Uneven Breast Implants - 550cc

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I had my second breast augmentation 6 weeks ago...

I had my second breast augmentation 6 weeks ago because when I had my first one I got capsular contraction prety bad. I was 450cc and now 550cc's, I went behind the muscle and decided to go with memory gel.

Pro's: none as of right now

I had the operation to feel sexier but if anything is has made me more insecure. I'm startin to regret I ever touched my boobs.

Pros... I guess it could be that Im curvy...

Pros... I guess it could be that Im curvy now

Hello, My name is Marilyn and I am 23 years old. My question is about a recent breast aumentation I've had. This is my second one because I experienced pretty bad capsular contraction. I started off at 450cc's and decided to go to 550cc's since I had to go under anyway, My operation was done 6 weeks ago. I am right handed and I understand that your dominet side may tend to take longer to drop and relax however Im having the oppisite problem. My right one had no problem droping and is dramatically lower then my left side it is also about a half a cup size bigger and alot softer, my left side sits higher and is a little harder and smaller looking and In my left side I have an indent by ny areola. Will they come out looking even? are they still real swollen? and why would my breast be doing this now but not the first time I had my surgery?. Also, I had a few complications after this surgery, I had experienced a little bleeding in the left breast wich stopped before they had to do anything tramatic. and my right breast a stitch popped where my areola is. Does any of that have anything to do with they way my breast look, I mean as far as the uneven-ness? Im so upset and I could really use some reasurance. Please tell me what you think asap! Thank You...

OH! and by the way in my opinion and my husbands my breast before either operation were perfect I just wanted them bigger and now they are terrible.

My issue is my right breast is lower then my left. and it wasn't the first time I got my operation. Are they ever going to be even? Im getting so discouraged and depressed.
Dr. Robert Rey MD

He's a great doctor and just as friendly in person as he is on TV

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