Lumpiness Post Lipo - Can Mesotherapy Help?

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I have Vaser liposelection carried out on my upper...

I have Vaser liposelection carried out on my upper and lower abdomen last week. I did it because I would really like to be able to wear a bikini and close fitting dresses with confidence. The procedure was carried out under local anaesthetic and I found it quite painful at times. I was then in a lot of pain for the first 24hrs and have been uncomfortable ever since. There is some heavy bruising above my pubic bone area but that appears to be diminishing each day. There is swelling and a lumpy uneveness over both the upper and lower abs. I find the lumpiness really upsetting - I sometimes wish I'd never had it done. I have been really good at wearing the compression garment provided 24hrs a day but as soon as you take it off the lumps and bumps reappear very quickly.

How long will it take for the swelling to go down? Will the lumpiness even out in the next couple of months? I have heard that MESOTHERAPY may help with dealing with any lumpiness left as a result of the operation. Would you recommend this? Would treatments such as 'Velasmooth' or 'Accent' have any success here.

Dr Taghipour

He did not talk me through what to expect from the treatment or what the potential downfalls might be. When I saw him this week to have my stitches out and questioned whether the lumpy uneveness would go, he just shrugged.

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