Discouraged by Vaser Lipo Results, Fluctuating Weight - Netherlands

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Hasnt been good. I went to the clinic to see the...

Hasnt been good. I went to the clinic to see the doctor which performed my surgery. Ive been calling them for weeks now about the results. All they kept telling me was that it was normal and to be patient. I asked to come in after 2 weeks and they told me it was not necassary. Finally I sent the pictures and i had to go in today. The surgeon that performed the procedure checked my results and said its not good. I should have been looking like the Day4 picture.

He noticed that the garmet i was wearing was not tight at all. Thats what i kept telling them on the phone. He said thats the reason why the skin looks so bad. There was no compression. They gave me the wrong size garmet. So now he gave me an xsmall size and tells me I have to wear the garmet for 8 weeks. Then after 8 weeks I have to come back and he'll check the results. If the skin is still damage, then he needs to perform surgery. This is terrible.

I asked him about the huge lumps, is it liquid, does it need to be drained? He tells me we'll see in 8 weeks. Nightmare.

Ok, Im at 19 weeks now and thanks to...


Im at 19 weeks now and thanks to Endomologie , my treated areas are improving. I went from a size 9 to a size 5. And weight wise from 139 to 123 lbs.

Here are some pics from today.

Hi, I'm a 33 yr woman. I weighed 61 kilos...

Hi, I'm a 33 yr woman. I weighed 61 kilos before the surgery. I had my tummy, love handles and under my bum sculptured. I did it in The Netherlands on June 9 2009 (3 weeks ago).

It's been 3 weeks now, and I do see a difference. But my stomach looks like a train ran over it. It's not even, very bumpy and around my belly button looks terrible and also my old strechmarks seem to be awakened and look awful.

Also I went down to 57 kilos, which is great, and now I'm up to 58 kilos. Is it the swelling that causes the weight to go up and down? I'm a bit worried. I eat healthy and proper and my tummy still looks bad. The lower part is so hard, and it's not smooth. Does the swelling go up and down too, causing the yoyo in the weight?

So is it normal to gain and lose weight the first few weeks or months? Does the swelling come and go? I've noticed I was sun tanning last weekend and the next day I looked so swollen and uneven. Also my bottocks. I had under sucked out to give it a little lift and curve. But I dont see any change. As you can see, Day 4 was amazing. I looked great and now it's so discouraging :(

thx Melissa

Dr. Ä. Navadeh

10 months now and it has gotten much better. But I must say, Im not too happy with the end results. Weight stays ok. I go up and down from 126-122. Stomach has gotten better, but its still a bit weird. My butt cheeks are still not even. the left one is lower. Ive been doing lots of treatments to help tighten the skin. It has not been an easy recovery.

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