Absolutely Horrible Experience

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I signed on for treatments at the Personal Touch...

I signed on for treatments at the Personal Touch Med-Spa Clinic in Myrtle Beach, SC. After 4 visits I had no results and the most painful experience of my life to date. I was having my double-chin "dissolved". The doctor was not experienced in this area to the point they called in a specialist from Colorado for an intervention type consultation. After returning for a 5th treatment, I was swollen for 5 days from my eyelids to my breatbone. I looked like Jaba-the-Hut. The recommended Tylenol for pain releif did not come close to releiving my discomfort. Upon speaking w/ the owner of the clinic. His solution was to basically turn me into a narcotics junkie in order for me to "achive the results I was looking for". No thanks! Oh, if you think after siging up for these treatments and they don't work or the pain is too much to bare and you elect not to continue, you'll be refunded your money or a proration. Forget it. I was actually told by the owner, Eric Wilson, "I'm not giving you one penny back". STAY AWAY FROM THE PERSONAL TOUCH MED-SPA CLINIC in MYRTLE BEACH, SC.
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