Acne-like Lumps After Radiesse in Nasolabial Folds

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I had radiess injections into my nasolabial folds...

I had radiess injections into my nasolabial folds approximatley 6 month ago. The radiesse migrated up to my nose immediately and I had terrible swelling with infection coming from every pore.

My treatment was during the procedure was fine. After the procedure the doctor did not have time to correct the problem and stated that my problem could not be caused by the Radiesse. I had no other procedures done at the time.

After the infection had resolved, I am still left with lumps in the crease of my nose. The doctor prescribed an oral steroid which was not effective. The doctor told me that I would have to wait until the Radiesse had dissolved (18 months?). I had this treatment to improve my appearance, and now I look as if I have acne in the crease of my nose.

I would like to have information on anything that I could do to get rid of the disfiguring lumps that I am left with after Radiesse.
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The doctor has left the practice.

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