having a tt mr and breast lift january 27th 2014... dream come true

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I am a mother of 4 . Oldest is almost 9 so I have...

I am a mother of 4 . Oldest is almost 9 so I have been waiting a long time. In March 2014 I am having a tummy tuck and breast lift!! Then after about 6 months after I will go back for Lipo. Anyone else doing this is march? Or similar? This is a dream for me that is going to come true. It just feels like forever and a day away :) any help advice or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Might be changing date to earlier

I read my post and I am so sorry I
Not good at this stuff. My oldest is almost 21 and my youngest is almost 9, I am looking march 10th for my surgery which I have scheduled but I am looking to possible change to January will know in Abt a week or so,

an earlier date woohoo!!!!!

So I have moved up my surgery date to February 3rd 2014!!! I am so super excited . I have my pre open on January 14th and get my blood work on January 31st. I am slowly collecting things I will need for after my surgery and just research ing when I have time. After my surgery I plan on going in for later hair removal and then in October I am going to have my Lipo done. I figure do the tt Mr and lift first heal then go back for the contouring. The only thing I am having a hard time with is do I just do life or have augmentation I don't think I really wAnt them bigger but I would like them to look full and round.

60 days to go!!!

Question so when should I post pics? I am really nervous cause I am gross but I know it can be helpful. Also I am aiming to lose ten more pounds I just get UN motivated need help!! So I am super excited and can't wait it just sucks cause very few people know what I am doing and the people who do know I don't want to talk all the time about the surgery expectations etc but I am so excited. My husband said I can talk to him about it anytime I want but I feel like I'm.boring him :( so if y'all find me on here talking random this is my go to.place :)

56 days and counting!!!

So nothing has changed at this point. I am trying to maintain my weight till after holidays the hoping to lose 5 to 10 more. Man me and hubby have going through pics starting from 2000 I think and each year I am so different like in my weight. I was so skinny in a lot of my pics and I cant believe I used to complain all the time... man what was I thinking. Still super excited and time seems to be going by pretty quick. I like getting on rs and reading blogs and looking at pics. I keep asking my husband if he is sure a bl is good or should I get them bigger ir not bigger I just want to make sure they look rounded and full cant wait to see dr on jan 14th I can ask him. Hey so when should I post my pics I was waiting till January is that good?? K hope everyone has had a great day and I appreciate all the stories and ideas Take care

49 days and counting!!!

So it seems to be going by fast. Going to try and post some pics in the next few days with my weight and stats then again right before surgery and of course after but no judging lol I know the next few weeks will go fast. Again my pre open is Jan 14th and the 31 st I get my blood work done .

oh something else

So last night j 3rd my hubby I feel bad admitting this but even though I want a nicer body for him I am doing this for myself. He said thank God I have been waiting for you to admit that. I laughed!! I feel bad but it is for me and I deserve it and it is going to mAke a difference all the way around but I can feel like a girl again . And I must say j have the best husband ever and he is doing everything to make this dream come true for me. Does he think I need it no he says I am perfect in his eyes but he knows how bad and how long I have been waiting. I love him

date change again !!!!

So I was on my way back from Dallas yesterdAy and the Dr office called and asked if I would be willing to change my apt to the 26th of January!!! Of course I had to go over with my husband mom an pop but they said it would be cine so it's confirmed. The pre open is the same day and the blood work will.be the 24th. So I figured I better get going on my pics and stats it's so humiliating to me but I am hoping it will help someone out there just like I have been helped by so many I will also post my stats an then I will do more pics the day before surgery cAuse I would like to.lose 5 pounds nothing drastic . K thanks ladies for reading and th idea's and support and goo luck to everyone in there journeys

its the official count down!!!!

