Abdominoplasty, Hematoma, Seroma

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I had vaser liposuction and smart lipo done to my...

I had vaser liposuction and smart lipo done to my upper abdominal area by an MD who told me that I did not need a tummy tuck and that my stomach would be flat. He assured me that my skin would adhere tightly to the underlying tissues. He did not check my diastisi recti. He took out a lot of fat, and itinitally, while wearing the compression garment, it looked good. 6 months later though, I could tell that this was not going to fix my stomach that had been stretched ot by 2 large babies and 2 plastic surgeons confirmed that the only way to fix it was with a full tummy tuck.

Pros: Nice PS, willing to answer questions willing to do what ever it takes to make it right. Right after the surgery I could tell that this is what had to be done. Surgeon told me I had about a 3 inch disatisis with thinned and debilatated fascia. Beautiful work.

Cons: PS I used was a long way from where I actually live. The actual surgery went well. Recovery was painful because I had a cough and it hurt every time I coughed. When the nurse went to give me extra morphine, even that hurt. My whole body hurt for 2 days after the surgery. Then, just trying to move around and not use your stomach muscles is incredibly difficult. Developed seroma even after having drains. Then developed hematoma. Will probably need to have hematoma/lump removed.

If hematoma is removed by surgery and she goes back in through the original incision, is the scar going to be thicker? right now it is healing nicely Hematoma is in my upper abdominals under the rib cage. The actual lump is on the upper right side. The left side is still swollen and collecting small amounts of fluid. still "loose". Would it be better to do incision under breasts to pull up skin of upper abdomen when removing lump/hematoma? (reverse abdominoplasty) Anything other possibilities?

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