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Hi Guys, I'm new to blogging but I have learnt a...

Hi Guys, I'm new to blogging but I have learnt a lot from the sisters on here and think I should share my story too. I have wanted to have a BBL before I even knew that this surgery existed, I'm slim but the first place I gain weight is my tummy and I have always wanted a bigger bum. I am 30 I don't have any kids, I'm not sure what's going on with my love life so I wanna do something for me before I settle down n start a family.

I am an attractive girl and I get a lot of attention from men already so I'm a bit scared that having an enormous Butt would cause some annoying attention. I am currently working in Africa and men here don't always know when to give you your personal space so I don't wanna go too large but I do want that perfect hourglass figure instead of the apple shape I have now.

I am trying to choose a doctor. I looked at going to DR but that would be a really long n complicated journey for me and I am scared of being treated by doctors that don't speak English as I don't know any spanish.

My first choices are Salama or Ghurani in Florida or Campos in Tijuana. I have sent them all emails with my pictures attached and hopefully will get a response soon. My current measurements are 39-34-44 so it's not too bad if I can get my waist to like a 28 and make my booty more round n fluffy I'm happy... :)

Starting to get quotes back whoop whoop Dr Salas at Vanity Florida

So I have emailed a few doctors and I am starting to get some quotations back. I got an email from Vanity clinic in Florida. I read a few reviews on a Dr Salas and ppl said that he is a very affordable US alternative to travelling and that they saw his results when they went to his office and the girls bodies were banging.

So sent him an email and got back this quote:

Brazilian Butt Lift including Full Body Lipo + general anesthesia: $3,500 with Dr. Hasan
This price includes anesthesiologist, general anesthesia, full panel blood work, 24 hour emergency line answered by your doctor, ALL surgery room costs.

Hmmm so as u can see that's like super super cheap for a US based doctor. Kinda scares me a little so if anyone has had any experiences with vanity let me know.

I kinda felt a bit like they didn't really read my first email properly though as I didn't request full body lipo n really just need lipo on my stomach and flanks so from my pics they could have seen that and I also had requested Dr Salas and not Dr Hasan.

On another review a girl mentioned that they had tried to get her to see Dr Hasan instead of Salas too. Lol haven't seen Dr Hasan's work sure he is a great surgeon but not sure if they are tryna promote him so he can get some bbl practice in Lol I don't want anyone practicing on my booty.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Campos, Salama and Ghurani so will keep you posted.

Evil Fibroids tryna hold me back

So I have been having a little pelvic pain for a few days and I decided to go and get it checked out at the doctors. They gave me an ultrasound and found 6+ fibroids.
I feel so depressed firstly as I'm scared of how this affects my fertility as all the fibroid operations I see come with risks of complications. I was really excited to get my bbl done in the next few months and this may mean that I can't do that.

My fertility is more important to me than a bbl but at the same time I am now tryna do research and find out if it is possible for me to do both surgeries and how it would work ect.

Don't know if there are any sistas here that also suffer with fibroids that could offer any advice?

I guess what I would like more than anything is to get the figure I want and also be able to start a family. I know that with God everything is possible so I just want to put my prayer points to him and hope I can get through this.

Wish me luck


Vanity in Miami have a recovery house- Dr Salas is looking up

Hey so i spoke with Vanity clinic Miami and they actually don't seem too bad.

They have a recovery home that is $1,500 for 7 days and includes a driver (to and from the airport, as well as any other needs you may have), a nurse (to help you change your compression garments and any other medical necessities), breakfast every morning, wifi, iPad access, an office open for you to use, and we offer the option for you to bring 1 guest with you at no additional charge, however, the breakfast is not available to your guest. We do offer the massages you'll need and have various packages.

I just cut n paste some of the mail they sent. If I can see some more before and afters ect they might be an option. I know some surgeons allow you to talk with past patients so if that is an option that would be good too.

Still waiting on Salama and Ghurani to get back to me also waiting on an update from Campos so will keep you posted

Campos office not reading mails

So Dr Campos office just keep sending me the same email again and again requesting for pictures ect when I sent pictures with my very first email. So I don't think they are bothering to read my mails n just sending a blanket response that is quite annoying. Will give them a call later n see what kind of response I get then.


Sooo Jessica at Vanity has been super helpful at answering all my questions and I think that I am gonna go ahead and book my surgery with them. They have a lot of doctors to choose from so doing some research into who I think is best for me

Vanity are straight hustlers...

