20 yrs old 5'2 115 lbs, 350 to 500cc subglandular

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Tomorrow I have my appointment to pick the size,...

Tomorrow I have my appointment to pick the size, I've been wanting a BA for as long as I can remember it's all I think about! But today I'm feeling extremely nervous and that this is selfish of me :/ did anyone else feel this way before It was officially finalized? Also I'm stuck between 350cc and 375cc this is sooo hard!

21 days!!!!! 350cc

We decided on 350cc hp, he said 375 was to big for my frame. I'm so excited it's only 21 days away but also worried 350 won't be big enough at least it'll be bigger than what I have now!


I am very self concious so here are my before pictures with a sports bra on

Ahhhhh I'm so nervous

Today's the day!! My stomach is all over the place I am so nervous I've never been put to sleep before. We have to be there for 9:15 I just want it to be done with!!

Day 1

It's finally done! After surgery I was feeling really light headed ans funky but after the nurse gave me ginger ale it started to get better, until the drive home I only puked once but just being in the car sucked! Thank god I have my boyfriend and mom helping me feel comfortable! My chest is super sore and it hurts to do anything really I can't wait to see them change over the weeks!!

Post op day 1

Feeling a lot better already except I can't move my arms very high and the left side looks abit higher but hopefully when they drop they'll look the same

8 days post op

I had my one week appointment today, got the stitches taken out and it feels SO much better! Their still abit tender but no serious pain anymore thank god! My right breast looks a bit different it's not as round as the left but they were different to begin with one of my nipples is higher than the other which maybe why they seem different Im hoping once they drop and settle they look more alike. I do wish I went bigger but I keep reminding myself that they fit my body and I'm just getting greedy now haha. Overall I've never been so happy with my body this was the best decision I ever made!

10 days post op

I'm starting to wish I went bigger I love them and all but it keeps going through my head :/ this was the largest my dr would go on me I'm really hoping in a few weeks I won't feel like this

15 days post op

It's weird my right boob was the bigger one to start and now with implants it looks a lot smaller, the left one is more round and shows more cleavage will they change over time? I'm really worried has it just not dropped as much? :(

3 weeks

On Monday I saw my doctor again he said everything is healing properly we talked about going bigger and I was so nervous he was going to say he couldn't but he said in 6 months we could if I still want to and that he would put in 500cc!! It sounds so big to me but I think I would get the look I want! I feel a lot better after talking to him about it for awhile I felt kind of ripped off but he explained He wouldn't have been able to fit anything bigger until it was stretched out abit, don't hate mine right now they just aren't what my dream boobs look like.. So in 6 months I might be doing this al over again!


Everything has been going well, I got sized and I now fit a 32DD but they don't look like their that big :/ I like them but I really don't love them like I had hoped I would. the last time I saw my doctor we talked about going bigger, he said he would do 500cc I'm really starting to think I will in May, everyone says they look good but to me they Didn't turn out the way I wanted so I guess I'll be going for round 2!

3.5 months

I saw my doctor today to talk about a revision, he completely understood where I was coming from. This time we are going to use 500cc hp over the muscle I'm so excited! I feel like it will be exactly what I want!! I'm booked in for June 9th!


I had my revision done on Tuesday, the pain is not nearly as bad as the first time but I am extremely sleepy. I went from 350 under the muscle to 500 over the muscle i love the way they look so far I'm hoping they don't drop to much, I really like the fake look


The first picture is 1.5 weeks after surgery and the bottom picture is 5 weeks post op. I'm constantly nervous that their moving to my sides because of the first time, I'm hoping they fluff out more!
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