Not Yet Sure It Was Worth It... but Be Prepared for the Process

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After reading all the reviews on this site last...

After reading all the reviews on this site last night I was seriously thinking about just walking away from the $595 (they make you pay upfront to order the kit). Reading through many of these reviews the first finger needs to be pointed at the dentist, the pre-treatment preparation, and truthfulness with the patient.

Dentist: When discussing the possibility of Zoom with my dentist he was very upfront about the prep process, what went on during, and the potential for large “zings” that potentially can stop you in your tracks. The process started 2 weeks ago when I got ,y teeth cleaned. They gave me very strong fluoride toothpaste to use every day to help with the sensitivity, and then a prescription for Lodine to take the night before, the morning of, and as needed.

Pre-treatment process: The toothpaste to be used for 2 weeks prior and until the tube is empty. The Lodine prescription to take the night before and the morning of. And finally the preparation from the hygienist. All the horror stories on this site are from improperly prepared mouth. EVERY area not being treated should be covered with gauze, sunscreen, or the dam material. I had NO issues with getting burned.

The Procedure: I’ll be completely honest that it was not a fun experience. The first hour or so is spent prepping the mouth. The first step is to pumice your teeth, and then the mouth preparation. Your gums are packed with gauze, face covered with fabric, and sunscreen applied to nose, and lips, and finally the damming material is applied to the gum line to keep the peroxide off the gums. The made it through all 4 of the 15 minute sessions as the hygienist didn’t quit like the outcome after only three sessions. The first three were generally pretty tolerable with the extreme sensitivity starting at the very end of session three. In removing the material for the fourth session two teeth had HORRIBLE sensitivity that the bleach couldn’t be applied. The fourth session was an exercise in relaxing and focus as the zings started. I made it through the fourth but my shirt was soaked with sweet by the end.

As soon as everything was complete and cleaned up the zings started every few minutes, and the dentist was in fact correct that it takes your breath away. As I male of have never given birth but I really can’t imagine how people on here compared the zings being worth than child birth. It hurts and it hurts bad but that seems a bit extreme.

I have to be honest that part of the discomfort of this process was reading all the reviews and anticipating the pain which frankly was not nearly as bad as advertised. I am writing this about 9 hours since the procedure. I can tell you that it was a long afternoon with @15-20 BAD zings. Right now they have diminished and now I have an intense dull ache in my lower teeth. Taking the Lodine every few hours has helped.

Would I do Again? Honestly it is too early to tell.

Are they lighter? Yes, but enough to justify 24 hours of discomfort and $595? I am not convinced. Maybe I’ll be more decisive over the next few days.

Conclusion: DON’T look for the cheapest dentist. Look for someone with lots of completed cases, does the right preparation both at home and day of, and is honest with you about issues that may arise.

Harris Dental Arts, Kennett Square, PA 610-388-6789

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