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I just had my BR last Monday from a 36 I down to...

I just had my BR last Monday from a 36 I down to well it's hard to tell right now I asked to be a D....I am a lot smaller and they are way higher than they used to be so that is a plus. Still a lot of bruising and I noticed my left nipple has wrinkles in the way it was sown back together Im worried that I won't have smooth breasts does anyone know about this? My pain is less and less everyday. The doctor said the surgery went very well. I just had my first shower today that felt nice. I sleep on my back now since surgery thats hard to do. My nipples are way smaller than they used to be and I have lost all feeling in my left nipple I can still feel the right one so I hope I am healing ok Im really freaked out thats why I came on this site to read reviews and ease my mind. Someone said that they are going to look weird for the first while after surgery and I feel weird looking although its nice to have higher boobs not big saggy ones I want to post picture but I feel like they're still scary to look at I hope this gets better

this is me 6 days post op

I tried to wear a genie bra today for a few hours at first it was ok but my incisions under my boob started to get irritated so I took it off just to be safe I get my stitches out in 4 days week

Just want to say this is a great site

Thanks for everyones comments and posts its really helping me get thru this I didn't find this site until the night before my procedure if i would have found it sooner I would have posted before picture but I don't have any sorry about that but this is me after and I feel so much lighter it feels like my spirit has been lifted but I will continue to post in the days to come to show my progress thanks again everybody I really mean that.

this ones a little less fuzzy I think

Week 2 of healing

Im so frustrated I just want to be healed waiting is so hard, I am not sure how I feel about my new boobs because I can't tell how I look yet Im so impatient , I tried to upload some photos but Im having problems with my phone so it will need to wait. I suppose I am healing ok but I still can;t feel my left nipple I could feel it a couple days after surgery but then I lost sensation a few days later . This healing seems to be taking forever could anyone tell me how long it takes before they totally heal? How many weeks? months?
Dr Aaron Brown

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