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I had the treatment done a few hours ago. For...

I had the treatment done a few hours ago. For those that are interested, this is my experience so far:

PRE: Doctor took pictures then applied numbing cream. He had me wait 15 minutes until I could no longer feel my face, which only took about 10 minutes. No other pain meds.

Time: 20 minutes.

Pain level: None, except stinging when cream got in my eye.

DURING: The assistant used a device that directed very cold air to the area the doctor was going to laser. The cold air was annoying until the doctor started lasering. The laser felt like hot sand and I started appreciating the cold air thingee. The doctor started with my forehead, then moved downwards. He completed one half of my face then did the other half. He removed two moles last with a stronger laser setting. That hurt. My friend sat next to me to provide moral support. The worst part was the smell. My friend thought it smelled like burning rubber, I'd go with burning hair.

Time: approx. 20 minutes (15 minutes for face plus 5 minutes for the moles)

Pain level: Low to Moderate (I'd rank the mole removal as High, but that's not part of the normal procedure). With the exception of the moles, the upper lip was the most uncomfortable, but it was the quickest. Definitely better than going to the dentist. I found laser hair removal to be more painful.

POST: Immediately afterwards there were tiny white dots all over my face, kind of like a comic book picture in reverse. After the assistant applied aquaphor, I just looked really shiny. Within 15 minutes I started turning red and we went out for lunch; Nobody stared. About an hour later, it felt like a VERY bad sunburn, probably because the numbing cream was wearing off. I drove myself home (1.5 hours) with the windows open (21 degrees outside), which helped. Washing my face feels rubbing it with sand paper. Six hours post, I'm VERY red and, if I look closely, the white dots are turning brown. The sunburn feeling has lessened. According to the doctor, the brown dots will be prominently displayed by tomorrow (Thursday) and should peel off by Saturday. The redness is supposed to be gone by Sunday (day 4), but I'm guessing that's wishful thinking.

All in all, the procedure was very easy and, so far, the pain minimal (I think this had a lot to do with the doctor's skill).

Update - Day 2 Today the brown spots are...

Update - Day 2

Today the brown spots are prominent just as the doctor informed me.  I am not nearly as red as yesterday and no pain, my face just feels a little tight and itchy.  I do have a little swelling around my eyes.  

The doctor who performed my treatment is amazing and his staff terrific.  By far, the most important thing is choosing the right doctor. 

Update:  Day 3 Word for today:  Peeling...

Update:  Day 3

Word for today:  Peeling. 

The redness has greatly subsided, my skin actually looks close to being normal.  I did not expect it to happen this quick.  It's hard to tell the results given the peeling and the redness, but my skin does look more even toned and there is an improvement in texture.  The biggest improvement, and why I wanted the procedure in the first place, is under my eyes.  My skin appears much tighter and my bags are greatly diminished.  However, this may be due to some remaining swelling.  Time will tell.

Dr. Glenn DeBias

He is very experienced and knowledgeable (he's the innovator of the procedure). He takes as much time as needed to answer all questions. To top it off, he's very personable and has a great sense of humor.

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