42 Years, No Kids, Pre Op 32 Small B, Post Op C / D Cup, 325 Cc Mentor Medium Plus. Abu Dhabi, AE

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Hi I live in Abu Dhabi and I had my breasts done...

Hi I live in Abu Dhabi and I had my breasts done only two days ago . So far I have not seen the final result but had a really good experience with Dr Reuter and his fantastic team at the Harley Street Medical Clinic in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He is a German doctor and his anesthesia doctor is from L.A. with German descent. The most encouraging part was when you come out of surgery and everybody seems to be really excited about your boobs;). I stayed the first night in the hospital because it was an option and it was a very wise choice . It gave me time for myself and also access to better pain relief through an IV. Also peace of mind in case something would've gone wrong . Today is day two and I can still feel a lot of pressure and pain and massive tightness on the side of my breasts but otherwise I feel good . It is not really that fast recovery that I was hoping for as they advertise in the U.S. but I do think that I will feel better very soon and that the surgeon did a fantastic job. Today is Thursday and already on Sunday I will have all the tapes come off and will only have to wear a sports bra. Will post an update for sure...

Day 8

Hi today is day and I felt pretty ok in the morning but still can't get myself to stop the ibuprofen since it feels uncomfortable if I do. I had some bruising left and right on the sides of my body which was painful under the bras and have started applying Voltaren instead of Arnica spray which tight away helped with the swelling and bruising a bit! Did 45 min of cardio on a recumbent bike and some leg exercises and some easy arm lifts for shoulders s d biceps only so proud of myself. Unfortunately around lunchtime I got so tired that I slept but it was a really stressful sleep and woke unfeeling worse. Now I have a constant feeling as if I have a temperature but thermometer says all is ok (36.8C). I hope tomorrow will be better. Here some updates for day8.

Day 14 post op

Hi today is day 14 I feel pretty good and I have not been taking any ibuprofen for a day now only Panadol which at the moment is pretty okay. My breasts are still feeling very tight and look like bullets ;) but otherwise seem to be healing well. I only feel the tightness really a lot in the morning and sometimes during the day which reminds me to take another Panadol which kind of takes away that feeling of tightness, as well. I still have some tenderness and bruising on the side of my rib cage but I am using Voltaren daily and that seems to help. My husband has decided he does not want to see the girls until it is the final result ;) so it's going to be a long stretch haha. What I really liked is that they've given me a silicon scar cream which seems to work really well and covers and protects the scar every day. I don't have any itching or pain around the scars. Just really hope that the implants drop pretty fast and that I can get back to normal activity. As I posted in my reply to one of you guys, I started working out easily on the recumbent bike for about 30 min cycling and also done some core and lower body workouts which has been really good and makes me feel a lot better. Also some easy slow mobility and gently stretching exercises so I am not as hunched over as I felt in the beginning. What at the moment still feels really weird is when I am I the car, the seatbelt bugs me and for some reason I can really feel the implants in that position. Anyone else has some experiences here?

Day 19

Hi, almost 3 weeks today and still feeling right when I wake up but deginitiv the Elephabt has been lifted off my chest. Breasts are really sensitive at the moment so was wearing some tape across the nipples and will try the small silicon nipple covers, feels like everyone is looking at my nipples. Must be because I am not use to wearing bras without padding. Feel so much more comfortable going out and wearing outfits where it is not too obvious that I had something done when I meet friends/ business partners who don't know. So far don't think anyone is really sure since it is not in their face and will slowly ease them and myself into it. At the end none of their business and as someone in this forum has said: once you tell you cannot untell which is very true. Using panadol at the moment every few hours, don't really have pain just feel if I don't take it I feel generally uncomfortable if that makes sense? Otherwise love my new look, so nice to fill out anything I wear, can't wait to be wearing other than sports bras! Right now any bra with a too thin edge is uncomfortable after an hour or so;(. Also my weight stayed kind of the same ( minus the 0.65kg of boob gain ;) but just saw that my body fat increased which sucks. That basically means I am losing my strength/ muscle tissue which is a bit annoying but hope it will not affect me too much;(. I used to teach Body pump and RPM so my body is obviously feeling that I have stopped doing that for some weeks now.

6.5 weeks post ip

It is so great to be working out properly again but taking it easy. Did some push ups on my knees a few days a go and was surprised how normal it felt. Want to go back to teaching Body Pump again soon so need to start training;). Went to VS yesterday but took me at least an hour trying on bras since I am between 3 sizes. In most shops I am a 34 C or 32 D, in some bras a 32DD at VS! Very confusing! But at the same time super proud, I keep on selecting the wrong sizes and then when I try on the bras it is weird that the one with the big cup actually fits haha. So cool not having to select an B cup anymore and be told that I am a bigger size. How is everyone else? Are your bra sizes clear or are you also floating between different sizes?

