. It was a bit uncomfortable- but hey- if it will make me look younger and remove even the fine little lines, it's worth it right? Well, that's what I had thought. The recovery wasn't too bad and I was up and running within days. The downfall you ask? As I look back on the 8 months since that Active Fx treatment, I have yet to see any results at all. Not a teeny tiny fine line erased- nothing. (I do have nice skin to begin with by the way, but you would think that I would be an even better candidate to having these little, tiny lines removed. But NOTHING!!! Absolutely NOTHING. You should bookmark my review and wait until more people start stepping forward announcing they also wasted time and money on this procedure with no results! There is a reason why the nurse at the office I went to- has since proclaimed she has undergone the Active FX treatment more than once. (If it worked so well the first time why would you undergo several treatments within months of each other?) I know she is the guinea pig who is being used to see if the Active FX really works- but this treatment hasn't even been out for that long and as far as I'm concerned she is nothing to be bragging about. Take my humble and truthful advice- don't let ANY physician or nurse for that matter, tell you that this treatment works. There is a reason why the Active FX has such mixed reviews on this site. Only time will prove Active FX, and all of the physicians who spent thousands on the machine are wrong. I'm sure most doctors who carry the Active FX machine are going to tell you how great it is- they have to make their money back from buying such expensive equipment!
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