Numb Outer Thigh Possible Meralgia Paresthetica Post FTT & LS

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Pros: Internal hernia muscle repair which was...

Pros: Internal hernia muscle repair which was affecting lower back. Removal of loose and sagging skin. Body contouring for smoother appearance.

Cons: Possible permanent nerve damage, hip to hip scar. Recovery time that takes me away from being able to care for my family.

I am 8 days postop from a FTT with minimal LS to the flanks and hips.

I am on the petite side, 5'3" weighing 119 preop.

Immediately following SX I experienced a hot, searing, shooting pain down my right thigh after using the restroom for the first time.

The pain would return at various movements, getting in and out of bed, shifting positions, lifting hips in a laying position, etc...

Turns out my femoral cutaneous nerve was entrapped by 6 internal sutures which I had removed yesterday.

The searing pain is thankfully gone but the outer right portion of my thigh (1 inch above knee and 4 inches below hip) is numb to the touch but I feel slight burning, tingling and little electrical shocks beneath the surface of the skin.

When I touch along the incision particularly at the outer right portion close to my hip, it feels particularly sensitive and seems to aggravate where my thigh is numb. Could there be another nerve that is compressed, damaged or entrapped there?

How common is it to be numb in the thigh post abdominal surgery? Is it from the LS or TT and how long could it take for feeling to return?

I am a dancer and avid golfer and am right side dominant and would like to do everything possible to get this fixed before it becomes a permanent condition...

Very much appreciate any and all replies! If the nerve damage is permanent or takes years to recover I would say the procedure is not worth the risk and I if I had the chance to rethink my decision, would not have done it.

If the nerve damage is only temporary then I would be happy with my decision but do not feel I would attempt plastic surgery again...

Is this Meraglia Paresthetica by chance [see story below]? How can I know if it is permanent and when and would you recommend a Nerve Conduction Velocity test or Electromyography?
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My PS has been nothing but professional, his ability, level of service and compassion are second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any and all procedurs. He is a true artist and an exceptional surgeon.

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