African American (Dark Skin) 15% TCA Peel at Home. My journey.

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Is this a normal amount of frosting? Too much? Or...

Is this a normal amount of frosting? Too much? Or should I have applied a little more to the areas that weren't frosting? I used a 15% TCA from Skin Solutions. I did the test area, and had no reaction on Monday. I did full face yesterday (Tuesday) for a full 5 minutes, a little burning but no frosting (a couple of dots). I was very anxious so I just used a cold towel. Today (Wednesday) I applied again with brush. I felt like yesterday I just didn't let it sit on enough. I definitely saw more frosting today. I put on one layer, and started frosting at about 4 minutes after application. I applied another layer at the 5 minute mark only to the areas that weren't frosting. I didn't want to overdo it so I splashed with water at the 6:30 minute mark. I used my hair dryer to help with cooling during the process.

*I know you are not suppose to do TCA this often. I know.* I've had experience with AHA(glycolic) 30%/BHA10% peels at home; AND Jessner , lactic acid, and microdermabrasion at Esthetician

I'm hoping to get a nice peel. I felt my AHA/BHA wasn't doing it. Jessner was nice but I felt I needed more so that's why I'm at TCA. I bought from SkinObsession since there's are unbuffered and stronger compared to MUAC. I had a bad reaction to biotin in December where it literally made sores on my face that led to hyper pigmentation , and I've been using 4% hydroquinione by Obaji since then.

I will post more pictures of my progress and my before. Crossing my fingers that I get good results. As of right know I feel a very mild tingle on my face, no immediate black areas. No major redness. I will continue to update.

Please comment comments, tips, concerns.

Peeling process

The day after - 1 day post feel

Here is the day after my feel, Thursday. All I feel is a little bit tight. No other side effects.

2 days post peel - Friday

First sign of flaking near mouth. Skin is getting a tad bit more tighter, and I see the wrinkly feeling when I raise and lower my eyebrows. I use Cervave moisturizer but i feel like it's just sitting their. The dead skin seems like it's a barrier. Won't let anything penetrate. At night I use raw shea butter. I love the thickness. Got it from amazon.

Day 3 - Saturday - feeling begins

The peeling has begun. I woke this morning and knew today would be the day. I had a meeting all day for school so it was definitely a self-conscious day. I went to the rest room every 2 hours, splashed my face with water, then reapplied moisturizer and sunscreen. Definitely helped make the peeling not look as bad. Mainly just the right and left side of my mouth peeling, and jawline. Flaking on chin.

Day 4 - Sunday - Peeling continued

Cheeks peeled, more jawline feeling and flaking, no forehead peeling yet. Same moisturizer regimen, slash with water every 2 hours and then apply Cervave moisturizer/sunscreen and sunflower oil. Peeling is moving up Towards temples and ears. No pic :(

Day 5 - Monday - 85% peeled

By Monday night, I was almost done. Only thing that remains is right is front of my ears. My forehead flaked and had a few 3 mm sheets of skin. I am not using just my burrs fees moisturizer and cosmedix sunscreen and a dab of sunflower oil. For the first 5 days, I only used shea butter then sunflower oil at night while I slept. I washed it off each day with my Cervave and dab of african black soap. I had to use a little something with spunk, so I used the black soap. The shea butter was so thick that I didn't want a pimple war zone. I didn't scrub. Just put on my hands and washed for 5-10 seconds. Then used Cervave.

Day 5 pics

Sorry forgot to post.

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