A Nightmare, I Would Not Recommend It, at Least from my Doctor - Scottsdale, AZ

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So I try to get rid of this little muffin top that...

So I try to get rid of this little muffin top that I have, but nothing is working. I don't want to diet and lose weight anywhere except in that particular area. I have an injury to my low back, to the point that the disk at L5-S1 has degenerated to nothing at all, so excersizing that area is a lot more difficult for me then most people. I made an appointment to see doctor who was suppose to be a hot shot plastic surgeon in Scottsdale Arizona and he tells me I'm the perfect candidate for a procedure called Smart Lipo. He says its safe because I will be awake during the whole thing, and if something were to go wrong, like he accidentally touched my kidneys with this laser of his, that's suppose to be melting away my fat, I will feel it and will stop him from doing that because it would hurt.

He says thousands of people have done it. Its safe. And I'll love the results. So I'm excited. I've tried other beauty procedures in the past, that was suppose to get rid of the signs of aging that didn't quit give me the results I was expecting, but this was going to different. He was going to insert this laser (or what looked like a skibob to me) into my muffintop in several areas, and it was going to heat up and actually melt the fat from my sides right then and there. He would then suck out the liquefied fat. He showed me a video of this laser melting fat and turning it into a liquid, so if this was how it was done, how could it fail?

I did my own research on the Internet. I watched some video clips of people actually having the procedure done. One guy was talking on his cell phone, and cracking jokes with his doctor and staff. He said he felt no pain. Got up off the table and walked away after it was all over. That is how I envisioned it would be for me.

So for Christmas 2007, I told my husband that this is what I wanted! And Santa baby delivered. It was scheduled for the first week in January. I was excited to have this done and start the new year with my new body. my doc said I'd probably drop 2 pant sizes.  I wear a waist size 26 or size 2 pants .Oh the sales after Christmas were so tempting, but I wasn't sure exactly what size I would be wearing, so I had to let them pass by.

January 8th I have my 16 year old daughter drop me off at the doctor's office. I told her I'd call her when I was done so she'd could pick me up. I took a volume that was prescribed to me before hand, and eventually I was wheeled down a long hall into a procedure room. I was told to get completely naked and lay under a sheet on a hospital bed that was in the room, so I did. I brought my pocket PC with me so I had something to keep my mind off things during the procedure. I figured I surf the net or something. I sent a text to my daughter letting her know what was going on. She immediately responded with a text back, and then a nurse walked into the room. She had a syringe in her hand, and I figured it was to numb me up. To my surprise, the shot was injected into my arm.

I remember asking her what she just did, and said it would relax me. The very next thing I remember is standing in my laundry room. I had just walked into the laundry room from the garage. I looked down and I had been wearing a white long sleeve button up shirt, that was now drenched in blood or what looked like blood to me at the time. My shirt was so wet that it was completely see through and I wasn't wearing my bra. I was still very out of it and very confused. My daughter and husband put some towels down on the spare bed, took off my clothes and put me in some pajamas and I slept for almost two days straight. Of course they would wake me up every few hours try to get me to eat and drink something, but I could only stay awake for about 30 minutes at a time. I remember being extremely emotional and crying a lot. Which is not the kind of person I am.

When I finally shook off whatever drug it was that he gave me, I remember feeling intense pain. Before I had the procedure done, Dr. {name shown above for registered site users} said that I had to contact this lady and buy an after surgery garment from her, to wear after the procedure. The stupid thing cost $300, but I wasn't exactly sure what it was or how to shop for one at a better price, and I wasn't able to see it before the procedure. It was taken to my doctor's office directly and put on me there after it was over. It ended up being this very restricting body suit that went from under my breasts to my knees with the crotch cut out of it. I had given her my measurements, but it was too small for me and was cutting off circulation. I called her crying. I told her it was very painful to wear, especially wear my bra strap would usually be. She came over to my house right away. She was stunned when she looked at where he had inserted his skibob into me. She said that she thought I was just having my flanks done, and had she known he was going to do my upper back too, she would not have ordered the garment that I was wearing. The edge of the garment had a thick elastic band around it and that band was going across a couple of puncture marks on my upper back! Which was nowhere the doctor was suppose to be. She ended up selling me another garment of a different style for an additional $150. They sell the same damn things at the mall for about $40, but I was in no shape to go shopping.

For three months following this procedure I was extremely sore, to the point where I would flinch if anyone got too close to me. I had a follow up visit with my doctor two weeks later, and I was going to say something, but he's such an arrogant man, it made it difficult. I brought up the part about him going into my upper back, when he was not suppose to, and he denied that happened and said that I had no marks on my upper back except for what looked like bug bite. With the disadvantage of not being able to see my back to point it out to him, there was really nothing I could say further about it.

I was looking forward to seeing him at my three month follow up appointment and I was going to get this all off my chest, but I learned after I arrived for my appointment  was not with {name shown above for registered site users}, it was with his photographer and it was for taking pictures only. I told his nurse, or photographer, or whatever she was, how dissatisfied I was with the outcome. We compared the before pictures with the new pictures, and she agreed that there is no change at all, not even a little bit, in my appearance. I went through all of that, and I paid him $5,000.00, and now I have scars all over my torso, for absolutely nothing! The nurse said that it could take up to six months to see the final results of the procedure. Every time I have an appointment with the doctor, I get a call the day of the appointment from his office, stating that he had an emergency and he had to leave the office unexpectantly. My six month follow up appointment has been rescheduled twice so far. My next appointment is scheduled for Aug. 8th.

I'm beginning to think that he had an emergency in the middle of the procedure, and had to leave me or just did it as quickly as possible, so he could go. It was happy hour on a Friday evening. I'd be interested to know if anyone else's experience of smart lipo was similar or completely different.  
Dr. Todd Malan

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