A Perfect Version of Myself (required some help from Dr. Doherty)

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Boston Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Doherty was amazing! I choice Dr. Doherty because he instantly made me feel comfortable from our first meeting. He was honest, open and very clear about expectations. It was easy to engage in conversation and be open about what I wanted to work on without a moment of being self-conscious. I was fortunate and confident enough in Dr. Doherty to complete the consultation to procedure within a month (it’s funny to think that 2 months ago I was contemplating if this would be the right thing for me). I have broken down the journey I had by visits below: Visit 1: Consultation: I have to admit that I was really nervous going in, but he gave me a full rundown of the pro's and the con's to having the surgery. I went in for a quick consultation to discuss my stomach and thighs and Dr. Doherty told me what my options are and convinced me not to do my thighs... YES, this to me was evidence that it was not just about money, it was about me achieving my goals. He let me know that he didn't think lipo would give me the results that I wanted in my thighs. I was sold after our conversation and booked my procedure the before I left the office that first day. I was positive and completely sure that this was the right choice and did not want to waste time deliberating on the choice. Visit 2: Pre-Op: My next appointment was my pre-op session where Dr. Doherty went through my health, confirmed medications and how to prepare for the surgery. Again, I was jittery walking in, it was real, I put my deposit down and now we were talking through the details about the day of and how to prepare for the surgery. He gave me a checklist and some advice on how to manage my easily bruised skin. (Arnica pills and gel… are AMAZING!) I am a planner, so I had my timeline together and list of things to buy and when to begin taking them. (Dr. Doherty even called me the day before which I was pleasantly surprised by) Visit 3: Surgery! I had taken my pre-op meds and came prepared with my bag-o-goodies and was ready. Dr. Doherty and the staff were amazing. They kept me calm, made me comfortable and took me in. I will admit that it was very strange feeling and everything Dr. Doherty had told me about the surgery was true (the numbing is the WORST part). Dr. Doherty and the nurse kept me talking and engaged so when I did not have much time to be nervous on the table. Visit 4: Recovery: I did not have stitches in and was draining the first 2 days, day 3 recovery I was back in the office for my follow up. I had already done draining, some of my incisions were already closed and I was pretty swollen (probably looked bigger than I did before the surgery). But Dr. Doherty assured my ‘everything’ was normal and gave me some pointers on how to make sure I get the best results. (Garment, baths and staying active) Visit 5: Follow Up: So I went in for my one month follow up this week and I have to tell you I am SOOO happy! I was beaming when I came into the office and the healing has been going great. My shape looks amazing and Dr. Doherty gave me some more tips on how to make sure that the remainder of the swelling and the lumps could be managed. I know that 3 months is when you really see results, but I already see them after 1 month. I will be going in for my next follow up in December and again cannot wait to get to the 3 month milestone so I can see how much better the results get. Overall: Dr. Doherty was very clear that achieving my goals= him being successful. He was available for my questions, follow up with me himself and I believe he is really vested in my goals. I am a normal person, I have a curvy body and I really wanted to improve my silhouette. I am a confident woman who is very comfortable with who I am, but I want to be the most perfect version of myself and this surgery has helped me to achieve that. Although liposuction feels shallow, I feel so amazing about myself and have zero regrets about this surgery and choosing Dr. Doherty as my surgeon. I followed every direction he gave me and I see it paying off. I feel even more motivated to be active and tone up to make sure I make the best out of the opportunity to achieve the physical goals that I have for myself. I would recommend that if you have even the slightest curiosity about surgery that you contact Dr. Doherty and trust that he will honestly evaluate your needs and help you achieve the goal you have for yourself.

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