Tummy Tuck at 29 After Two Kids

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Six days ago I had a full TT, hip lipo and BA. I'm...

Six days ago I had a full TT, hip lipo and BA. I'm 29yrs and wanted to look great for my 30th Bday.

I was not ever weight to begin with. I'm 5.5" and weighted 143lb. I just wanted to get rid of the extra skin and flanks after having 3 kids. I was scared of the TT more than anything else. However, I researched all my local doctors in the area and made a great decision.

My healing is going well, my stomach is still swollen, and the incisions look like they're healing just right. My drains came out on the fifth day and the doc said that I need to wear my compression garment for one more week.

If you are thinking about a TT make sure you have a family member or friend that will help you get out out bed and bring food to bed at least for the first 3 days. I also recomend that you go to a herbal store and buy Arnica and start taking them at least 1wk before the procedure. These pills help you heal sooner. Keep taking them as you recover along with your pain medicine. The BA was not too bad. If you breast fed kids before is just about the same feeling, so not big deal.

When you go to your consultation, as the doctor touches the areas you want to fix, you should feel nice tender hands. Most likely, he will perform your surgery the same way; he will do a gentle incision and your swelling should not be as bad if everything is done gently.

I'm in day 13 after surgery and I feel everything...

I'm in day 13 after surgery and I feel everything is healing properly. The only concern is the swelling. The area under the incision feels hard and swollen and I wonder when it will go away. I keep taking Arnica and a herbal tea that helps with swelling. I think they're really working because I see my stomach getting smaller everyday.

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Research all possible doctors in your area? Don't necessarily go for the most expensive. Sometimes doctors who are the most expensive don't share their medical offices with other doctors and they have to pay all their expensives themselves.

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