28days and I will b in the flat side!!! I am so excited can't wait. I am trying to get my house in top shape so when k am down for a few days it will be ok. I am still nervous something will go wrong at my pre open but I am going to try and stay positive . I am also going to stay busy like tomorrow is new years on the 9 th I have some training 10th is my 38 th birthdAy 14 th pre open and consultation for hair removal :) so I think the next two week will go fast!! I hope everyone had a greAt x mas. Also have a happy and safe New year. Think we r going to just watch a movie. K instill be back in a few days.

cant believe this is going to happen

So 25days to go!!! I can't believe this is really going to happen. I read all the reviews and think man that's going to be me soon. I am trying to stay busy to help time go by. I have so many questions I keep coming up with so I think today I am going to make a list for the Dr. I have bought some supplies but not sure exactly how many things I should get. I know right before I am going to get sugar free hello cups and protein bars fruit and I have my protein shakes. Also my mom has a.shower stool and walker I can use. Oh and we did buy new pillow so I saved the old ones to use for props. I am worried how my husband is going to handle this. He really hates when I am in pain :( I am totally cleaning the.entire house organizing etc it is going to kill me not to be able to do anything so the more I have done the more I can rest and not feel guilty. Hubby will take 3 days off to be with me plus then I have my mom's help and my boys will b in school so that will be nice. Anyways just rambling. If I want to post pics but I am super embarrassed I toon a few saw them said omg and deleted them lol plus.I don't know how to use my kindle cAmera but flip the cAmera around does that make sense if yall n o how please message me. K I am going to go get stuff done have a good day

ok here aresome pictures just warning ya

Ok so these were hard to take and very depressing!! But I did it so y'all can see me before and then understand why I am doing this. The over hang in front was from when I had a partial hysterectomy. Also I don't know if you can see I have a long scare on my left that's from back surgery. So I said before I have had 4 boys Margaret was 10 11 and smallest 9 9 so big boys lol. Right now I weight any185 and the area around my belly button is 36 inches. I took the measurement so we can maybe see if that changes. K hope this helps oh and please be nice

one more things with pics

I forgot to add I am 5 foot 10. Ok that way if anyone is trying to compare well there yak go. If I can lose 5 to 10 pounds I will take pics the night before surgery

i am a big baby

I am.on real self kids are still.sleeping so I am.hiding out in my room where it is quiet :) such a mom thing lol anyways I am reading everyone's reviews and I just can't believe I am really doing this and it is right around the corner it makes me cry. ( happy tears) but I am.nervous I will be shot down what if at my pre open they say they can't do or what if while.in surgery I wake up and they did nothing omg I am crazy I know. But when I went in to Dr just.for consultation my bp went up and its because I have anxiety and was really nervous it only happens when I am super nervous. So that's why j am afraid something will go wrong . Well I love hearing from every one and hearing about everything. Have a good day

3weeks to go!!

So I am pretty happy I have been walking and started running again and as of yesterday lifting some weights. Now I am.not a runner so I was happy when me and my husband ran almost two miles yesterdAy without stopping :) my husband is in shape and has been lifting for awhile well most his life but he described to start walking and running with me to and I love it cAuse we get to connect and talk. But I have lost 2 pounds woo goo. I have decided 2014 is the year I am going to take my body back I am going to work out eat healthy etc. So the kids go back to school tomorrow then I am going to plan dinners and see what else I need.to get before surgery. My.mom is going to help out a lot and j think she is very excited about it. My hubby took a few days off work so I will deff hAve support around. If it was.not for my husband mom and dad this would.not be happening and I don't know how I can ever say thank you enough. Ok so I am just rambling. Anyways 21 days and counting almost to the teens. Thanks for listening :)

miss spelling

Ok so I see when I do updates on my phone or kindle I suck with the spelling lol anyways I wanted to apologize so im sorry :)
Also I wanted to say thankyou to my husband for making my dream come true and supporting me in the choice. You have no idea what this means to me. :)

16days to go!!

So I am super excited got my Dr paid in full !!!!! Also I only want to lose 5 more pounds by surgery I have lost 4 as of this morning when I weighed. I am writing down my measurements but since I saw the Dr in November I have lost like 3 inches around my stomach. I am working hard to make a life style change and its working :) how is everybody doin in rs land?

2 weeks to go!!