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope everyone is doing good. Was talking with lianne@vanity today on instant message. I am most probably gonna do my surgery at vanity as I like their doctors n the prices are quite good but it makes me laugh they way they try real hard to hustle money out of you. Today she was telling me about a $7k deal they have that includes surgery 7 days at the recovery house, garment and 7 massages. Now sounds ok at first glance but the last quote they gave me had all that stuff for $6700. So I was like hmm is that 6 nights or 7 nights at the RH and how would I do the 7 massages with one of those days being spent doing surgery. Every time I speak to them they have an offer. It's kinda funny they kinda need to improve their customer service cuz it's annoying that they are always tryna hustle patients. Although they are selling cosmetic procedures I think they do kinda need to give less of a hard sell

Horror Stories- lipo is a huge decision

This surgery is really a huge decision especially the lipo. A girl on here 150mmlover who was slim with a great shape has really been disfigured by this surgery. The comments on her page are a must read as I have discovered so much about the downside of this surgery.

When I first came here I was looking for a doctor that could give me very aggressive lipo so I could have an unbelievable hourglass. But after hearing about the after effects of aggressive lipo on so many girls. I don't no anymore. Really aggressive lipo results in burns, lumps, uneven results, holes in people's skin and that's just the beginning. The more aggressive the lipo the more chance there is of u having long term health issues.

A lot of the reviews we base our choice of surgeon on only go up to 3 months it is very important that we look at reviews that are 12months plus and ask our doctors to give us the contact details for old patients. Any reputable doctor will do this.

Lipo is a very dangerous surgery and we need to make sure we are in really good health before we do it. The less fat that is removed the less chance there is of complications. So its best to be as close to an ideal weight as possible. Doctors still get 1000+ cc's per Butt cheek in very slim girls so try n be in as good shape as possible. And also have a back up plan for if something goes wrong. Do u have money set aside in case there are complications? I think very positively but things happen and it is important to be prepared.

Surgeons in Florida can have no malpractice insurance?

So I just found out that surgeons in Florida don't have to have malpractice insurance so basically if they mess up your body it's very hard to sue them and you will have to pay for any corrections yourself. If a doctor has malpractice insurance you are covered if there are complications. Before you do your surgery you need to ask your doctor if they have it.

Doctors in Florida don't have to have it but some still do so ask them even if it's a Florida doctor. Many doctors have opened clinics in South Florida because they are protected from malpractice suits here

the dangers of surgery and how to overcome them

Hi guys,
I have been gone for a little while. For a while I had second thoughts about going ahead with this surgery. I was reading quite a lot of bad reviews and doing research on liposuction that really made me think twice. One of the major problems with lipo is fat redistribution and the fact that fat starts to grow in places it didn't before. The good thing I discovered is that doing a bbl actually reduces this risk. Basically our bodies are used to having a certain amount of fat cells and if this number changes. Then our bodies work to take the number back up to what it was previously but as we are putting the fat back into our bodies this doesn't really affect us as much. Lipo is the most dangerous part of this surgery and I know we all want doctors to be very aggressive with the lipo I think we also need to tell our doctors that they should only go to a point that is safe as being too aggressive is why girls are left with burns.

With all the research I have done I feel confident in doing this surgery but I also realise how big a commitment it is and the dangers attached. One of the most important things is too be healthy before going in. So I'm working out and eating right. I don't want to lose too much weight cuz I know that if I go into surgery today I'm good but I want to be as strong and healthy as possible to minimise any complications.

Finally picked a Doctor

So Vanity have been acting crazy. I really wanted to go to Dr Ghurani but when I called to make my deposit they said Ghurani doesn't do bbl's on anyone over 150lbs anymore. That's the new rule as he had some issues. That I have to go with Fisher.

I saw one girls results n Fisher seems like a decent doctor but if I'm staying in the states I don't want any unnecessary headache. I would only be going to Dr Fisher cuz he is an affordable option but I'm not 100% sold and asked for b4 n after pics of previous patients that they still haven't sent.

Anyway I kept looking and I saw Dr Salzhauer. I really like his work, he seems like a fun interesting doctor that knows his stuff. Some ppl say he did Yari Sanchez and a few other video girls from what I can see so far his office is really professional and you can book an appointment to Skype with him after surgery every day. So I have a Skype date with him tomorrow. I'm gonna pray about it and if all goes well he should be my doctor

recovery house in miami

Hi guys,

Does anyone know any recovery houses in miami. Dr salzhauer doesn't have one and the only ones I know of are Dr Salama's serenity recovery house and vanity's recovery house. Does anyone have the direct contact details for either of these places as I want to find out if they will take patients who aren't having surgery with them. If anyone has any details of these or any recovery house at all in miami please let me know

Yay I found my doctor

Hey ladies,
I am so happy I have finally found my doctor. I just finished speaking to Dr Salzhauer and he is amazing. He is super funny and made me feel so at ease. We spoke for a while and he even gave me his cell phone number. He looked at my body and gave me advice and I now need to send him wish pics so he can let me know if he wants me to add any weight as I only really have fat in my tummy not in my back.

