My Threadlift Nightmare...

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I had a contour thread lift done 2 months ago to...

I had a contour thread lift done 2 months ago to tighten up my lower face. I did notice improvement & all seemed to be going well until several days ago when i developed pain & swelling on the right side of my face.

I did not feel any sudden sharp pain to indicate that the suture had broken. Went to my surgeon who did an I&D, put in a penrose drain, did a culture, & started antibiotics. After 2 days the swelling has gone down but my right temple is still hard & very painful. The pain radiates down a hard feeling "track" from my temple to below my cheekbone. It hurts to open my mouth, to chew, to yawn etc. If i gently press on the area of the "track" i can feel a scrunching & can even hear it. I feel that on top of an infection that the suture has broken or somehow migrated in my face.

I am terrified of what may happen next. I can't imagine the damage that most likely will occur in trying to remove this thing.I hate having these in my face. The small improvement is not worth the risks. If i could go back i would not do this again. Do not have this procedure, it's not worth it.

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i don't think this is his fault & he is doing everything he can to fix this...i think...we'll see...

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