Cant believe I am two weeks away is crazy. My husband said this is the longest countdown ever 10 years 9 years etc lol. Super excited my pre op Tuesday morning. Going to make a to do list today I want my house totally cleaned and all linen etc washed before hand so it will be pretty easy on hubby. Its super nice my mom will be helping and I have to aunts that have offered to help as well. There are some people I have not told like my husbands side of the family but they don't live by me and then my dad and brother and one of my sisters. I just don't want to be judged. Plus I will see my dad in feb and I want to see if he will be able to tell I have made some changes :) then I will tell him. How is everyone else doing? Being able to get onto rs has really helped me a lot. Reading reviews looking at picks rambling when needed. Its def been a calming point for me. If any one has ideas etc please let me no. Cant wait to be on the flat side!!

wanted to apologize

So yes looking at my before pics omg I look really grumpy I want to remove them and redo. Seriously I am not a grumoy person I tend to smile and laugh a lot. Oh and I am really happy most morning it drives my kids crazy I like to sing them awake haha SO any ways sorry again I think I was concentrating waaaaay to hard lol

pre op

Ok so got my pre op done with dr today!!! He is oh my gosh amazing. Has no problems answering all my questions goes over things I may not have thought about listens is not in a hurry etc. Also he thinks I will be super super happy with my results. I was concerned abt my breasts he said he ancors them up really high as he can get the knowing they are going to drop alittle plus with natural againg but he said they will never go back to where they are now. Woo Hoo for that oh and they wont look like I have a ski slope on top. Tummy he will do the incision as low as he can make it keeping in mind something about being able to move the bb correctly with out have to cut up and down as well. Which we both don't want. Oh they also had me get this stuff call magnesium citrate which I am to do Saturday before and it just clears your bowels out before surgery. The nurse said it will help but to also take stool softeners since pain meds stop ya up. I got my two prescriptions and that stuff to drink and it was on 24$ cheap I was super excited. I don't have ins so I thought it was going to be a lot more. So I have a pre op at hospital Tuesday and they will give me my surgery time then. Also I will have 4 drain tubes the two for my breasts will be removed when I come home from the hospital. ( its an over night stay) the other two I will have in for 1-2 weeks. Oh and I can shower the next day he does not believe in making you wait. So ye I am pretty happy about that. I am super excited this is just to crazy for me. My husband and kiddos have been very supportive and understanding :) My mom and pop and hubby just want my dreams to come true and they surely are!!

7 more days EEEEEK!!

So 7 more days to go and this time next week I will be on the flat side. WOW that's all I can say. Everytime I get on RS now I cry I have no idea why I think cause I am just in disbelief and excited nervous. This is totally emotional for me cause I have waited so dang long. To finally feel like a girl again maybe even sexy and look good in my clothes and be able to buy panties that are super cute and not have my gut hang over them. Oh and by the way I did go buy two pair from vickies something I have always wanted to be able to wear hope they work out :) So tomorrow I get my blood work done and pre op at hospital also will find out time of surgery then after that its the hurry up and wait game blah but hey I have something to look forward to tomorrow. Then I think I will go to dillards with my mom. I do have to say my husband mom and step dad aka pop have been so supportive and excited for me its been amazing. I hope once everyone else finds out they will be nice. Ok so I hope everyone waiting there turn is super excite and ready and for those who have crossed over congrats and good luck with heeling :)

hospital pre op done

So yesterday I had my pre op at the hospital and got my blood work done. Found out I have to be at hospital at 7:30 Monday morning!!! OMG this is really happening I am so so stinkin happy!!!! My mom took me shopping after appointments yesterday and today I have been busy doing random cleaning and lunch with the kiddos at school etc. I bought a few more supplies and made me alittle thing that holds all my meds etc and I will do one with sugar free jello cups protein bars and I don't know what else. I wanted healthy stuff that I can just grab when I need to take meds etc. This weekend will be interesting since I am supposed to drink that magnesium citrate Saturday morning so yeah woohoo starting off my Saturday poopin lol . Think it will be a rest day at home. I bought some wipies toilet wipes and gauze at the store today to add to my supplies. Ok so 5 more sleeps and I will be on the flat side. :)

so i told some family members

SO I descided to tell my sister brother and dad. Yea well my brother and his wife were pretty supportive my brother was even being encouraging. Man was not expecting that but super happy. Told my dad holy crap that went way worse then I thought it would. He was very upset/mad he asked why would I do that to myself, I need counsling, I am going to cheat on my husband, why not take my family on nice vacation. I told him I deserve this and I told him why and he said so because your a mom you deserve and laughed needless to say the subject got changed. :( What sucks more is he wil be vising on the 15 th and my husband is not happy and I am afraid there will be an argument . I have to make a two hour drive on the 14th to my sisters to see him and kida don't want to now plus I don't know how I will feel. Any ideas or suggestions? Any who 2014 is my year and I will be changing a lot so I am super excited for me :) K Thanks for listening

