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I have a relatively small frame but always had a...

I have a relatively small frame but always had a problem with my hips as they don't match my upper body ..
I have been thinking of Lipo for a very long time and went to see around 6 doctors in the past 10 years or so but always had cold feet .
I want to get rid of the extra hanging part and some trim to waist and flanks.

One day to go

I have one more day to go for my surgery and I am freaking out ..
I can barely sleep . I keep thinking of everything that could go wrong and keep questioning my judgement .
Being a mother is the worst part , I will never forgive myself if anything went wrong ,, ' hope all goes well though '
My doctor says being scared is totally normal .
I try to think of the outcome to overcome the fear , any ideas out there ?
I will post before photos soon .
Would love to hear from others that went through it .

Before photos

I am terribly nervous and my stomach is rumbling ..
Went shopping today for comfy wide clothes for after surgery.
Any tips for my anxiety :((
I can't wait for tomorrow to be over .
Pray for me

Mission accomplished

Hi .. yesterday I finally crossed over to the other side .. I was sleepy all day from the anesthesia and drugs .
Got dizzy and nauseous every time I stood up .

Going to the bathroom was a mission as the garment they got me closed with books not zipper !! Yes , around 20 or more small hooks so it takes forever to do and undo .. late at night as I was In the Bathroom I literally fainted and fell on the floor . I also threw up and felt terrible .. the pain in my thighs is bearable but my stomach and flanks I s bad especially when I move ..trying to push my self today so am sitting more around and moving and getting used tot the pain ...
Donno how I will go home

Moving around

Hi again .. I left the hospital few hours ago .. I am trying to walk and act normal but it is very difficult with all the pulling feeling .
My body still looks the same , I guess because of all the swelling .
My doctor said final results at 2 months !! That is a long time ????.
He also says I will progress as I go , I hope so . Especially my hips as he doesn't seems to have taken much form there which is worrying me , I hope that changes !

First follow up

Today I went to my first follow up appointment with my doctor ..
He said all in going normal .
I told him about my pain upon movement , he said the pain will be less everyday .
I do have a lot of swelling , he said it I normal and I can use warm presses and I can bathe when I complete a week .
I felt better after seeing him in general .
The garment is another story .. I hated it at the beginning and ordered another one with a zipper but when I tried it it turned up to be worse !!
I am daring the time when I get my period , Donno how will manage .. the lady selling the garments said she can do any adjustments like widening the opening at the bottom to make it easier to go tot the bathroom ..will see about that .

First shower !

Today I had my first shower after a week from my surgery ...
It felt good to feel the water but my stomach looked and felt very weird and rigid also very swollen still .. too many bruises on my hips and highs but not very painful .
I couldn't stand for long so I had to send it soon .. I was told not to scrub so still couldn't remove the doctor's marker marks on my body .. but feel a little cleaner at least .

Another thing , I got my period today and I hope it won't get messy with the garment ..
I had it adjusted and asked for the lower opening to be bigger , hope this works .
Still weak and in pain when moving between positions !
My doctor says all normal but seems am just not a good healer .

Almost two weeks

Pain is much better but still very swollen and still can't fit into my clothes .
I can see some nice shape to my body forming but can't decide till the swelling is gone . The Doctor and his staff were very friendly all along .
Will post some pics soon .

Liposculpture .. after 3 weeks

I am glad finally time passed .. my pain is much better but still some stinging and discomfort. I am still swollen and still canMy totally fit in my normal clothes . Doctor says it takes a while to see final results.. I can see a difference in the shape without clothes but not yet that visible with them as I still feel they r not fitting properly yet .. I went today to try some clothes in a shop and finally saw a nice shape in clothes ( picture attached ) I never looked good in a jumpsuit but now seems I do .
I still wish that the doctor had taken more from my hips though... I hope that will change with time .. I started velashape 3 according to doctor's advice to enhance recovery and remove more fat ..
My biggest fear now is to gain weight while in recovery which will sure affect final results... still can't tell whether it is the swelling or may be weight gain that is causing my clothes not to fit yet !!
A friend told me it took her a couple of months to wear her clothes back as she was swollen ... fingers crossed .
I have been haunting my doctor with questions and he has been very nice and patient so far .

1 month update

It has been almost a month ... not very happy and not sure about how I look .
Sometimes I feel good and other times I feel I am still hippy ... donno if i have gained more weight or my surgeon just didn't remove enough fat from my hips and thighs .i. This pic it looks nice but I already looked ok in these pants before so can't really tell..
No one noticed any difference on my body yet ..
I am still doing Vella shape 3 , doctor said it can make dramatic changes once done but still have to see ...
one lady told me the hips part results usually show the last ... is that true ?
I feel I have to lose more weight for my hips to shrink , I thought is I do the surgery I wouldn't have to worry about weight as much !
In general , pain is much better but my back and sides are still very sensitive .. started to get fed up of the garment but doctor says 2 more weeks to go so will wait .
My biggest fear is that after all of this suffering I end up with very minor changes !
Fingers crossed ..

