47yo with Acne Scars Never Treated with Dermaroller

I suffered acnes @age 17 till 37. All I did was...

I suffered acnes @age 17 till 37. All I did was drink antibiotics, use acne cream cleanser, acne lotion, & oil toner. So now Im 47yo & decided to fight my wrinkles & acne scars. Dont know my acne scars type, dont know if its too late to treat my scars. Hope to see improvements. Time will tell.

2 Days After Dermaroller Treatment (DYI)

Last night I applied a night cream, is oil free moisturizer facial with vit A & E. This morning, washed my face with an antiblemish cleanser that will help me clear & smooth skin with salicylic acid to prevent & treat blemishes. I used an oil minimizing toner & vit C cream. Will keep updating! :)

3rd dermaroller treatment

Dermarolled with .5 every 2days. Same routine in washing my face with a blemish cleanser, cleaned with oil minimizing toner, applied vit C & serum for the day. And night vit E&A before bed. Will keep this routine. I will dermaroll every 2 days with .5 or as long my face is not red.

3rd Treatment with .5 Dermaroller

3rd treatment of dermaroller .5. I feel my face smoother but I havent notice any change. Guess is too soon. I was told this can be a year of treatment. Using sunblock with vit B5, E, & C when I go out. Vit C moisterizer @home in the day after face wash & oil toner & bed time vit A & E night cream.

Name not provided

Myself. Watching youtube videos, google info from dermatologists and even planning to use home remedies for my face.

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