i am so emotional lol

SO ok lets see what has gone on um I have been staying super busy. Yesterday I went to the mall took hubby to lunch and went to natural grocers ( I love that store) Today I did my grocery shopping and made sure I stocked up on certain stuff plus I got me some gowns and zip front sport bras made me a little thing with munchies in it so I don't have to have people always get me something if I am hungry plus I will put bottled water in it too. Got my house mostly cleaned will finish tomorrow and my moms as well. SO tomorrow I have to drink the magnesium citrate so not looking forward to that lol Guess I will make sure kindle is charged if I am on toilet for a few hours haha oh and the hospital called and changed my time I have to be at the hospital at 530 am surgery at 730!!!!!! (Monday) I keep crying all day cause I cant believe this is happening I am excited nervous etc How is everyone else doing??

few last minute pics

Ok so here are some last minute pics I am also having a breast lift. Wanted to give my stats as well
Weight 183
Waist 32
Tummy at BBC 35 in morning 36 at night
Hips 42
Oh and I am 5 10 so now we all no and after surgery I will do more hopefully I measured right but pretty positive

Ok so....

Kinda tmi but just in case my dr said to drink magnesium citrate this morning ( 10 fl oz ) well I waited till two has to go into town any who it did not go into affect till 7 tonight and it's still in affect!!!! And my loving husband and teenager keep making me laugh like crack up laughing and I'm tellin you what having the poop issue and laughing no bueno!!! But it's funny

seeing the flat side tomorrow!!!

So one more sleep!!! Everything is done now just counting down the hours. Kids going to mom's at five and me hubby and teenager going to a movie. It will help to add the time. Then home shower bed. Nurse said I can take a vicoden to h elp sleep but not sure if I should.

I made it !!

Here ate a few pics my husband took for me . What do y'all think ?? I love love love such a huge difference

one day post op

Ok so surgery went well yesterday...when I saw my tummy and breast for the first time I was in shock kinda still am. Even my kids and family ate like omg or holy shit! Ok so I won't lie
But this hurts bad !!! The hospital.sucked but I did.get a pain pump that's nice. My mom slept at hospital with me. So I really.did not sleep.last night . Like all I had was 4 jello cups and a ton of water I was terribly full. So every time I would doze I would stop breathing.twice when I fell asleep I would burp stuff would come u and j would start choking and not breathe. Scared me to death..I am feeling better now hello and water r the only two things that agreewith me.
We r home watched some tv with hubby then he fixed the bed for me emptied my drains made sure I have everythinh I neede and have me.My.pain.meds I am rotating eden

cant type its makkng me cry

So I am.taking. vicoden and ibuprofen. Drinking a ton of water and have hello. Being at.home I am doing so much better moving around greAt. Hope the pics.are.good I will try and get.more. breast r very hard and high under then they seem flat buy that is normal said Dr with in two months they will drop and round out . But with what.I.have seen superb!! K ladies have to go can't keep my.eyes open. Love all.off us and.keep us posted..

3 rd day po

So I am doing pretty good. The first night in hospital was horrible I did not like the nurse and I could not sleep. Every time I dozed off I quit breathing I think it was from the anestisia. I was on oxygen the whole time now my nose is so so dry when I try and blow its just blood. I think my biggest complaint is my throat I can not clear it for nothing it is pissing me off. I am contantly tring and cough little coughs but nothing is working :( My pain is going better today still rotating the two meds. I am getting in and out of bed and going potty on my own. I will say under my binders I am itching super super bad!!! I put lotion on also I put a tank top under neath that seems to be helping quit a bit. So yeah I think I have said this but I do not regret one bit but the pain level is pretty dang bad. I am walking around a lot and using the breathing thing they gave me. Hubby is going to help me shower today. He as been great taking care of me and the kids. I am trying to convince him to take the rest of he week off lol My mom and pop have ben very supportive. Mom stayed the night at the hospital with me and me and pop are going to watch movies together. I told him I wanted to see the new sound of music so he got that for us :) OH yea a few other things sorry I am a scatter brain. The dr removed 3 pounds from my stomach. holy crap I did not think it would be that much. Also he was able to get my scare as low down as he wanted with out making a vertical scar which I am super happy about. This may sound weird but I was worried my nipples would not have sensation well they do and they be a little more sensitive. Also no quit sure but I think he got all my stretch marks on my belly and some from my sides woo hoo. I have to wear the cg for four weeks. DR took out the two drains from boobs yesterday morning and the ones from my tummy are staying in till atleast the 4th that's my follow up. And I have a belly button again lol and I can see my vajj!! But it is swollen. My twelve year old said mom it looks like you have a penis I was like omg are you kidding. I have clothes on and he could still see how swollen I am. And my teen ager said its crazy cause he saw my belly for the first time ever yesterday. Wll I am going to go I will get back to yall later. Happy heling everyone. And jules you are next and you will love your results. I am super excited for you.