2 months post liposculpture

I just reached two month post surgery ..
I went for my follow up at 6 weeks hoping I will get rid of my garment but doctor thought I should wear it for two more weeks and I did .
I still have some problems with my stomach .. a couple of lumps and a hollow spot .. I had 4 sessions of velashapeIII and 3 coaxmed sessions and one more to go ( last two are free) .
Not sure what to expect from them .. it is supposed to speed my healing and further reduce my hips size which I wasn't very happy with . They say results take a month to show .
As for the results so far , I am not fully happy as :
1.my torso is so small and thin now ( too much fat was removed in my opinion and I didn't have much to begin with )
2. My hips needed more removed and with my torso and waistline being smaller the proportion problem I suffered from before between upper and lower body still exists !
3. I noticed that the upper pasty of my stomach wrinkles when I bend which scares me.. seems that fat was acting as a cushion and now it is only skin without a cushion ( see pics)
Doctor was ready to do a retouch on my hips for free if o decide to but I am kind of not sure I want to go through it again .
Tomorrow I am seeing him to discuss it further and whether we can do something with the stomach wrinkles ( may be put back some fat from hips ????) donno is that is possible !

Bumpy stomach after lipo

After 10 weeks of my surgery and finally getting rid of the garment I get to examine the changes .
I can't deny that my body shaped has sure improved but not exactly what I had in mind .
My hips r still a little wide and my torso is tinier than what I have wished for ..
my main concern now though is the bumps on my stomach especially around my belly button . My husband saw my stomach for the first time after surgery and he had a weird look on his face saying what is this ?! He also didn't like the incisions which turned brown . Doctor said he can do a revision at no cost to suck more from my hips and may be use the fat to even up the uneven areas on my stomach .. I haven't read anywhere on real self of anyone that transferred fat to their stomach so I am not sure how useful that will be .. he also mentioned that he has special fillers for post lipo .
I went for a massage today and had the lady focus on my stomach and initially I felt it helped soften lumpy areas but still need more sessions. Me and the doctor decided to wait one more month before we make the final decision and to see how my healing goes with time .. especially that I am totally a slow healer .
I am totally not keen on another lipo session even though dr says we can do it under local anesthesia. Anyone had a similar problem with their stomach ?

Stomach Irregularities after lipo- I am devastated and feel I am in a nightmare ????????

I don't know where to start but I just can't hold me tears .
I can't believe I did this to myself .
I only wanted better proportion and was mainly bothered by my hips .. I initially only wanted to get rid of that and when I took the step finally I saw 3 doctors and they all started pointing at my stomach and flanks before addressing my hips .. having heard it from 3 doctors I thought that was the thing to do and it comes with it .
Right after surgery I had soooo much pain especially in my stomach and sides and wished I had only gone with the hips and I was right even though it was so early then .
Now I am sure I should have followed my units instinct. Too late for that now .
I followed al the instructions religiously .. I paid for 4 velashape 3 sessions and 4 coaxmed ( last two were free) .I wore the garment for over 2 moths 24/7 . I started massages as was told and I am getting professional focused ones now .
My doctor is very nice and open to do a retouch for free but he says he didn't have to de much in the past as it rarely happened with 'his hands' as he says .
Well I was told he was good that is why I went to him .
I just hate to have to go through it again. My recovery was already very painful .
And my hips are not as small as I have wished for . My PS, Dr. Mazen offered to do the whole retouch for free and tried to calm me down that all will be ok .
He says he had one similar case and after the retouch she was much better and happy .I can't keep the positive attitude anymore especially after reading a lot of RS about cases that can't be resolved barely only improved . I am also confused as seems some doctors are not sure whether the lumps are dead fat or remaining fat or fibroids or scars !! I will continue aggressive massage .. it might improve (I hope ) but the. If question is : Since it seems I will eventually need a retouch shall I wait the 6 months as most doctors recommend or do it after 3 or 4months ?
I hope someone is hearing me on this platform and has some thoughts or experiences to share with me and help me .

Photos of irregularities

Sorry I forgot to add some photos but in real it looks worse .

I want my fat back ????????????????

Hi girls .. whoever is reading if there is anyone reading this as I only got two brief comments since I started writing .
I am feeling so down and have a lot of regrets . I don't know if this is a result of a miss communication with my doctor or my own greed to have it all!
As I have mentioned before my problem was lack of proportion between my upper and lower body . I had a small torso to begin with all my life and bigger hips . I was lucky that I kept a decent weight till lately where I started to get alarmed over the weight gain so I gained some in my stomach and flanks but still not much on my upper torso .
I thought removing my hips or outer thighs would do it and that is what I aimed for and I had said that tot my doctor several times and he still took more from my upper body than lower .. although body contour looks better overall , the proportion issue is still the same . I lost some weight lately thinking it will improve my lower section but I feel It showed more on my upper body rather than down and this is freaking my out . And of course the irregularities on my stomach are killing me . Do you think my surgeon can fix the proportion again . Can he send some fat back up ?
Dr. Mazen Aljanabi

So far both the staff and doctor were so friendly .. will wait to see after the surgery .

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