Pictures 6.5 weeks post op

7.5 weeks update

Just thought I post a 7.5 week
Update wearing a really nice VS sports bra. I also taught my first Body Pump class yesterday and it went awesome. Only had to take my weights down about 1/3 but only for the chest and legs otherwise all my weights were the same! Pretty good, especially after a break from teaching for almost 4 months! Also decided to do cryotherapy ( the 3 min freeze) for faster muscle recovery after each workout when I started training a few days prior to my class and it was awesome, only a little sore muscle in my hamstrings otherwise nowhere else. Not sure if everyone was looking at my Boobs when I was stretching but otherwise no one commented so that was good;) Do not want my BA to be in everyone's face and too obvious a natural result. Been very happy so far but still have tightness a bit when I first wake up in the morning. Can't wait to see them drop...

Itchy skin between the breasts

Hi, I have really itchy skin between the breast with breakouts and pimples for the past two weeks. I read that it is due to skin stretching, nerv endings healing etc and that it will go away. I bought an anti sebum, oily skin wash and am putting antibacterial cream on it which is helping a bit. Any other suggestions, anyone else has the same problem? It just doesn't look nice on top of being uncomfortable...;(

8 weeks /2 months tomorrow

So I cannot belieeeeve it has been 8 weeks already. Done 4 body pump and 2 rpm classes and all went great! Been cycling and walking doggies and may try a tennis lesson again this week. Still a lot of dropping to do when you look from the side but can definitely see they are getting softer from the front. Been doing the massages twice a day and do really think it works. Also am stretching out my chest and posture muscles a lot during the day and I really think that helps with relaxing the muscles in the chest and also to help with any posture related back pain. During the day I actually don't really feel them anymore, they are completely a part of me ( yeayh), but at night when I take off my bra I can feel that they are stiffening a bit and they feel a bit tight. How is everyone else doing?

Just after week 9 and feel weird sleeping without a bra

Hi, recovery has been good and I can definitely feel that my breasts are getting softer and are sitting lower ( yeayh). Workouts are completely up to
normal with all weight exercise, body pump and so on and may start playing tennis again soon. The only worry there is that when I sleep I wake up with a bit of stiff breasts and it feels as if the breasts move too much sideways( towards the armpits) when I am on my back and that worries me since I am surely still healing? I wonder if that is just me being paranoid or should I wear a bra during the night ? I started wearing a sports bra again a few times at night and it feels a lot more secure that way. Did anyone else have the same concerns?

Posting my pre OP photos and the progression.

Progression so far

Pre OP, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months

3 months today

So, it's 3 months exactly today and posting my update pictures. All feeling good, scar is looking good but still feeling the weight of the implants when lying down or getting up. Does anyone else still have morning boob at this point?

3 months update continued

Here a few more bra pictures with an unlined and non wire VS bra. Loving the look;).

3 months in VS sport bra

Just for fun. 3 months in a VS Sport Bra and a tank top.

3.5 months update

Hi everyone thought I post an update at 14 weeks. Not much to report, feel they are getting softer but can still feel the shifting of the weight aka implant in the morning when I roll to the side to get up ( very weird feeling) and the nerve endings still regenerating on the sides near my ribs but otherwise all ok and I love them. Still feel they are sitting a bit high from the side and since I train I have a feeling that due to the muscle work in the chest they may have not yet fully relaxed... How is every episode else feeling at 3 months plus?

6 month boobie bday

Tomorrow I have my 6 months post OP celebration. Time went by so fast! Especially between 3-6 months. They have definitely dropped and are so much softer!
I still feel the implant shifting when getting up in the morning but otherwise completely forget that I had them done;) Have also been teaching and weight training and now all my weights are back to pre OP normal. 10 kg for the chest track in Body Pump is easy. The only time I feel a weird pull is when I swim ( breast stroke), I can really feel the muscle tightening around the implant so I don't like doing that... Anyone else has the same sensation? Posting some photos of today, do you girls think they dropped/ look more natural?

One year and 2 weeks update

I think the pictures speak for themselves, no problems at all, loving my girls and just wish I would have done it earlier. They look very natural without a bra and have actually reduced a tiny bit in size over the last 6 months or it may be because the implants shifted into a lower position. The only time I sometimes feel slightly strange is when I lay on my side at night and then get up, so sometimes feel a shift or a slight pull from the implants but otherwise no complaints. How is everyone coping with the weird feeling to have a massage and implants being pushed sideways while lying on your belly and when the therapists applies pressure on your back? That is the only time I feel a bit worried that it might affect the implants position. Any feedback on this, similar experiences? I tend to now put a rolled up towel underneath my chest which kind of helps.
Dr Chris Reuter

Very knowledgable and caring German doctor I was lucky enough to find in the UAE.

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