morning of 5th day po

Ok so sorry I did not post yesterday I have been a scatter brain lol. First off still taking the Vicodin and advil was going to stop the vic last night nut stupid me I tried to be to helpful and ended up on my bed crying like a baby from the pain. Omg it was so so bad and it was cause I was standing to long so my hips back and the area around my belly button yeah bad. So took to vicodins and did not move from the spot I was in. I still cant sleep more the two hours or so at a time at night but that's ok cause I am rotating my meds every three hours so on the bright side don't need an alarm. HAHA OK so I am taking stool softeners at night and nothing today is day 5 and it would be very helpful if I could go it bothers me at night and morning the worst. I think it would help me feel better to go to the bathroom. Its to funny I am so flat but super swollen cant wait for that to go down some. I will try to get a pic or two to post for yall in just a bit. Something funny so my pubic area is swollen pretty good and yesterday i went to sit at the table and my vajj hit the corner of the table and I said ahhh my scrotem haha my husband thought it was pretty funny lol. ( thing the swelling is down this morning) I had muscle repair and to the left of my belly buttom it burns extremely bad like bad bad causes me to hunch over really far and lean to the left. Does anyone else have this problem? Its more so after I have been laying or sitting and I go to walk. Took a shower Wednesday and um yea that was to much I have all these dang holes to clean and bandage etc not worth it to me. I think after I get the drains removed it will be a lot easier. But don't worry I am going to shower today or tomorrow. Would love to get in to see my hairdressrer going to have to work on that!! Hey I was looking at bathing suites on maurices.com and they have some super cute ones. I want a bikini top and the boy shorts. ( hope I can wear something like that this summer) Over all still very happy no regrets every one is super helpful ( my mom pop husband and kids) I am trying really hard to rest and take it slow. Sorry if I ramble to much but thanks for reading!! Good luck to those getting ready and happy safe healing to those who are done. BIG HUGS

ok called the nurse

SO I just called the nurse and asked about the burning I am having. They asked if the skin was irritated I said no was it hot no is it red no what they said it probably is is the drain tube it goes in my hip area and then up I guess and since it is worse after laying down or sitting then getting up and moving its moving the tube. She said take it easy over the weekend and by Monday I will feel so different and especially after tuesday when they take the drains out. so that's what I am going to do for sure but I want to wash my hair but I am alone :(

Two pics

Ok so had to fix my bandage and empty drains so I took two pics for y'all. As you can see super super swollen!! That's kinda a downer but to be expected. Next boobies are slowly starting to look better you can tell they have dropped some there is more cleavage then there was the first day and they are rounding out. All in all I am a happy camper :)


Tomorrow I go to dr in the morning for my first po. Really hoping the drains get removed. I put on a sports bra today feels much better. I will give a better review after my apt. Hoping for the best :)

9 days po..

