Most Horrible Experience of my Life

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I had ACTIVE FX a few months ago by a well known...

I had ACTIVE FX a few months ago by a well known doctor in Chicago Il, who is currently opening an skin care store. I went to this doctor because his credentials were great. I decided to have my face treated for acne scars and the doctor told me the FX laser would be most beneficial because I have olive skin tone.

The day of the treatment I was given 3 LORATABS, then a topical paste that is suppost to numb. The paste was only placed on both cheeks, I asked if this paste should be spread over all my face since I had elected to have a full face & neck treatment. The doc told me, the paste was not pliable, and it was not necessary because he was going to use injections that cause sensory numbing. When treatment started it was the most horrible pain I have ever experienced in my life, mind you I had experienced 3rd degree burns as a child, and that was a cake walk.

The pain for so horrible I experienced UNCONTROLLABLE BODY TREMORS and the docs assistant had to hold me down. I had absolutely no control over this, I thought of ending the procedure because it was so horrible, but then worried what my face would look like only half completed. since I had the procedure I noticed blurred vision in right eye. The nite after procedure I had bloodshot and stinging sensations in my right eye, along with blurred vision. All has cleared except for the blurred vision in right eye ?? hoping that will clear soon.

Still wondering if I should have been given eye protection, since my upper eye & lower eye area was treated. Also I was told to use a sunscreen on my face after treatment, I was given an sunscreen by the doc to use as intended, as I did religiously. At my follow up appointment I stated I was not happy with results..

My acne scaring looks more apparent and now suffer from HYPERPIGMENTATION. I had to sit through a lecture from the doctor about using sunscreen because I now have brown spots all over my face. I told him I used the sunscreen he provided religiously.

After leaving I was very upset, I was given the impression that I ruined my procedure. Later that nite I looked at my sunscreen which the doctor provided, it was only an SPF 15. I researched this to find out I should of been using an SPF 60 or higher, or a sunblock all together. Its my opinion my hyperpigmentation was caused because my doctor gave me a sunscreen that was not adiquate>

After voicing my concerns to the doctor and his nurse, I had asked, since I was not happy with the procedure would he do it over,thinking something wasn't done correctly the first time ? he stated no. Initially I expected a deep FX treatment, but recieved a light one at best because the doctor was able to go over the same spots twice, which I understand defeats the purpose of this procedure. I would never recommend this procedure to anyone, and do yourself a favor and research !! research !! research !! ask your doctor to see photo s, ask for clients imput. I am in the process of building a website to warn others about this doctor and will be looking to legal & lic remedies ... good luck to all having this procedure but keep in mind.



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