TT Scar Above Pant Waistline - Tampa, FL

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I had a TT 14 mos ago. The actual flatness of my...

I had a TT 14 mos ago. The actual flatness of my stomach is good; however, much more importantly to me is how it appears. The scar is way too high and has an odd shape and my belly button is awful. I feel like I look like something out of a horror flick. Also, the pain was worse than my multiple birth c-section and I had lingering pain for almost a year. Still have substantial numbness.

I am mortified with not only the appearance of the scar but the location which is WAY too high and is literally visible above everything (99%) of all my clothes. I wear conservative clothes (suits)and the scar comes out at top. Also, the belly button is the most unnatural thing I have seen.I would like to see if there is any poss to correct-lower and mk bb look somewhat natural- but my skin is now so tight, I am not sure if this is even a possibilty.This impacts me everyday.

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Scar sticks out of top of pants, and is odd shape -- belly button bears absolutely no resemblance of even a little natural. I have to think about the scar everytime I get dressed b/c it will stick out and I need to make sure I am covered. I went from wearing tankinis b/4 surgery to now I have to wear a one piece b/c afraid that in doing natural beach / pool things my tankini will rise and my scar will show.

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