Ok so I am kinda embarrassed. I was looking at some of my reviews and oh gosh was I out of it. Yall are probably thinking what the hell has gotten into her!! lol At least its funny :) Ok so I am 9 days Po and I think yesterday was a turning point. I went to the Dr they said I am looking really good. I got my drains pulled and yea for some it may not hurt but for me it kinda hurt felt very nasty and thought I was going to throw up on myself. When the Dr remove the drains from breasts it did not hurt. Then all day my tummy felt weird like air was moving through it on both sides of my belly button. But the drains started hurting me a few days prior so that might have had a lot to do with it. The good thing though is no more burning and no more dealing with the tubes etc. SO I was on my feet from like 6 am to 9 pm yesterday and I am so tired. But I feel great and last night my pin in my stomach total changed like it almost disappeared for awhile I kept asking my hubby if I broke my sutures or something. He just laughed and said no I am fine not to worry. So yes the pain has totally gotten better I don't feel as handicapped now the drains are out and I can wear spanx I don't have to wear my binder woo hoo!! I go back Thursday next week and will get the tape removed from my incisions. I did go through about two days of being emotional and I cried a lot but my husband was also being an ass so that did not help. All is good now :) oh and my breast are good I can tell in my right one I have fluid build up it reminds me of when you are nursing and you get a clogged milk duct ( forget what's that's called its been years) its kinda warm and its tender and has a hard spot the nurse said my body will absorb so I will give it a few days if it gets worse I will give them a call. They have dropped a little and are starting to round out at the bottom. I love them :) I have no regrets and I am completely happy with my results. Even totally swollen I don't think I look bad at all. I cant wait to get back to my exercising I want to lose abt 15 to 20 more pounds. Then if I descide I want the lipo contouring I will get that done but I will wait a bit. Oh and my weight so with the surgery it said I put on 5 pounds but within like 5 days the 5 pounds were gone plus another pound. I drink a ton of water and need to start eating pinnapple. Ok so I am also going to add some pics let me no what yall think. That's for ready and happy healing to everyone


Here of pics from the last few days. Any questions let me know

Scar pic

Ok this is what I can see so far. Does not look bad under the tape in other areas looks nasty but I think it's just scab.

Belly button

Ok here is my belly button. I love it and it's nice to have one again. Now it looks like it does cause I swollen and it is being pushed forward cause the day of surgery if you look at that pic it was more in.

12 days po

Ok so I am bored thought I would add some pics. Let me know honestly what y'all think. I am 12 days po still swollen but it's getting better. Love the boobies they still have alittle dropping to do and are swollen on the sides but all in all great. Tummy looking great I just wish the ken doll look would go away. Can't wait to go to dr on Thursday. Oh and I am down another pound super happy with that I have been wondering when I will see the three pounds gone from what he removed.

Pics from yesterday

officially 2 weeks po today

Ok so its been two weeks now. Wow time sure does go by!! I am feeling great getting energy back. I am tired at night but cause I need to sit and relax not to sleep. I am standing straight as of yesterday yea!! I started wearing my binder again because I feel it helps way better with the swelling then the spanks does. I don't wear anything at night. I am one pound away from showing the three pounds the dr took off. I am super happy about that. I am def still swollen especially in my pubic area (Hate that) My breasts are doing good still need to drop have some swelling oh and my tape is coming off around my nipples and the scar does not look bad at all. I can totally live with my scars they don't bother me I know they will fade in time anyways so I am not going to use anything unless dr thinks is needed. I put jeans on yesterday for the first time that was super exciting. My nine year old noticed I was standing straight yesterday and he commented how excited he was about it. No more medicine sleeping normal not inclined or anything. Pretty much back to normal except no heavy lifting and I cant wear some of my pants but all in good time. I go to the dr Thursday and all my tape will be removed so I will post again then. Now I am so undescided I want to get hair removal (brazillion and arm pits) But I hear that the first few treatments people itch really bad and get a rash and its almost unbearable I don't know what to do?????? Also I am thinking towards the end of year after I lose 15-20 more pounds I was thinking lipo in a few areas but exercising may help and eating right but I have read how horrible it is and the recovery and its worse then the tummy tuck what do yall think?? I also wanted to say thank you for all yalls support kind words and following my review. I love everyone on RS and its made my experience that much better :)

