Active FX Also Ruined my Skin

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I had done my active FX at 10th dec 08 , so it's...

i had done my active FX at 10th dec 08 , so it's already more than 2 months . my skin still cannot recover and getting worse . there was not even improve my acne scar and it seems like more scar day by day . the most terrible thing - i had dark spots all over my face . i'm asian and the doctor told it's called hyperpigmentation from active FX . my doctor told me it'll fade but he didn't know when ???? he provided me diamondtome wand treatment for free , but it seems nothing change at all .

i'm so upset because i have to wear heavily make up everyday and it still cannot cover my dark spot . my skin was ok before and only had some ance scar only , but now my skin looks like a old lady with aging spots all over the face . would anyone have same experience and give me some suggestion ? thank you very much !

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