Considering Labiaplasty Surgery ! - Abbotsford, BC

Since I was 10 iv been suffering major discomfort...

Since I was 10 iv been suffering major discomfort due to enlarged or elongated labia. I can't wear any tight clothes, always find myself wearing long loose skirts or track pants, and loose underwear to try and be as comfortable as possible. With being so uncomfy it has caused me to quit my job, it makes me cry most of the time because of how irritating it is. Iv stayed up all night because I just couldn't get comfortable where I could actually lay down and fall asleep. Caused me problems in relationships, not wanting to tell them why I am sit the way I do when I watch TV or eat dinner or in a car. I sit on my knees... To keep me semi comfortable. even being sexually active with my partner sometimes sucks, its uncomfortable for me, can't do any 4play and sometimes I have to just stop cause I can't handle it... It doesn't hurt its just so irritating and passed bfs have not understood that. I'm 24 so this has been an ongoing thing for a long time. Iv seen doctors and doctors and doctors and everyone tells me try birth control, try this medication, OE this one, or this cream, one doctor told me it was all I'm my head... Another doctor said surgery was a no go and I'll have more problems after because of scar tissue.
For once I'd love to feel normal and be able to dress casual and not track pants all the time.
I'm now a single mom, with a low income nut this is something iv wanted delt with for years no price could stop me from doing this... Its taken over my life and I can't stand it anymore !! Just wanting a normal comfortable body life If ya get what I mean ... Any tips or advice ? On anything I have just talked about
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