New pics

18 days po

Ok so I went to the dr yesterday and it went super good. I got almost all my tape removed except for the two right under nipple and I think that is cause its stuck real good. ( so I will soak in shower) Also got my stitches out of belly button. So now I am feeling really good. Its so much better when all thjat stuff is gone now just need to ditch the binder but he said 4 weeks. Honestly though I like the binder cause it helps so much with the swelling and it reminds me to take it easy. ON the other hand it bugs the shit out of me!!! It irritates my hips and its itchy even with a tank under it and I hate having a bunch of stuff in the way when I need to go potty or try something on lol. Also I know I am only 38 but I have been going through menopause for a few years and so my body temp is higher and with hot flashes the less clothes the better :) Ok so the dr said I can start walking he does not care if I do 5 miles a day woot woot but no running or benching for about another month. I go back to DR on the 18th of march and so by then I will be almost 2 months out. Sleeping sucks like its good I am in my bed I can lay down flat on side whatever but the sides of my boobs hurt so I don't sleep good the Dr said cause that's were a lot of nerves are plus I have inside bruising. Tonight I might force myself to sleep on back and see what happens. All in all I am super happy with what I did would not change a thing about it and I know its only going to get better. As you can see in my pics I am super swollen and it does not help I go out all day and run around with my mom haha but its a blast I love her so much. Oh and I do not wear a binder or spanx to bed its nice to feel free :) Lets see don't know my measurements but my weight is were it was before surgery it did go down 2 pounds (doc removed 3) But it went back up again the dang swelling. And I do not know about yall but this damn man pooch sucks!! So I am going to go to my sisters this weekend and she has not seen me since surgery and yeah (not) my dad will be there so I am so not excited about it hopefully he keeps his mouth shut. ( he was very rude to me when I said I was having this surgery) Ok well I think that is all for now I will post again in about a week so we can see if anything looks different. Thanks for reading and best of luck to all yall!!

Few pics

clode to 4 weeks po

Ok I posted two pics. Not to bad I will say the swelling is super bad cause I worked yesterday and I took the two pics last night. I am subbing little people so I am on my feel al day and bending over a lot!! I feel great otherwise. Oh and my breast the right one dropped like almost 2 weeks ago just waiting on the other one. I totally love my results and would do this all over again so happy I took the plunge!! Now I want to lose the other 20 pounds and see what happens with my hips cause they are so bad looking to me they are huge!! I am pretty much back to my old routine and I am even working alittle when the schools need help plus I started my walking again. I watch what I eat and drink a lot of water. So now I need to descide if I really want the lazor hair removal and if I do I will wait for winter and what type of sculpting work I want done in 2015 if any so I will spend spare time researching lol
Hey I wanted to mention I told everyone I was going to my sisters cause my dad was coming to visit. Well we went he was nice but we did catch him like 3 times trying to be an as behind my back so my hubby gave him the evil eye haha it worked cause he stopped. Then I thought my sisters would want to see y results etc but not really and whenever I would need to stand up I was alittle hunched cause it takes a second they would ask whats wrong that got annoying oh and my dad did tell me to get over it when I said I still had pain. So glad that was a short visit and that we got a hotel room for the one night :)
I really appreciate everyones support here on rs and taking time to read my review sorry if it takes me time to get back I procasonate so bad at times. Happy healing to everyone and I will post again soon

One month po

K here r some pics. Everything is going great. Breast are good one has dropped waiting on the other one I feel like I am very crooked blah but I sure love them lol belly is good I think scar looks great. I am not using anything for my scar. My belly button is slowly going in thank goodness there is a small scab I want to pick my hubby says leave it alone it is there cause when the stitcher were removed it came apart alittle I guess. I am very happy with results but can't wait to see what I will look like once I am
Not so stinkin swollen. My weight is at 183 and my neaUrement around well that's pointless at this point lol my breast measure the same according to vs. started back on supplements and walking alittle and eating good drinking lots of water should be down to 175 soon wish me luck!! As far as my thunder hips yeah going to talk to the dr Abt that on the 18th think I will be doing lipo by beginning of next year. Last hair removal first :)

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Haha please excuse the toilet shots!! After I posted I looked back and was like omg really what was I thinking haha my full length mirror is on my bathroom door oh well we have all seen toilets :) Happy healing everyone!!!!


ok so it has been 6 months!!!! Crazy how time flies. I will post some pics soon from my phone. Overall I am super happy with my results. I go back to the dr on the 11th of august of which I am going to see what we are going to do about my muffin top. I work out 5 days a week I eat right and I am down to 175 pounds woohoo. But the muffin will not budge. MY tummy around at bely button has gone down a few inches since surgery . Also when I go to the dr I am asking about my dog ears which he knows about and my belly button. You can see in pics when they removed the stiches it came apart alittle therefor the scare is bigger which we may fix but that does not bother me what does is I have a huge belly button. But its a heck of a lot better then what I did have. Sorry I am all over the board wanted to get this in before the kids got up. Anyways all in all best choice I ever made!!! I have my confidence and I am not embarrassed around my husband and I can even wear a two piece that has not happened since I was 16 lol
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This place is amazing the staff is very friendly and the Dr is amazing I felt very comfortable with him.

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