SmartLipo for Problem Areas - Bra Roll, Flanks and Abs

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I have always wanted to get lipo on certain...

I have always wanted to get lipo on certain problem areas like my bra fat and abs. I always went up and down in my weight and I have once again balooned back up to 191. For some reason this time those problem areas have gotton worse.

I was so excited when I found out about this Dr from another member here. I wen for my consult in the middle of June and scheduled my app because they had a special going on off the price of the procdure if I scheduled my app that day.

I arrived at the office at 1pm. I was excited until I got there then I became sooooo nervous. After prepping and getting marked I took an ativan to relax me. I believe we began the procedure around 2pm but I am not sure. I brought my ipod and asked them to put it on their ipod dock and play Beyonce to keep me focused lol. the staff was extremely helpful and always pleasant everytime I went there so I felt very comfortable with them.

I was supposed to do my flanks, upper and lower bra fat and he also did the area on my side under my under arm and my abs. Unfortunately, my back took so long because of fibrous fat tissue that I had. It took longer than expected. I have to go back another day to do my abs.

I must say he really worked hard to get the stubborn hard fat from my back. It did not hurt when he put the incisions in but it felt very uncomfortable when putting in the numbing fluid. In some parts it felt like a bee sting or hard pinches, especially in the areas where there was not alot of fat like right below my under arm. While he started breaking up the fat with the vaser I sung Beyonce songs the whole time.

He suctioned about 1500cc of fat. There were areas that he had to go over and apply more numbing fluid again, laser it to break up the fat, suck the fat out and then laser again to tighten the skin.

I was finished about 5:30. My friend picked at 6:15 and I took extra strength tylonol as soon as I walked in the door. I dont even want to give the pain a chance to kick in. The Dr advised me to take a 10 min walk every hour while awake so I did.

I go for my follow up tomorrow and I will keep updates and more pics of my back standing up and of my stomach when I get it done. The after pic was taken by the dr when I was still laying on the table.

Although I'm still swollen I lost 1 inch off my...

Although I'm still swollen I lost 1 inch off my waist and i am able to fit in 2 shirts that were sooooooo tight on me last week. one couldnt button and now I have room in both!!!!

Ok, so it's been a little over a week and the pain...

Ok, so it's been a little over a week and the pain in my back kiced in. It's more like soreness and it is really annoying. The garment is so uncomfortable and annoying as well. The good news is I was supposed to go back and get my stomach done on august 6th but someone canceled their app for yesterday. I think it was more painful this time because I was already sore on my back and sides and he went back in through 2 of my wholes from the surgery last week. I got my upper/lower abs done, my mons (the area right above my vagina) and a small area of my vagina. I will post more pics of me staniding up soon!

After healing I noticed some areas that are uneven...

After healing I noticed some areas that are uneven so I have to get them touched up. I decided to go to DR to get the revision since I am going for an eye lift and rhinoplasty. I will update with my results.

Dr Francis at Physcian Body Solution

Very helpful, understanding and wants to make you happy with your results. The staff is friendly and polite!

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