A New Face, a New Life.

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Let me just begin by saying that i am a 34 years...

Let me just begin by saying that i am a 34 years old female and i used to be a chain smoker. That habit , i think was the main reason why my skin started to look bad. It started to become dry, patchy and just at the age of 33, i started seeing a lot of wrinkles. My skin looked old and haggard. I remember the shock i used to see on people's faces when they got to know that i was just 33, because i looked 43. Bad habits and no care for my skin led me to lose my self confidence completely. I hated looking in the mirror every morning and used a little too much makeup to hide my patchy, wrinkled skin.That is when i decided to give my health and my skin the top priority. I decided to take two major steps towards a healthy and a happy life. I quit smoking and i decided to go in for a chemical peel to repair my damaged skin and promised myself to take good care of it after that.
It must have been my honest determination that led me to do both things successfully and now, within just a year , i am back to looking my age, if not younger.The quitting smoking was the hard part but the chemical peel was easy and wonderful.I got it done at a spa in Denver and must have paid around $400 for it, along with a consultation fee. The treatment was not very painful. It was slightly uncomfortable and i felt very scared when my face started to burn. I thought i had acid on my face and i began to get worried. The doctors assured me that it is natural so i just lay back and let the chemicals do their work. My face was red and swollen for the next two days, the skin even peeled but what followed was a great new face, a new skin under the old wrinkled skin. It was like magic. I was glowing, looking younger and naturally i felt happier than i have ever felt. My friends  actually asked me if i was pregnant because i was glowing so much.
It has been a year now since i had chemical peel done. I haven't smoked since my resolution, i drink a lot of water, apply sunblock every day and continue to take care of my face. Chemical peel helped me get my skin back to looking normal and i love looking in the mirror now.
I really believe that a good lifestyle can change your life and a good treatment  like chemical peel can help you restore your skin back to normal. Both things go hand in hand. My overall experience has been a great one and i am really very happy with the way i look.
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