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Hey guys! I finally booked my BA for October 16th...

Hey guys! I finally booked my BA for October 16th in Bristol TN with Dr. Emory! I've decided to go with saline and I'm thinking 400-450ccs. My one big question is should I go over or under the muscle? I'm about a 34B right now and both breasts are exactly the same size (I'm 21-21-21) I'm going for a full round look. I'm 5'6 150 pounds (I'm bigger on the bottom haha) and I really want a small D/full C. Any tips, hints, advice, etc. are welcome :)

15 days until my BA

I'm 15 days away from my surgery and I'm surprisingly calm. I finally decided on 475cc saline mod+ under the muscle maybe filled to 500-525cc. I've been getting everything ready for when I come home! My prescriptions are filled and I was wondering if I should bring them with me on the day of surgery? I've also been caking on the coco butter hoping to prevent stretch marks! I have bought 5 front clasp sports bras one under armour, one Bally, two from JC Penny (they were 2 dollars), and one from burkes outlet that was 65 CENTS (yes cents lol) I'm getting really excited and I love all of you guys for sharing your stories! :)


Im making my grocery list for after surgery! What are some necessities you girls recommend? Food, pillows, medicine, etc. Anything will be helpful :)

Help :(

I'm getting a cold and I'm only 9 days away from surgery! This CANNOT be happening. I know we are limited on the meds we can take but I'm starting to feel a little miserable in my sinuses. Any advice?

Hey Beauties!

As I'm having my morning coffee I can't stop thinking about the profile that was selected for me. All the pictures I love are high profile and I'm getting there a big difference in these? I'm not "thin" I'm curvy and my boobs aren't tiny, just not big enough for me lol! Maybe I'm psyching myself out since my surgery is only a week away! Also, my cold is nearly gone..thank you for all the sweet messages! I'm going to post a few pics and I'm a little nervous, but I think it will make it easier to understand what I'm saying..last night I decided to change my hair color too! I'm all about change right now! Love y'all and I hope you're healing nicely!

2 days away..

It's getting super close to my surgery date and I'm starting to get a little anxiety. I've never had an IV or been put to sleep before so that's the only part I'm nervous about. I got my grocery shopping done and prescriptions filled. I'm ready to get this over with and have amazing boobs lol any advice on having a pretty smooth recovery??


Tomorrow is the day! My surgery time is 11:15. I'm still feeling really calm about everything except the IV. I'm doing saline 475 filled to 525 crease incision under the muscle. I have my pillows ready and my house is boobie proof. Thanks for all of the y'all :)

On my way to the surgery center!

We are en route to the surgery center! I'm still really calm and I hope I remain this way lol I'll post when I wake up and get settled :)

On my way home!

Surgery went amazing! I'm feeling great with no pain, just pressure..I'm currently enjoying a peanut butter milkshake from Dairy Queen lol thanks for everything girls..I love y'all :)

Starting to get sore!

Okay, Im feeling good so ill post about my procedure. I arrived at 11:15 and they took me right back. I did my urine sample and she started my IV which I DID NOT feel..thank goodness! I then sat there for 2 hours waiting on surgery. The anticipation nearly killed me lol! Then they wheeled me to the OR and I didn't even count..I was out lol I woke up feeling AMAZING! No pain meds needed in recovery! The 2 hour ride home wasn't bad either and the bumps didn't hurt! I hope everyone else had an amazing procedure today! I just referred to y'all as "sisters" to my mom lol I couldn't have done it without yalls support! I ended up with 525ccs under the muscle saline mod+ :) get to see them tomorrow!!

One question:
I took my pain meds, muscle relaxer, and anti nausea medication about an hour ago but I'm feeling very sore! Does it take a little bit to get them in your system?


Morning/nap boob is NO joke! Any advice to make it easier? I've heard standing up but I'm super sore!

Quick question!

Quick question...has anyone felt like the Percocet isn't working? I'm thinking about trying Tylenol extra strength. Any Advice??


How long does it usually take for the bloating to go away? I'm taking a herbal laxative and drinking a lot of fluids. I literally look pregnant lol

Post op day 3

I'm still pretty sore in the mornings, but as soon as I get up the pain subsides. My bloating is going down but they still feel like bricks on my chest. The surgical bra is miserable! I wish they would drop some :( but I know it's still early for that. I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard at times. I go Monday to go over some massages and I can't wait because they are SO tight right now! Happy healing to everyone!


I had a BM and I feel AMAZING lol TMI but I had to share! It honestly makes you feel so much better!

Post op day 4

I figured I would upload a "before massages" picture since I get to start them tomorrow! I can't wait for them to drop a little :)


All I can say is OUCH! I went to my apt today and the nurse went over the 3 massages I need to do 3 times a day. Hopefully I make it through this doing it by myself lol

Sorry guys

I had to remove the pictures of my breasts due to receiving some unacceptable messages. I hope y'all understand :( ill continue posting but no more pics due to people misusing this website.

Post op day 6

NO MORNING BOOB!!!!! Thank god!! And I'm back to sleeping on my side. I woke up a little sore from my massages yesterday..hopefully that's normal! :)


My massages make me very uncomfortable but they are working wonders. Although I don't feel like I'm doing them as good as my nurse did, I'm doing my best! I just took a shower and did them but now I feel swollen like!'s some pics :)


I forgot to ask..I'm getting my stitches out Friday! Does it hurt? And will I be able to wear a normal sports bra and burn this surgical one? lol

Happy Birthday to my girls!

I made it a week with my new boobies! Hopefully the worst is behind me now. My incisions are really itchy..I get my stitches out Friday thank goodness!!

Do any of you guys have any advice on taking a bath and washing your hair? I'm going back to work tomorrow and I'm still struggling with washing my hair (I've been going to bed with it wet) Any advice will be awesome! I have two steri strips on each but they aren't on my actual incision! Also, when did yall start wearing normal sports bras?? Thanks guys and happy healing!

12 days post op

Hey girls! It's been a while so I figured I would post an update. I'm now 12 days post op and I'm feeling AMAZING! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Last Friday I had my stitches removed and it was hands down the worst part of the entire surgery lol my right was really stubborn and would not come out. She tugged and tugged until it finally came out. My left was a total breeze and I barely even felt it. I don't go back for 3 more weeks! I'm dropping and fluffing nicely and my implants feel so real and squishy! I think I'm going to end up being a D cup because my XL sports bras are really snug! I've been wearing the barely there sports bras and they are so comfy! If you guys have any questions feel free to ask me :)

2 months post op :)

Hey guys! It's been a while since I updated so I figured I would tell you girls how I've been doing. I'm almost to the 2 month post op date and I feel amazing!

My boobs before were a 34a/b and now I'm a 36 DD according to Victoria's Secret. Recovery has been a breeze (after I got through the stitches lol) and I am LOVING my new boobs! Feel free to ask me any questions :)

7 months post op :)

Hey guys! I'm excited that I've made it to the 7 month post op mark! Everything is going great and is finally falling into place lol I'm so happy with my results!! Feel free to ask any questions. I did 525 saline mod + under the muscle. I'm now a 36 DD :)
Williamsburg Plastic Surgeon

Dr Emory has made me feel so comfortable and at ease with everything. I highly recommend him and his staff! He has the nicest group of women working with him. I'm so glad I chose him!

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