Tummy Tuck to the rescue!

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I am a 30 year old skinny fat girl with a pouch,...

I am a 30 year old skinny fat girl with a pouch, Even as a teenager. Now I have two boys 7 & 5, which is enough children for me. I Never felt confident in a two piece, hopefully this will allow me to wear crop tops/swimwear without hesitation. I hope this TT will help me regain my confident because I am still too young to feel like I am stuck in a grandma's body ahaha????

11 days post op tummy tuck

Wow I didn't expect recovery to be this long and agonizing! I had my drains out at 7 days. I'm waiting to remove my stitches at 14 days. I still can't walk straight yet, my lower back is killing me. I Am still very swollen and can't fit into any of my clothes. I'm wearing big t shirts and sweat pants for comfort. On the light note, everyday that passes by does get better. To be honest I dunno if I'm gonna be able to walk straight by three weeks eek!!! My PS did say at the first visit that he made me really tight.

3weeks post OP

First of all I would like to tell you that I am still hunched forward even though the doctor gave me clearance to walk straight. My body is telling me it's not comfortable with me doing that just yet. After reading a lot of reviews on realself I don't want to put any sort of tension on the wound. sneezing gives me discomfort!

I have noticed a smoother tighter back side

Is anyone else noticing this after a tummy tuck? I used to have loose skin in between my bra line & waist from behind, similar to an upside down V but now it's completely smooth and gone!!! Can some one please explain this to me or maybe I'm swollen so the skin is stretched out from my flank lipo. Hmmm...

1 month post op

I'm finally able to do some house work that involves standing up lots. I'm almost up right at this point. My tummy looks so good in the mornings! Swelling is at its peak in the evenings and gets me down but I will get over it. Every passing day it gets a little bit easier & I can't wait to start shopping for new clothes! I'm excited to see the end result. I can't wait to get my belly button repierced 18 months post op. I'm waiting this long because DOCTORS do not tell you that it's common for piercing rejection in scar tissue!!!!

Pleating is diminishing somewhat 5 weeks post op

I can do most activities that doesn't require too much strength or running. I can still feel the tightness when sneezing, damn spring! I'm not uploading any new photos cuz there isn't much to see since the last upload. I will put of new photos when I see more noticeable improvements.

Adding photos of 5 weeks post op diminishing pleating

I noticed a great change in scar texture and pleating. The scar is smoothing out instead of being raised and lumpy. Swelling is noticeably decreasing everyweek. The cons are the scar is darkening(red/brown/pink) and it looks like I have some stretching of the scar where my hip bones are. I have no idea if that's unusual.

6 week post op visit

My PS has given me the "okay " for silicone sheeting. It is suppose to reduce the redness of the scar and the overall look. I have included some photos and I will be checking in to realself when I see dramatic results in 3-6months.

Cica silicone sheets

I was skeptical about the silicone sheets and thought they were just a cash grabber. I honestly thought I would try it and find no results so I wouldn't be buying it again but oh boy was I wrong. It works wow! I feel like the changes are noticeable even though I've only been wearing it for three days????

2 months post op

I'm feeling back to normal, I can see why PS tell you not to work on core until about 6 months. I do not regret getting a tummy tuck one bit, love it. I can't wait to tattoo my tummy tuck scar so that I can wear a low rise bikini bottom.????????

11 weeks post op

I am experiencing an awesome recovery with no complications. My scar is still red and the skin around it is still numb. Other than the scar pigmentation I have nothing to complain about. I love being flat when I sit around. Standing around without sucking it in is even better!


I'm gonna let the photos speak for themselves :)


I can't wait for the next 8 months to pass, dying to get a tattoo as a cover up! Also I can't wait until I can wear a two piece swim suit without worrying about the scar line being in the sun :(

5months post op

I am noticing a fine white line where the incision was placed but the surrounding skin is still pigmented. Just waiting for the pigmentation to disappear slowly now. I got nothing to complain and except my skin feels weird cuz it's still numb.

It's October! I am 8months post op

Here are some photos of what my tummy scar looks like now.

I've started weight training 2 months ago

I am very happy with the results. I can eat whatever I want and still wake up with a flat stomach. I used to wake up and see a skin pouch :(

Fading slowly but surely!

I wanted to show you how I look now at 9 months post op. I am swollen from my current breast augmentation that I did 3 days ago.

Wow it's been a while and my scar is still DARK!

I noticed the steroid injection on my belly button has stretched and made the scar appear darker than the tummy tuck scar.

Wow one year almost

Wish the scar was lighter and thinner.

Finally the one year mark has arrived, yay!

Our bodies are amazing the way it heals :)

2 more days and I'm 13 months post op

Photos for whoever is curious. I only workout 2 times a week for 30mins to 1hour lifting free weights in the gym.

Early May

I think I still got a lot of fading to do. I want to Pierce and tattoo my belly button so bad!

Navel piercing today! 14months

Okay my tummy is still numb but I felt the piercing go through non the less. Fingers crossed that it will not reject at this point!

So I am about to get a tummy tattoo in a few days

This is the before photos. I will keep you posted on how the tattoo goes.

Tattoo cover up

I wanted something that was like a hip chain and here it is..,
Dr Aaron brown

Dr A. Brown..... I have nothing bad to say about him! If you choose him you are in good hands and that is why I'm choosing him to do my breast augmentation :)

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