Great Results on Birthmarks and Capillaries (Vbeam)

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I had this done three times to remove a red...

I had this done three times to remove a red birthmark from my face. The doctor also zapped a couple broken capillaries while she was at it. It was not painful at all. I paid $300 per session.

I couldn't be happier with the results. For birthmarks, capillaries, or acne scars, this is a great solution with permanent results. I used to be so self-conscious about the birthmark, compulsively fixing the concealer, avoiding brightly lit places with my friends, and feeling constantly self conscious around boyfriends. It was worth every cent and all the discomfort to be rid of all that. So overall, I'm very pleased I got it done.

However... you will look monstrous for two weeks!!! My derm said that I would have a purple bruise that I could just cover up with some concealer. This is true, but it doesn't do justice to how MONSTROUS it would look. I had deep purple marks, a little smaller than a dime, that started out raised and nearly black. After a week, they faded to a bright red, and after two weeks they were completely gone. It was impossible to lie about what they were from, since they are freakishly round and black, so I was quite miserable for the first week and afraid to go out.

I have learned a couple things at this point about how to handle the healing time. First, just cancel all your plans for the first week! I was much happier when I "had the flu" than trying to hang out with friends and go to work looking so awful. So be kind to yourself and just plan to take the week off. After the first week, the marks lighten up enough that you can conceal them, but you really won't be able to for the first 5 days.

Second, I've found studies that vitamin K can cut down on the healing time, so slather that stuff on religiously! I couldn't find any at the drugstore (maybe I was looking in the wrong place), but I found some at Whole foods in the cosmetics aisle. It was Jason's brand and not too expensive. So pick some up ahead of time!

Finally, come to the appointment prepared. You will look awful. Except that and then try to minimize the damage. I found a really nice, broad rimmed hat that I brought wih me to the appointment to wear home, and then wore it for the next week whenever I went out. Also, ask at the desk if you can schedule your follow up and pay before your appointment. That way, you can just book it out of the office when you are done without feeling like the whole world is staring at you (and they are staring, it looks that bad!)

If you can get through the first week, you're home free. After 5 or 6 days, it really started to improve dramatically for me, and the second week, it was easy to cover up. After that, I had clear, smooth skin underneath. I feel so much better about myself now, so I'm definitely glad I went through it! Good luck!

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