I feel so comfortable with him. He said he does approx 300 bbl's a year and is happy to provide additional pics and testimonials of past patients.

Basically I'm sold. Now it's just time to get my money right.

I'm looking at late March or April. Anyone going to Miami around that time please let me know even if it's with a different doctor.

I'm Sooo happy

Got my quote

So Dr S asked me to email him some wish pics and he replied from his personal mail after like 30 mins with recommendations and told me I can email him whenever and they will make sure that they look after me if I'm coming by myself. That they can get me a 24hr nurse at a reasonable price.

This is my first surgery and I feel so comfortable doing it here.

I got my quote too which is $7900 for da surgery and two garments.

So yeah it's a lot more than DR or vanity that I was looking at before but I think I need the extra peace of mind I will get here. I'm scared of waking up during surgery and complications after n so I feel safe here.

They have a financing plan that I know I won't be eligible for as I don't live in the US and also a layaway plan that I can use to pay in installments which I probably will use. So I have got some stacking to do. I see the whole thing costing me like $11k including flights accomodation ect but I feel like I'm making the right choice. A lot of places u don't get to speak to the doctor until your pre-op appointment but I feel that I'm investing not just financially with you but also putting my life in your hands you need to be responsive, your not doing me a favour I'm actually paying for a service.

Lol rant over but yeah I really liked him and he ensured me that I can get the results that I want.

There is a $1000 deposit required and the quote lasts for 3months which is good. There is no pressure to pay up immediatley. There is also a disclaimer that any revisions will be charged at $800 per hour which I guess seems reasonable.

If anyone is planning on going to Salzhauer in the next few months please let me know as I haven't fixed a date yet

Wish Pics

Wishes wishes wishes

Hey ladies,

So this is the look that I'm going for. I want my Butt to be very full with a lot of side projection but I don't want it to be enormous. I want the kind of body that would make a man look twice but not make a woman wanna take a photograph of me.

I know a lot of girls on here want enormous booty but I still want to look natural and be able to buy regular clothes ect.

I really want the doctor to focus on sculpting my waist. Having a really flat tummy with great curves at my waist is key. I already have an ok shape I just want that to be accentuated.

If my waist is perfect and my Butt just more rounded with added projection I will be so happy.

So many naked girls so little time

Lol so I took a pic of my colleague the other day with my phone and as she was looking at it she must have started to scroll thru my pictures. I have so many pictures of girls butt's on my phone and half naked girls she looked so embarrassed and gave me back my phone. We aren't really cool like that so neither of us said anything but in my head I was cracking up cuz I know she is thinking I must like girls or something.

Anyway waiting to hear back from Salzhauer office to see if I can get the discounted price advertised here. I will keep u posted


Got a better quote from Salzhauer

Hi Ladies

Dr Salzhauer currently has a deal on real self for BBL and three areas of lipo for $6995. I asked if I could have this deal but the doctor suggested 4 areas of lipo for me and my quote is now $7750. I don't really think I need the extra area as I don't really have any fat on my back but figure it's better to be on the safe side. Doc recommended I gain 5-10lbs before surgery so I guess he should do as many areas as possible to create the results that I want. I'm looking at late April, early May. I'm excited. I used to sell Forever Living products so I have a bunch of vitamins at home that I'm gonna start taking from now. I'm also starting to work out more as I want to be fit n toned before surgery. I know I need to gain weight but trust me that's the easiest thing for me. So wanna get really healthy then will add weight a few weeks b4 my surgery date.

I'm just scared for my boobs. As going up n down in weight quickly doesn't help them and I don't want them to sag when I lose weight after surgery

Do It Yourself -Recovery House

I really liked the idea of staying in a recovery house. I thought it would be really nice to be around other ppl who are going thru the same thing as u. I have looked online and can't find many recovery houses in miami just Salama's serenity and the one at Vanity.

I was reading Shay08's review (shout oout to her she looks really good by the way) but she found a place on airbnb and I discovered that a lot of places that advertise themselves as bed n breakfast can offer you all of the services of a recovery house some of them even finding a nurse for you. Miami is the home of surgery so a lot of these ppl are used to working with cosmetic patients.

So will do some research and let you guys know where I find :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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