Abdominal Liposuction

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In 2001 i was 28 yrs old and I was 5"9' and...

In 2001 i was 28 yrs old and I was 5"9' and weighed 145 lbs. I had a pot belly that made me look pregnant and i had this problem since i was a child. I was a skinny girl that always had a belly that stuck out. all my sisters & cousins were all tall & skinny and have this problem also. I believe it's in the genes.

I had the liposuction done in November 2001. My stomach wasn't completly flat and i still couldn't be seen in a bikini or tight shirts but It was better than it looked before so i wasn't really that upset because i didn't expect a completly flat looking stomach. The problem is that after about a couple of months i noticed the dimpling and uneven stomach that i now had.

It was so gross and embarassing. One of my boyfriends friend's seen part of my stomach by accident when my shirt lifted up a little and he was like " uh gross what's wrong with your stomach" i was so hurt and wanted to crawl in a deep hole and never come out.

In 2003 i had starting gaining weight in my thighs and especially in my calves. I gained weight and was now 170lbs. My stomach was staying the same but i was putting on weight in my legs now. I could actually see the cellulite in my lower legs. Now 2009 i weigh 195 lbs and my stomach has came back a little bit on the top and my upper & lower legs are still big. I guess this is now where all the fat is being stored.

I'm depressed all the time because of my body image. I lose the gut but gained swollen looking legs and a uneven dimpled stomach. I don't know if it was worth it or not because i know if i had not got the procedure done, my stomach might have been bigger and at least i don't get asked if i'm pregnant all the time. I just wish i didn't gain weight in my legs now. I wish my stomach wasn't uneven and dimpled but i guess i couldn't have expected to look perfect after the procedure. I still continue to do my 200 crunches a night but now i have to run on a treadmill or ride my bike to try and lose some of the fat on my legs.

My eating habbits are exactly the same since 2001 and i even cut out soda completly and for some reason i still put on weight. Maybe it's age. I'm 36 years old and i was 28 in 2001 when i had the liposuction.

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After the procedure my upper stomach was much bigger than my bottom stomach and before this was done my upper stomach was flatter than the bottom so i believe the Doctor didn't remove much from the upper so now my upper stomach hangs over my bottom stomach and it looks weird and gross.

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